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Nonton What Is June Running From? | Mama June: From Not to Hot Sub Indo

What Is June Running From? | Mama June: From Not to Hot

Pumpkin must be the mother figure for Alana with June running out of the picture. Catch Mama June Fridays at 9/8C!

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After losing hundreds of pounds, and undergoing reality TV’s most shocking transformation, Mama June is gaining back the weight and the pressure is on to keep it off. In an outrageous weight loss competition, Mama and her arch-nemesis, Jennifer are going pound-for-pound at fit camp. But Mama finds herself stressed out when faced with unexpected pregnancy news which intensifies when her boyfriend Geno gets into trouble with the law. Following her surprising debut on “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors,” Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson embarks on her first teenage romance and a new career in showbiz while Pumpkin, Josh, and the cutest baby in the state of Georgia, Ella, are moving out of June’s house and into their own chaos — embroiled in Josh’s get-rich-quick schemes.

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  1. This makes me soooo sad☹️☹️

  2. Geno mentality abuses june and is draining her financially. Then goes pick her up at the rehab too shoot some crack in thier neck. Insanity

  3. It’s clear who the adult in the family is

  4. Many men and women will choose a spouse over their kids. Right or wrong it's just a fact. Kids grow up and start their own lives. Noone wants to be alone, we all want that loving adult relationship. But a parent shouldn't do that while their kids are still young and dependent on them, living with them. Besides, this is a drug addict issue. June is choosing drugs and addiction over Alana.

  5. I feel so much for Alana. Thank goodness she has Pumpkin et al. When show ended w/June & Geno’s update … I literally felt sick

  6. June it's not about you it's not about Geno! Your kids come first WTF GET YOUR SH** TOGETHER WOMAN STOP ACTING LIKE TRASH

  7. It's so hard to see everyone torn by this but even more Alana because she's so young ….

  8. God my heart is breaking for this little girl. How selfish can a mother be? I don’t know how a mother could walk away from her babies. I don’t get it.

  9. Can someone explain to me what's going on I'm

  10. This makes me want to burst into tears, June is choosing men over her CHILDREN, the saddest thing is that Alana TRUSTED Geno, hopefully they get through this

  11. You never get that person back after drug addiction- this is so very sad.

  12. Poor Alana and Pumpkin- I just want to give them a big hug, support and give them all the love and care they might need- it is incredible how the actions of just one person can destroy the lives of so many.

  13. Pumpkin needs to get some kind of temporary power of attorney of June’s bank account. Pumpkin has Alana and is her sole provider. Mama June is not mentally stable right now and isn’t able to make wise choices. June is going to end up using all the money she uses to support her family on drugs and on what Geno.😳 Pumpkin is the responsible party right now.

  14. I dont know how but those girls have really grown up a lot not just physically but mentally as well over the years.

  15. Alana is following in her mother's footsteps with the ongoing weight gain.

  16. June needs space to come to grips dodos daughter needs to go home she adds fuel to the fire

  17. Good decision for Alana to stay with Pumpkin. However, Sugar and Jennifer should never have been included in June’s new show. There was enough going on with June and her family. Jennifer did nothing but bad mouth June. Calls her white trash, but doesn’t mind making money off her show. Jennifer and Sugar would be eating squirrels and sitting on their porch if it wasn’t for June. Josh should be offered a part in a sitcom. I know a lot of his scenes are staged, but he does a really great job and is funny. Someone should pick him up for a show. Alana could definitely be in a movie, she has a lot of talent and personality. June’s manager should be fired and not all allowed near Alana. She was not concerned about June’s over eating and ignored that there was something going on with her. Adding the pressure of having to compete with Jennifer, and telling her that Geno is cheating on her was more then June could handle. She is only interested in money. Also, Jennifer does not look that great, I’m should her body is better off without all that fat, but she is still just as spiteful as ever.

  18. I feel sooooo sorry for hunny boo boo

  19. It’s been a while since Jessica has been on camera I was wondering what happened with her

  20. In the name of Whitney Houston "crack is whack".

  21. I feel like crying with Alana right now. It is so horrible that those young girls have to go through this when they are only just teenagers.

  22. it hit me when she said why can’t I be like the other kids 🙁

  23. June is running from herself!

  24. This literally is heartbreaking. 😭

  25. That poor girl, I really hope that things could work out.

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