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Nonton Vaccines – black-ish Sub Indo

Vaccines – black-ish

Scene from black-ish Season 4, Episode 14 “Bow Knows”


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  1. This was awesome. People can take you to that point online lol.

  2. Bow's got some hood in her I always knew

  3. We’ve all been Bow when we try to have a rational online discussion with a member of the Tin-Foil-Hat-Gang!

  4. Happy that I didn't get Polio today. Who is with me.

  5. The vaccines made her curse! Jk but vaccines are actually bad

  6. Oi…….the vaccine debate. Can't go down that rabbit hole😂⚰️

  7. I feel like Diane is so proud of her😂

  8. Ok hol up wait a minute. Yall gonna let your kids swim in a polluted lake that contains who-knows-the-fuck what but get mad at vaccines cuz you dont know whats in em?

  9. Anyone who uses emojis is trying too hard.

  10. "Bitch I will drive to New Jersey to fight you and your ugly kids can watch! "That reactiom though hahahahaha made my day 😂😂😂

  11. This is so me when people start talking rubbish about vaccines.

  12. I might have to start watching this show.

  13. lmao this is so true, I see so many "older" people get so easily triggered on the internet cause they don't realize that internet etiquette and real life etiquette are totally different.

  14. OMG😂 Rhay was hilarious 💟 yasss Bow!!

  15. That's why you learn when to leave the comments section alone for the night lol

  16. I stopped replying to people's response to my comments. I decided to be above pettiness

  17. I was just doing this shit right here on YouTube 5 minutes ago…LOL!!! Haters gonna hate..no matter what you say or do. 🙄

  18. I'm a 5th year medical student and I've stopped commenting medicine-related topics on Facebook. People just don't wanna listen to the scientific facts. Now I only comment on articles about celebrities or makeup using a fake profile, of course.

  19. Ur ugly kids can watch! 😂😂😂

  20. Atat leave New Jersey alone 😂😂 I and all my siblings and their kids are well vaccinated and healthy… that must be north jersey 😂😂

  21. Lol i can definitely relate to yelling at a screen

  22. My fight with every anti-vaxxer.

  23. I thought it was the rock for a sec there from the thumbnail 😂

  24. when you click replay and realize it was daytime when the video started……

  25. “Bitch, I will DRIVE to New Jersey to fight you AND YOUR UGLY KIDS CAN WATCH!”
    God I love Bow so much

  26. I wanna see the episode where she drives to nj and scraps. Female version of meet me in Temecula and for a much more righteous cause.

  27. About time she let that blackness out

  28. I am sorry to say I am Bow in the YouTube comments. Except instead of vaccines, I am fighting about Star Wars.

  29. I thought it was season 4 episode 12

  30. And beat your ass mom😝😝😜

  31. Sarabi Eventide, I hope you have the life you deserve! 😏😏😏

  32. Any fucking dipshit who believes in all of that tin-foil-up-the-ass bullshit can go and die in a hole for endangering kids with their stupidity. Anti-vaxxers are too stupid to live.

  33. This is my mom when she is trying to tell people about vaccines. She's nurse, and she HATES that people are not vaccine their kids.

  34. I love Bow so much!!! I relate to her alot in terms of being a medical doctor and a supporter of vaccines. Just like her, I can't stand ignorant people like parents who don't vaccinate their kids and they make me mad, too, when they insult me and say that I'm poisoning people because I'm a physician giving people vaccines, which actually helps people stay safe and healthy

  35. Yo does anybody know if Johan might be Anti Vax or nah?

  36. All I’m sayin is Tracey can get d anytime

  37. I can feel her pain….When idiots get a voice they will lobby any bullshit not understanding the privileges that only science affords to them

  38. This is so true and so relatable

  39. I turn into bow everytime I argue with someone online 😂😂😂

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