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Nonton VICE | 'Raised in the System' Season 6 Premiere | Full Episode | HBO Sub Indo

VICE | 'Raised in the System' Season 6 Premiere | Full Episode | HBO

Actor Michael Kenneth Williams (HBO’s The Wire) goes in depth and explores mass incarceration and the juvenile justice system. Now Streaming


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  1. Sad that young man said he doesn't have 1 male in his family to look up too. Thanks Democrats. Smh

  2. This beyond sad. Is there a solution? I know what needs to be done…positive parental guidance. But can things change? I am doubtful.

  3. 10:44 Juvenile convicts are 38 times more likely to go back as adults. Not 38%… 38x 😞

    Where did we go wrong as a society?

  4. Wow i just started watching this i have to save my son from this streets💔for these kids

  5. So stop rewarding single Moms. Keep Dad in the home.

  6. The "system" is a REACTION to the community, built to protect the community from dysfunctional citizens, not designed to create dysfunction.
    Biggest factors to solve this problem:
    1. Graduate highschool.
    2. Get (and keep) a job.
    3. Do not have children unless you are married.

  7. children need the school to teach parenting because the children parents are mess up an we learn first from our parents

  8. i wonder how many knockout game winners are in here?

  9. Michael Williams is such a good roll model. This show brought tears to my eyes it's really sad. My God protect these kids

  10. When they interviewed the kids at 40:01 😭😭 we need to do better for our next generation

  11. There are a lot of savege kids out there. U think poor them wait till they rap and or klll someone u love then tell me how u feel

  12. if you put him with his dad, get with the cheaters to investigate it's a reason for refusing to stay with dad, get to work it will speak for it self.it will solve any other girl friend that have children.

  13. what Nipsey Hussle wanted that were different.

  14. Snoop sticking to her story

  15. When the DSA calls for solidarity with prisoners, it's one element of the working class ravaged by the system throwing a lifetime- sometimes the first lifeline- to another element of the working class ravaged by the system. They may do terrible things and there should be punishment for doing terrible things, but we also have to consider the motivations behind their crimes and the different social and economic influences that put them in a position to willfully hurt other people. There is humanity to be found in those questions and rehabilitation if we can address the underlying reasons for criminality.

  16. "the presence of peers activates the reward system in teens". I feel like that one sentence explains a whole lot, especially about when people who are in the habit of activating their reward system that way become adults: most go straight, others kill each other, some will even continue to exist in a childlike thrall to this kind of activation, needing ever crazier acts to get the reward

  17. I bloody well understand why the SON does not believe in God based solely on his mom's hateful ways the love and forgiveness of God is DEAD in her HEART! If mom had hugged her son despite his saying he does not believe in God he would have seen God's unconditional love and had much to reconsider. The son hates God because he see's and knows ONLY his mothers vindictive hate filled God. If that creature was my mom I'd hate God and not believe too. The mother was a TOTAL UTTER DISGRACE! God will bless her son! This was hard to watch but well worth it.

  18. A lot of this was really good and positive but "paying people not to shoot each other" is a ridiculous way of positioning the program. I mean damn, they owe me a lot of money

  19. I work in a school and you can almost ALWAYS connect a student who acts out to poor parenting or NO parenting. After dealing with so many kids that act out, I sometimes forget that it truly isn't their fault. I have to go back to when I was a kid, and put myself in their shoes. The kids that we deal with the most, have access to help, but the hardest part is getting them to open up and talk to someone about their issues. We offer as much help as we can to the kids at my school but oftentimes their parents will refuse because they either don't care or don't want to be viewed as THAT parent. I recently had 2 students, who we dealt with on a daily basis, shoot another student while out in the community. They tried to rob him. Luckily, they did not kill the young man. However, the two students who shot him are both charged with 1st degree attempted murder. They will not see the streets for 20 years. It's sad. I spoke to them both until I was blue in the face…..just trying to get them to understand. I failed. Their parents failed. The system failed. Society failed. This is where we are at in this nation……..

  20. See how good, they treat that that little white kud, so he won't have a recorded, if it was a black minor, they woulda send him straight to DJJ , untill they get old enjoy to make time

  21. We need to start with cleaning up the overlooked vices that keep the minds of the weak in a criminal and evil state. We have to turn off or ban all forms Visual,music, or any other forms of entertainment that pollute the minds of the innocent or weak. People may argue that music and media has no effect on the mind but I beg to differ. I'm sure that we can all see and hear the violence, perversion,drugs etc…in all forms of entertainment. You are what you eat. If you are often entertained by evil what do you think the result is??? Lets get rid of the garbage we watch and listen to as a start and I believe the rest will follow. Who's with me???

  22. Fuuuuuck me… I made it almost all the way through without crying and then @ 41:30 all it took was that little girl saying she tries to give back to her Mom and you see Mike tearing up and it immediately let the floodgates open. Well-done, Vice. Well done. Very compelling narrative and meaningful information about the countless youth affected by our current system of school-to-prison pipeline that needs to be spread to all media outlets

  23. OMG I want to take that last boy in or provide him a scholarship. I wonder if Michael Williams will financially help any of them out.

  24. 30 years for stealing a car is insane, who are these fucking judges? lynch them

  25. That little boy they featured at the end, that got up to read in class, was hiding bruises around his eye. His father still beating on him bad.

  26. So glad and hopeful that these programs exist.., they should be in place everywhere

  27. My older brother did 4 years @ bon air

  28. being locked up as a child just makes you angry at the world for a very long time. By the time you should be a young adult it's just a circle that's hard to step away from.

  29. How can we support or contribute either our Time or Funds to these causes shown in the video to help these children?

  30. Scoop is seriously Baltimore, MD.. The pure Essence of that City !!!!! Start your own janitorial Service and apply for contracts at fbo.gov

  31. Damn. and I live in Toledo. #419

  32. People judge people way too quickly for there actions instead of looking deep within and realizing what's essence in you is essence in me. We are all the same ar the core. Misguided is all.

    18 years I've been in the system. Some of my closest friends are black and I think it's because we understand each other and feel the same pain. God Bless and watch over the youth that are misguided and dealing with pain. Keep praying and keep moving forward with hope in your heart and a light in your eyes.

  33. I also have ptsd and depression when I see police for minor marijuana possession as an adult. The world needs to be more understanding. I'm going to get Involved to help the youth and share my story.

  34. The Democrats cut your legs off and offer you a wheelchair and call that charity. Let us just put it out there and say what it is. These policies of welfare has turned us all into less than humans.

  35. The level of education and complexity of how the family dynamics dictate your kids’ success or failure. If they are not taught the faculties to think for themselves early in life, they will always be easily led by the hand. simple as that. And if the home life is broken, the rest be broken too after that.

  36. Pay criminal to not shoot each other? LOL You Liberals crack me up. You need to build a bigger jail and really put away these criminals for good. If they are not willing to become productive part of society, then i just need them to get out the way of progress. I just have no tolerance for criminals. They are no good and they will contaminate the upcoming impressionable kids…what to repeat the process all over again? How much you gonna pay them next time around?

  37. LOOK at the statistics of HOW MANY Black compared to White, Mexican or aliens have committed crimes and in jail for it……WOW

  38. Great problems with civilized behavior.
    Zero problems adopting getto behavior.
    I perceive a consistent pattern…

  39. Such good looking men in prison already completed 20 years of their lives there. The System of White complexities have never done anything to collectively help black men because prison is a legal way of enslaving black men all over again. BUT I HAD A DREAM OF SEEING THE U.S. LOOKING LIKE A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. Trust and believe it will happened.

  40. low iqs bad genes .birth control people.

  41. If you are ex offender and trying to get a career go and get a trade in plumbing, glazed, carpenter etc. I got few friends who did time are now in the trade

  42. Micheal, I think that's awesome that you go into the communities and give back because it gives the youths hope when they see you on tv then they see you in person. That's something tangible that I think that our youths don't get enough of. I think as a kid all you want is for your parents, coaches, or any adult for that matter is to pay attention to you and I think that our youths don't get enough of that. That last little kid pulled tears out of me. I tip my hat to you my brother, stay blessed.

  43. This is the type of shit people need to care about..


  45. The kid that doesn't believing God is given no alternative to staying with his proselytizing mother, no wonder he doesn't come home, unfortunately they're going to violate him eventually, in his case, because at his age the system is going to permit his mother to subject him to constant proselytizing against his will which willing ensure he continues not to come. The sad truth is until adulthood it is not thought he has the right to not believe in that gaseous vertebrate called God.

  46. I'm offering a hundred large for a whiff of that dick suck.

  47. Real talk if you had dry eyes when they had them kids talking to Mike you got no heart. The war on drugs was designed lock up black and brown non violent offenders catching federal cases where you gotta do 85% no matter what. I got family in the pen. Some of them caught dope cases first time felons getting 25 witta L. They be seeing murderers child molesters rapist comin in after and gettin out b4 them. What kinda justice is that. How does that help the "War" on drugs. All it does is create a revolving door. They want them to come back. Here Cali the pens are privately owned. There a big business and were there best customers. God Bless!!

  48. LEFT HOME…at 17 over religious pressure, religious zealots who have children think they own their minds, kids are people too–wackadooo.

  49. Once in the system, it’s extremely hard to get out. Long probationary periods and technical violations (curfew violations, drug test failure, missing a probation check in…….) have you cycling in and out of the system over ridiculous nonsense and getting out with nothing AGAIN. If you got rid of technical violations, you’d get rid of 20-30% of the prison/jail population. The dumbasses that repeatedly commit REAL crimes over and over can rot in hell. For the most part, prison is a business and the poor, white and black, are the products.

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