Home / BRAVO / Nonton Your Husband Is Cheating On Us: Is D’atra Getting In Her Own Way (Season 1, Episode 3) | Bravo Sub Indo

Nonton Your Husband Is Cheating On Us: Is D’atra Getting In Her Own Way (Season 1, Episode 3) | Bravo Sub Indo

Your Husband Is Cheating On Us: Is D’atra Getting In Her Own Way (Season 1, Episode 3) | Bravo

The actress opens up about her fears.
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“Your Husband Is Cheating On Us” follows mega-producer JD Lawrence and his top-tier theater company through all the five-star action and juicy drama that comes with launching a new stage production. For generations, the urban theater experience has been a thriving component of African American entertainment in the United States. “Your Husband Is Cheating On Us” will shine a light on this powerful world revealing the show behind the show. From love affairs to long standing rivalries and up-and-comers trying to take down established theater royalty, there is no room for mistakes, and everything that happens behind the curtain is revealed.

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Your Husband Is Cheating On Us: Is D’atra Getting In Her Own Way (Season 1, Episode 3) | Bravo

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  1. I like her dramatic ways when its positive. She will have to find a way to humble herself pray and it will all work out. Just take a step back and if nothing else think about your daughter and how it felt when the phone stopped ringing before you speak.

  2. If she would stop acting as if the cameras are always on her she would find a way she's a lil too much with things she doesn't have that status she once did yes Tyler Perry had her in his plays but it's up to her to do the rest no one owes u a damn thing and they dont care how well u can sing either there are plenty other discovered and undiscovered talent out there so she can be replaced she needs to humble herself

  3. Is crazy that I just realized I went to school with her daughter wow

  4. What's the name of this show

  5. Then get your act together already! Iyanla-where are you? 👏👏👀

  6. She has dropped Tyler Perry's name every episode.

  7. Sweetheart, what you need to do is stop acting like some crazy drama queen desperate for air time. People outside of the stage, people like me…find you rather pathetic and sad. I know you trying to get your own show, some spot light, but child this ain't the way to go about it…..take a deep breath, stay calm, act like the regal diva you need to be and keep it moving, because thus far, I can't stand the sight of your face…..just sayin

  8. Her daughter is gorgeous. 😊

  9. Be humble, D'atra, it's not all about you all the time, sis.

  10. The daughter looks like her Dad (Tony Grant) mixed with her aunt (Taral Hicks).
    Beautiful Girl!

  11. They are so Jealouse of D'atra

  12. My real name is Daryl poke from Miami,fl.

  13. It always gets me how celebrities make excuses for their irresponsible behavior… you made a ton of money when you worked … then you didn’t work for 3 years… spend that re- inventing yourself not wasting the money drinking … invest it … study… get a 9-5 … that’s what we all do in the real world… my dad fell ill while I was in Med school .. my mom had him and 4 kids to take care of … and on a teacher’s salary in the Caribbean… she sold homemade sweets and treats so that we could make it … and we did ! 💪🏽 Too many excuses ma … get focused and get with the program 👌🏽

  14. Her and her daughter are twins

  15. Like mother like daughter beautiful women.

  16. I hope she gets it together she is a great actress she just needs to STOP being her own WORST enemy… I like her and I want her to win.

  17. That Lady Know She Can Sang👏👏💯

  18. Being in this industry, D'atra scammed me 2 times and almost a 3rd time. I don't feel sorry for her. She had nasty motives. She was suppose to be my manager, but that didn't work out. I looked up too her but she fucked me over, Karma is a bitch..I hope this time she gets it together. She saw me on TV and tried to cone back and attach herself. I'm not naive anymore. But I will never let her get close to me again.

  19. Awwww 😩 I love her hire her hell shes funnnnyyyy

  20. Praying for you Dr Hicks. Stay focused, It's never too late to start over. It doesn't matter what people think. God is the one who will put you in high places and give you favor.

  21. I remember from Tyler Perry plays!!! Wow, I didn't know she was struggling…very sad! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  22. Where's the daughter's Daddy at? I know he sees his child struggling

  23. Be strong don't go to drugs and drinking because at the end of the day when you come down off that high same issues choke them yeah it's hard and times you feel you have nobody but God hear them cries you have to be strong when the Devil wants you to be. Weak i pray things work out for the best and keep looking to your child for strength she def need you 💝u never know what a person going through help before you talk about them people don't do that

  24. You don't know why? It was because of the diva attitude. Point blank period.

  25. Her daughter is a perfect blend of both her parents.

  26. She should get back to music. I know she does plays but that voice needs to be heard.

  27. Tyler need to call her and get her voice back out there.

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