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Nonton You Can Move the F**k On! | Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars | WE tv Sub Indo

You Can Move the F**k On! | Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars | WE tv

Momma Dee gives a reality check to Aubrey, but Aubrey isn’t having any of it.


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Five celebrity couples enter Boot Camp to salvage their broken relationships, including stars from Jersey Shore and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Secrets, lies and deception explode and a shocking truth bomb rocks Bachelor Nation!

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  1. the way they (aubrey & pauly) were sitting had me soooo confused at first😂

  2. Get that ass momma dee give sis a lil of that old auntie wisdom

  3. Clean your own house before you try to clean mines.. that's some real advice Momma Dee.

  4. Aubrey is too full of shit. I'm over that pathetic waste of space. She talks over everybody and doesn't listen to anybody, then she wants to tell you what to do with your relationship. Girl, bye.

  5. Mama D WTF are you wearing in your interview segment

  6. You tell her mama dee…in that order😁

  7. How do you cut someone off and then say use your communication whatevers?? Fitch, you too!!

  8. This season would be a snoozefest without Aubrey, every clip posted is about her.

  9. I can't stand that woman she is not my taste in any way she is a cry baby and she need to accept she is has a very low self-esteem

  10. Aubrey always has something to say about somebody else relationship but gets mad when someone says anything to her.
    If your relationship was good or perfect you wouldn't be there Aubrey.

  11. Mama Dee- "Pauly please check me that's your woman."
    Pauly- "It was a good point"

  12. What the entire fuck. Aubrey’s mom really did a number on her. Frustrated or not, you don’t speak to your elders that way.

  13. Who the f*** is this black hag to give advice to anybody

  14. Audrey is hot air personified. Premadonna skanky ass hoe.

  15. Aubrey is a prolific manipulator and she's making the doctors look pretty crazy. For some reason nobody calls her on it; Not sure why.

  16. waittt Paulys fine ass married this BimBo

  17. Momma Dee got them goons, so be careful Aubrey. Lol

  18. Aubrey is one privileged Entitled little lying brat #CancelAubrey🖕🏿

  19. mama dee just trying to help the girl and she don't understand ruuuuunnnnnnnn pauly my oh wait he did leave her thank God .

  20. And IN THAT ORDER That’s right Momma Dee get that heffa straight and let her know order and respect is required in the palace.

  21. Aubrey so worried about everybody else but this the 2nd time she on this show 🤔

  22. Yea Aubrey concentrate on you and Polly! 😆

  23. Aubrey seriously has an opinion on everyone else’s relationship but it was HER boyfriend who left the house that same morning. Mama Dee gave Aubrey some great advice but Aubrey is too busy talking over her and running away to listen. I think the real problem with Pauly and Aubrey’s relationship is that she cannot handle not being the “star” in the relationship. She resents the fact that more women hit on Pauly than men hit on her. She resents the fact that Pauly is more well known than she is. Fame is a drug and Aubrey is jealous that Pauly has more fame than her. I think that’s the real source of their problems.

  24. I need Aubrey to stay off tv. Seeing her makes me like her less & takes away from the magic of DK

  25. Aubrey does not like to be called out on her stuff now. She's got the right one with Mama Dee…LOL!!

  26. Momma Dee can and will take Aubreys head smooth off 😂😂😂

  27. Bambi is going to pop her in the mouth 🤣

  28. Aubrey all that shit you trying to fix on the outside isn't helping you long term what so ever on the inside it will only make you crazier true confidence and self worth comes from with in I'm glad you don't need all these kids to full fill you or stay in bad relationships and you are very strong but girl build from with in period you are a taker and take and take but don't give you want a man to bow down to you and worship you but you need to as well …pauly is no saint either and a male whore he can't be tied down with anyone and you will not change him Aubrey he is almost 40 can't change a man

  29. Pauly looks so miserable 0:360:41 😔
    He’s better off without her! She’s so ridiculous!

  30. Look Momma Dee need her own show. I Luv me some her.

  31. Ernest just laughing like "here she go" 🤣

  32. I love Pauly he’s too chill and sweet to be dealing with her and I’m glad momma dee said something and aloud him to check her if she was wrong !

  33. Aubrey doesnt want to focus on her own messed up relationship, so she interferes in everyone else's life to distract herself from her own issues.

  34. Damn Pauly holla at me. I'm clean respectful and would NEVER wish u were dead. My son father n Utah passed May 2 1018 n my bf grandma in Denver August 2. I'll beat r ass n take care of YOU! I'm clean freak like no other. U deserve better. Her 🐱 cat ain't all dat. I'm clean😉

  35. um what was mamma Dee doing? She was going in their house instead of her own. Shes so busy giving g advice I stead of conatrationing on her own

  36. haha paulys face though haha he don't like that white girl

  37. Well isn't that the pot calling the kettle Black.

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