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Nonton 'Wait Until the Bus Stops' Deleted Scene | Braxton Family Values Sub Indo

'Wait Until the Bus Stops' Deleted Scene | Braxton Family Values

While out with the family, Tamar gets ready to tell everyone her news about “Celebrity Big Brother!” Unfortunately, she can’t get a word in without being interrupted. Watch Braxton Family Values Thursdays at 9/8C!


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The tight-knit Braxton sisters, Grammy-winning artist Toni Braxton, Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar, and their headstrong mother, Evelyn Braxton, share an inside look at their lives and the drama of family chaos.

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  1. Not a "TayMartian"(not even sure if I spelled it right) however, Tamar played the HELL out of Celebrity Big Brother. Real Talk, I was Hooked!!! Watching live feeds, and all!! GREAT JOB Tamar!!!!

  2. Damn all the sisters look alike to me

  3. I think Toni set that up to avoid answering the question lol

  4. I love the Braxton's so much 歹歹歹 this was so funny how Tamar kept getting interrupt I watched it like twice

  5. This was fumny Tamar was trying to say something and she couldn't say anything

  6. Come on Love & War wig!!

  7. I wish I would wear that shirt in front of my momma!

  8. Tamar's face got me rolling

  9. I am the baby like Tamar we kinda act alike BUT MY SISTERS CHECK ME OR BEAT ME UP TO CHECK MATE LOL. That why I be thinking Tamar do to much hell I'm a 90 baby but being the youngest is something else.

  10. Even though it was rude tamar got cut off. It's good to have them laughing and smiling again.

  11. That thumbnail, ol muppet face

  12. This should of made it on the show

  13. Stuff like dis happend to me all da time! Nice and Dramatic梗

  14. I love tay tay, but it's disrespectful to call your parents by their first name. Only exceptions, if they aren't part of your life, or don't raise you.

  15. Pause at 0:51, all I can see in Tamar is Kingdom Come Toni Braxton

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