Home / BET / Nonton Will Big Tigger Name KRS-1 Or Big Pun King Of The Bronx? | #RateTheBarsVS Sub Indo

Nonton Will Big Tigger Name KRS-1 Or Big Pun King Of The Bronx? | #RateTheBarsVS Sub Indo

Will Big Tigger Name KRS-1 Or Big Pun King Of The Bronx? | #RateTheBarsVS

With no knowledge of who the lyrics belong to, Tigger rates bars as two rappers face off for the win.


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  1. that Little Italy rhyme from pun is easily in the top 10 of all tyme bars

  2. How he doesn't even recognize Dream Shatterer??

  3. Thats why they cancelled his show

  4. Every "You Ain't a Killer" bar is a 5

  5. This shit was too bias.. Big Pun the best out of the Bronx

  6. Pun is dope but Krs is better.

  7. Krs is one of the greatest of all time. As a man as a rapper as a teacher and as an icon period.

  8. Tigger played his slef.

  9. That's a weird paring though – KRS and Pun? Different styles that don't match. You should've let him rate G Rap and Pun. That would've been way more interesting.

  10. This shit was embarrassing for Tigger.

  11. can we go back to the other format and do my man earl correct please

  12. what I like about this is, it highlights what I always say about pun in debates. Dude was the goat with the rhyme scheme but his lyrics just sounded good cuz of how he delivered em. When you try to look at his lyrics and read what he's saying, it aint ever deep or even that dope. And Pun was great at what he did, but mid-career he couldn't even do them rhymes live. I know this sounds like I'm dissing Pun, I'm not, dude is a legit King of the Bronx just like the Blastmaster. But cats be trying to put him on the top of the list and nahhhhhhhhhhhhh SON.

  13. Dont hate on Tig, he was being bias like we all would have been. I would have been all the way Pun but KRS is still mad dope. How did he not know "Dream Shatterer" tho….

  14. Big Pun was “Super Lyrical”! Y’all could’ve picked better bars.

  15. One he found out it was KRS he became super bias.

  16. Put real Pun bars fake ass mf Pun bars aint no joke

  17. Pun Is one of the true kings of new York and he especially holds the "crown in the boogie down" all day every day! KRS will be 3rd on my vote behind Joe crack. 100%

  18. KRS been wack all he wants is fame and kick low belows from Nelly to Mc Shan and still made no sales. Big Pun was at least honorable and way more lyrical and made platinum. They pick the wrong verses for him. Rest in peace Pun

  19. I like the vs. Series the best!

  20. Daaaaaaaaaaaamn… KRS ain't playin, but he was biased

  21. Still goes to show how underrated pun was and still is. Personally I think he has rhymes harder than any man in this industry to this day

  22. this dude is seriously retarded, he needs to learn how to read properly

  23. Pun to me got that flow and and sense of humor and him being as big as he was he could say alot of words and kept up with the pace of the beat aka riding to the beat. KRS is just overflowing with knowledge all day. They're both from the BX. Tigger when he was on Rap City in the beginning had sense of humor humble and could spit some bars. Before Mad Linx took his place he was acting like a d–k rider. When he was trying understand KRS songs he got it right away which is good. But when it came to Pun it was a bit too complex for him and just not bothered going in depth with his verses. Point blank he didn't try. Don't get it twisted Pun got songs for every topic. But not a whole lot of fans like his super lyrical songs. KRS brings energy and the K.W.A.U. both MC's are icons!!

  24. Tig needs to be locked in a basement, until he properly quotes Pun… L

  25. Bruh he right, if you don’t say it like Pun it don’t sound the same🤣 I think they were closer though

  26. I came to the realization that Big Pun was good because of his toung tied fast rappin because when you untie the toung and rate the bars minus the accent and fastness you realize his shit was really basic. I'm kinda befuddled by this.

  27. Nostalgic to hear Big Tigger's voice again

  28. There was actually line that basically said the title of dream shatterer. Still, no clue?

  29. Big Pun best KRS DONT KNOW SHIITT

  30. Big Pun is the better rapper no doubt.

  31. KRS is dope, an icon and a living legend…but Pun is the better emcee, hands down, homie. 9/10, in a battle with Reigns Supreme, Pun getting the W

  32. Rate the bars coming from the 106@park ,rapcity tryna freestyle

  33. Crazy i was literally thinkin why they aint put in puns Twinz verse right b4 he said that

  34. He slept on pun big time especially on dream shatterer

  35. nah out of these rhymes krs won

  36. Well cant blame Tig for not understanding rollin in bible paper.
    Only people that been locked up know. Cause thats the best source of paper to roll with in prison.

  37. Big tig fails. I didnt finish watching. But he didnt even recognize the pun verse from dream shatterer. Foh tigga.

    Even the source gave that a 5 mics.

  38. Pun way nicer than krs one. Tig trippin

  39. Get Em or Jay to rate them bars

  40. He disrespected pun big time

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