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Nonton Ugly Betty – Opening Scene Sub Indo

Ugly Betty – Opening Scene

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  1. This show would have been so much better if it followed the story of the original series. You know, the one that was so good it inspired remakes all around the world (like this one).

  2. This scene is so meaningful, it shows that appearance is everything in our society. You can have potential, skills, experience and passion, but if you are "ugly" people tend to consider you less than a good looking person that might not be as good as you in a specific field. And that's just sad, and that's why this is a great show

  3. People are so fucking rude in her school like that's unacceptable to be so rude

  4. question : when was this filmed ? ❤

  5. Ah the good old days of the 00's in NY . Good times 😍😍😍

  6. She is Carmen from the sisterhood of the traveling pants 😍😍😁😁

  7. Rally great Series, Ugly Betty, such great cast.


  9. That was my childhood. I need to watch somewhere

  10. The only. Reason he said the jobs were all filled because he thought she was ugly

  11. lol he's a trump supporter

  12. Love ugly Betty but it ended just right

  13. whos the old fart in balcony?

  14. this was my favorite show on ABC I just turn on the television change the channel to WABC Channel 7 and this comes on I love her smile

  15. I just finished binge watch the show and now I find myself wanting to watch it again.

  16. wish theyd put this on netflix

  17. Im the ugly betty in this life.

  18. If that girl is ugly, I must be an ogre

  19. Tbh, I find the main character in this show really cute for some reason.

  20. The realistic portrayal of the fashion industry.

  21. She isn’t even ugly…. 😂

  22. America Ferrera Ugly???? Sureeeeeeee still loved this show

  23. Betty a feia, México celeiro de super personagens

  24. si skvela 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  25. shes not even ugly, shes hot

  26. I actually think betty is cute

  27. Isnt that the latina chick from superstore? Im not an early 2000s kid, forgive me…

  28. It'd be nice to know what that man watching from the balcony was considering…plain looking secretary's are the ones who are the most efficient, organised & bright. The perfect ones will way too concerned with spending most afternoons with their boss in the storage room or the disabled toilet, sharpening someone's pencil… FOR SURE!

  29. It’s been almost 10 years since the series finale of ugly Betty! And we still don’t how how dinner was between Betty and Daniel in London UGH 😂🤣💔

  30. the Colombia version is better. I recommend you to see the original

  31. She’s not even ugly at all :/

  32. I've always feel so for people like betty !!

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