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Nonton Yeti vs. Lucky – BattleBots Sub Indo

Yeti vs. Lucky – BattleBots

Lucky wasn’t lucky enough in this bot battle. Watch this fight between Yeti vs. Lucky.


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  2. Season three has been announced bitches

  3. They ought to have a retract mechanism for spring loaded weapons, where the weapon is safely protected but the spring is still lose.

  4. Awesome dancing, Yeti! Lol

  5. Anybody else recognize Gary Gin for season three's Battlebots (Free Shipping) at 0:01?

  6. The driver for Yeti is great honestly

  7. Judges dont know shit fucking stupid fucks

  8. Imitation may be the highest form of flattery, but this bot does not flatter Bronco by constantly getting its flipper stuck like that.

  9. Anyone else like to think up battle-bot designs in their heads?
    Like this comment and reply with how you would build a battle-bot!

  10. One of the most dangerous bots in recent BattleBots history vs a crummy flipper with a baseball on it

  11. "BattleBots"?
    More like BattleRCs.
    Entertaining though!

  12. 最後バリバリ煽ってて草

  13. These videos are too addictive. Even more so when they keep coming up after one another.

  14. Show would be much better without those commentators…how much more murican can you get?

  15. Lucky is literally a cheap ripoff of bronco.

  16. "Drive him like he's stolen!"

  17. Wish they added a couple of death row criminals in the arena with the robots

  18. That spin at the end was graceful as fuck

  19. 1:38 "oh what a hit" crowd gets louder



  21. Whoa uh oh whoa ohh uh oh whoa whoa ohh uh oh

  22. There no such thing of Luck

  23. "You bite me heel, and I'll crush your head"

  24. Is the Driver of Lucky is also the Driver Of Free Shipping? (Battlebots 2018)

  25. Yeti vs Lucky
    Yeti wins

  26. 0:32 drive it like you stole it

  27. 0:120:14: Stop humping me! There are children watching!

  28. Lucky wasn't so lucky.

  29. Things that spins is more reliable than shit that flip

  30. It is the most idiotic and stupid when something so important just get frickin’ stucked.

  31. Is it really that loud or have they added the crowd cheering?

  32. Yeti always gets the crap boots like mega tento chomp and now lucky still yeti is a great bor

  33. Is anyone else binge watching robots fighting to the death?

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