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Nonton Will Mama June Go to Rehab? | Mama June: From Not to Hot Sub Indo

Will Mama June Go to Rehab? | Mama June: From Not to Hot

June loses it when the family surrounds her, begging her to go to rehab. Catch Mama June Fridays at 9/8C!

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After losing hundreds of pounds, and undergoing reality TV’s most shocking transformation, Mama June is gaining back the weight and the pressure is on to keep it off. In an outrageous weight loss competition, Mama and her arch-nemesis, Jennifer are going pound-for-pound at fit camp. But Mama finds herself stressed out when faced with unexpected pregnancy news which intensifies when her boyfriend Geno gets into trouble with the law. Following her surprising debut on “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors,” Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson embarks on her first teenage romance and a new career in showbiz while Pumpkin, Josh, and the cutest baby in the state of Georgia, Ella, are moving out of June’s house and into their own chaos — embroiled in Josh’s get-rich-quick schemes.

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  1. Loses weight and then doesn’t know how to act

  2. Rehab is not enough. She used food and men to mask her issues and surgery only made her look better.

  3. Cut the $$$ off and take the show and she will get right ! All she’s doing now is doping and blowing $$$ and its Honey BooBoo also !! I hope she gets in trouble for using her $$ on drugs and a man

  4. The only think that will save mama June is if they throw her ass in jail for a good time and when she gets out she needs to be forced to go to a drug treatment facility.

  5. She checked herself out 12hrs later

  6. She has turned into a fucking cluck all because of geno cuz shes more worried about geno

  7. Her children should band and over ride her and have her commented

  8. They can get a mental hygiene warrant from family court and have her commited shes a danger to herself n others i did it for my mom several times tough love for june bug its better to come home broken than in a coffin they can also get the bank to freeze her money no money no drugs = no geno. That lumpy neck loser

  9. Mama June has a future in working as a Fluffer for Larry Flynt.

  10. No!!!!! She is too far gone.

  11. I freaking loooove Pumpkin. <3

  12. June went downhill fast once geno came into the picture. It's sad really.

  13. We TV gives crack heads jobs that's cool we TV teach the world the being complete trash is cool can this shit bag already. Jerry springer show family is what I see there all on crack and the kids should be taken away. Wonder why the world's screwed up look at what's on tc today and what was in the 80's. No more morals exist. We just promote toxic junkies.

  14. She's a KRACK-HEAD now…she gone…All she wants is to suck on that glass dick!!!

  15. I feel sorry for Momma June's kid's especially Alana my prayers are with the family.

  16. What a disgrace! Someone needs to slap her across the face! 😝

  17. From not too still not. U were never hot and never will be in a million years. Ur a fat slob who takes pills. Take your not to hot shit off u ugly horrible person

  18. I bet geno got her started on the Crack to keep his money train rolling any man that tells a women to run behind him hurry bitch aint a man but yet we know that

  19. Please Go mama June !!! We need u to go !!!Love y'all !!! Proud of you Pumkin….and Alana & Jessica!! Love you too Doe Doe!!😁💖

  20. Pumpkin get temporary power of attorney for June’s bank account before June uses all the family money on her and Geno drugs and gambling. June’s not mentally stable enough to make the responsible choices right now until she gets right.

  21. Instead of being behind genos ass take care of your daughter fucking drug addict whore

  22. She said it straight up “I’m not leaving Geno”.

  23. June is trash and will always be.She allowed the guy who molested her 8 yr old daughter back into her life after 10 yrs in prison for that crime. She always put these kind of man before her kids.

  24. To be real this isn't the first time Mama June has chosen a man over her kids. I just hope someone steps up and cares for Alanna. When June behaves like this you remember just how trashy she is.

  25. So.hoped she would agree and say yes..The other form of Rehab is jail.. Geno won't be with.her here.. She's violating a court order to stay away from him..hope she will be ok..

  26. Pumpkin is wise beyond her years! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  27. Omg what is Wong with her

  28. Fame is the biggest drug of the all, they were more happy eating their spaghetti with ketchup

  29. Just a fat disgusting piece of shit ,

  30. Mama June needs serious help and to get rid of Geno.

  31. Listening to Alana beg and cry is horrible and heartbreaking this is such a harsh reality for so many people I hope june gets the help she needs and learn that what she has now isn't love love is her kids who are begging for there mom to come back

  32. Dam she choice a man over her kids

  33. If it was not for Honey Boo Boo her mom would not be where she is today financially or health wise. So now she is turning her back on honey and other kids really ? Take her off the show let her fend for herself the kid"s got it together more than her. Sad she needs a man in her life to make her OK. Your all in my prayers.

  34. Thank goodness for Pumpkin & Josh.Hang in their guys. Jennifer how does she have a say with Alana, Pumpkin I know I was hard not to punch her in the face. Jennifer Nobody's like you. ,June was right u are copying her…God bless Alana, Pumpkin, Josh & Ella O Doe Doe too.

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