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Nonton True Detective Season 1: Inside the Episode #8 (HBO) Sub Indo

True Detective Season 1: Inside the Episode #8 (HBO)

True Detective Season 2 starring Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch airs Sundays at 9PM/8C. #HBO #TrueDetective
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Touch darkness and darkness touches you back. From creator/executive producer Nic Pizzolatto comes this searing series of troubled cops and the investigations that drive them to the edge. Each season features a new cast and a new case.

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  1. Rust entertaining the thought of an afterlife is a complete misrepresentation of the character presented throughout the entire season. Rust was a man of science and reason, and he'd be rational and knowledgeable enough to account his near-death serenity to endorphin release and REM intrusion. This is almost as bad as the soppy ending to Gravity, but at least Sandra Bullock's character wasn't a vocal opponent of religion.

  2. I was sucked also. BUT WHERE WAS THE STORY. this could have been a 2 hour movie

  3. Denzel  Washington and Idris Elba for season 2!!

  4. What happened to Matthew McConaughey… He was selling out doing shitty rom-coms and always taking his shirt off. The dude can actually act… He's on a good streak right now, I just hope he doesn't go back to doing shit.

  5. the dialogues at the end between two main characters touched and motivated me deeply…

  6. i believe that chole and rust had a deep underlying hate for one another. One was a cheating family man while the other a lone man, who pertained to keeping himself to himself. However in the end there were both the same. Chole betrayed someone who we worked with by sleeping with his wife. However in the end, after all those years, the two men came together, bonded a friendship, light and dark forged a friendship, worked together for the greater good so they could defeat the 'unknown'. The ending was perfect, it had to end that way, they had to form a friendship, as it is clear, that whatever they will meet next will be far more worse, far more diabolical, far more illusive then there previous foe. Great work from Londond. We love it.

  7. I think people are missing the point of the finale. The point was to illustrate the relationship between Cohle and Hart. The point was not to delve deeply into why the killer was so messed up or as to why he did what he did. Yeah, we got a little bit of backstory on him, but it was definitely sufficient. There wasn't enough time left to give him a lot of character, but it really works. This show leaves a lot open and ambiguous, such as the identity of The Yellow King and if the cult is still conducting their rituals. This is not an issue, though. Hart even says at the end, "We got OUR man." He and Cohle found what they were looking for.

  8. It's all about decent television shows. 

    Going to the movies is over.

    Tv is the new blockbuster movie. 

  9. Does anyone know the name of the first track in this video?

  10. Loved loved loved this show, beginning to end! Perfection.

  11. Good ending ,respect towards the audiance.A very good 8 episod movie.

  12. This show is going to be the new Breaking Bad

  13. Was a little late on getting caught up with all the episodes of season 1, finally finished it last night, and I'm sad we've seen the last of Marty and Rust…but I've been seeing how people are not pleased with the finale, but imo the finale was a fucking masterpiece, I loved everything about the ending, and gotta realize some things just go un answered in life, but i was satisfied and more from the finale…loved it, loved the whole series…and am damn sad to see it end, hopefully since they're getting a new cast/new story for season 2, they will be able to get a couple actors who have as much chemistry as Woody and Matthew…..epic show, really was, character development was the best ive seen in years 

  14. The way I see True Detective is as one of the best extended crime films ever made. 

  15. One of the best shows I've ever seen. Though I don't get what he's saying about Cole's optimism being based in physics, when he's saying "once there was only dark- if you ask me, the light's winning." The big bang was probably the brightest "event' in the history the universe and it's only going to get darker from thereon.

  16. I was a bit late to the game, and already knew that lots of people didn't like the ending, so that softened the blow of the ending being incomplete re: the case. However, someone in the comments section gave me hope about answers in the second season. However, the new season will take place in California, which is awfully far away from Louisiana….


  18. What song begins at 4:11? Any clue?

  19. amazing show. one of the best ive ever seen. up there with deadwood. 10/10

  20. After watching the series 3 times, I don't get how people still thinking that Audrey was raped by the Yellow King culture, or how did she and her sister knew about how the ritual was made, if you hear what they're saying, you'll get it, they're talking about Cohle's death daughter, and what they did with the dolls it's not a ritual, IT'S A AMBULANCE GUY SAVING THE GIRL, but for Marty was too strange and creepy, because his mind is disturbed.

  21. don't move! on your knees, now.
    …. no. runs away
    i was all caught up in the scene, but this bit made me lol

  22. Best TV series EVER! (for me) just amazing!!

  23. What's the name of the song starting around 0:20?

  24. That was one of most scary episodes  and most scary series  I ever watched,  probably due to this evil hidden underneath but quite close, these common people and common situations. I nearly kept my hands on my face wating for some terrible happen, exactly as when I was a little girl. it's stupid, I know, but the atmosphere in the series was great. 

  25. Is it just me, or does the killer look like Trey Parker (one of the creators of south park)?

  26. I hope we learn who the yellow king is and whats carcossa in some of the future seasons. I liked the show more than any other

  27. Amazing writing, amazing show! we just don't make tv this good in the UK, thank you HBO!

  28. First season was exceptional

    Second season was confusing as fuck!!

  29. what does he whisper at the end?

  30. 0:05 is one of my favourite line deliveries ever.

  31. You know, Cohle did not actually convert or turned believer or anything. The writer, Nic Pizzolatto himself, said so in an interview you can google called: 'True Detective' post-mortem: Creator Nic Pizzolatto on happy endings, season 2, and the future of Cohle and Hart

  32. Man, Nic just exudes intelligence. My dream is to someday have a dick as big as his grammar's.

  33. I like the build up of this show, the raw sincerity of the characters, the honesty of human degradation, and the gray line between good and evil. In the end, one can say "Fiction is stranger than truth!" One of the best tv shows ever!

  34. Look, as sentient meat, however illusory our identities are, we craft those identities by making value judgments: everybody judges, all the time. Now, you got a problem with that… You're livin' wrong.

  35. It'd be annoying if Childress created the mythology through which he practices murder. It should be something that dates back centuries.

  36. Can't believe how good this was the first time

  37. Light vs. Dark………………………

  38. Pizzolatto is a phony, he ripped off Thomas Ligotti

  39. Errol childress was a bad dude

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