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Nonton Wildfires Don’t Play Nice – Station 19 Sub Indo

Wildfires Don’t Play Nice – Station 19

Watch the ending of the Season 2 finale of Station 19.


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  1. They killed Ripley (Hughes) for this?? 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🙄

  2. Lieutenant Andrea Herrera is a freak. She knows how to kiss and where to touch a man to drive him crazy

  3. The steamiest couple on the TV right now

  4. Hopefully Shonda will not kill this couple like what she did for vic and ripley😭❤️

  5. I love this show..finally some Andy & Sullivan real chemistry in action after waiting all season..i miss Vic & Rip especially..my. 2 favorite couple's that shows true love and passion, Damn Sully why didn't you just tell Andy your leg is hurting instead of telling her to leave, he's still HOT even when he's is in excruciating pain. Can't wait for next season 3!!!

  6. Besides Sully and Andy the best part was Millers introduction of his girlfirend Mayas ex lol

  7. I can see Andy avoiding Sullivan and telling him that it was a mistake and she’ll keep like that until he tells her otherwise

  8. Some things I was thinking about this ending/Season 2 finale…….With what happened when they were in the pool Andy knows how Sullivan feels but the same can't be said about vice versa…you could see Sullivan didn't want to be rejected when he stared at Andy before she kissed him. Sullivan respects Andy as a lieutenant and as a friend and does not want to ruin that relationship but at the same time he truly loves her, the first time he has opened up to anyone since his wife Claire died. Also, there is the factor of Sullivan's injury. He knows that if he lets anyone know about it—his chance of being a firefighter could be over. I hope they talk about what happened once Season 3 starts.

  9. Love this but he should of just said he was injured instead of sending her home.

  10. Vicley was so much hotter, bring back ripley. This was awkward for all. Sullivan would never break tje rules like this

  11. damn Sullivan why did you have to do that to her you just fucking broke her heart and she thinks she did something wrong why don't u just yell her that ur leg was hurting she would of understood

  12. ok so I think when season 3 comes on she is just going to ignore him and not even talk to anyone about it and push him away like he did her

  13. I don't think his leg is hurting, I think he doesn't feel it at all

  14. Ahhhhh this is what we were waiting for and they just ripped it away!

  15. Anyone noticed how Andy has had 3 love interests in the past 2 seasons…I wish the writers would just pick one guy and be done with it. Sick of seeing her jump from guy to guy to guy

  16. Herrera and Sullivan are like the best couple! I am happy with this pairing. But damn Sullivan why didn't you just tell Andy what's going on!

  17. I still like Andy and Ryan but this is good too


  19. Release Travis right now!!! Or maybe let do little crossover by let Travis meet his doctor, Andrew Deluca. Before get them both out.

  20. So shonda cut Vic an Riley to bring me that when she could have both couples choops tan

  21. Wait I’m confused why is Montgomery getting arrested? Did something happen earlier in the season? I’m not fully caught up

  22. I can't believe they killed off the best couple on television and want us to accept Sullivan/Andy in its place. I'm not a fan of them, but could have dealt with it if we still had Vic/Ripley. I think Andy/Sullivan should have remained friends, and Andy should have experienced a boss who isn't her father or love interest. She can be very selfish and immature and indecisive. Vic/Ripley had amazing chemistry that is not easy to find. They drew us in and made us want to watch. The fans loved them and wanted to see their relationship continue to grow. We wanted to see their relationship once it was made public. We wanted to see the impact it had on her relationships with her "family," and his as well. We wanted to see funny Vic/Travis moments while Vic navigated the next phase of her relationship. We wanted to see more of Ripley's friendship with Sullivan, which they were finally getting back after all these years. There were just so many stories to tell, that could have brought plenty of angst and drama, but instead they chose to kill him off. Why, to show that firefighting is dangerous? We get that. We know how Travis' husband died, how Sullivan and Andy almost died, how Jack almost died. They could have chosen someone else if they needed to remind us. There was just no reason to kill Ripley. Not only did they kill him off, they used the draw of his character, and his relationship with Vic to attract fans and boost ratings. They got us so excited for a future for this couple that made us so happy, and then they destroyed us. Not only that, they went on and on about "wrecking us" and making us "ugly cry." I know Grey's has been pulling this for years, but this one was different. This show is different, this relationship was different, and this is a different time. We watch tv to escape reality and be happy. Killing Ripley was a bad call, has alienated many fans, and may very well be the downfall of this show. I know people say it can't happen, but this absolutely can be explained as a bad dream. Grey's has had far crazier storylines (ghost Denny, Meredith in limbo meeting up with dead people, the musical episode, the episode where Christina imagines different lives depending on the choices she makes, etc.). The last few episodes had so many inconsistencies and out of character behavior, so a dream would make it make sense. I just hope the show and the network care enough about their fans and the future of this show to take notice of what their fans are saying and want.

  23. CuandoAndy le quito la polera y lo miro yo tambn me hubiese quedado asi 😍😍😍😍 x Sullivan 😱😱😱😱😆😆😆😆

  24. They are ruining one of the best friendships on the show I don't mind a romance but I don't like all this pull back and forth an extra drama the show is dramatic enough I hope it starts with them already reconcile and trying to make things work. They are best friends he should have told her

  25. Why didn't he just tell her about his leg hurting instead of pushing her away like that

  26. Andy's giggle. She was so happy! JUST LET HER BE HAPPY!

  27. This is my favorite scene ever from Station 19 & I just love me some Captain Sullivan & Andy Herrera 😘

  28. she is so tiny around him, i can't…

  29. this was a really bomb ending x

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