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Nonton Traci Talks About Not Going to Tamar's Party | Braxton Family Values Sub Indo

Traci Talks About Not Going to Tamar's Party | Braxton Family Values

Traci bites the bullet. Watch Braxton Family Values Thursdays at 9/8C!


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The tight-knit Braxton sisters, Grammy-winning artist Toni Braxton, Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar, and their headstrong mother, Evelyn Braxton, share an inside look at their lives and the drama of family chaos.

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  1. Traci just dont like tamar. Stop acting like you like her , just to find an excuse not to like her so it wouldn't be you. Girl you got issues of your own you need to handle. What happened to Traci back in the day needs more mental attention than just an apology, cause she clearly doesn't respond to those.

  2. Can you say a stick of dynamite!!! Tamar Braxton is a younger version of Ms. Evelyn Braxton. All over again hunny!!

  3. If Tamar ain't huh mother I don't know who is!

  4. Bitter mid aged women 😂😂😂 i love it.

  5. Well it's no wonder where Tamar gets her sassiness from!

  6. Sometimes the best way to be with some family members is at a distance or not at all. Childhood traumas and parent attachment issues effect how siblings relate to the world and to one another. It's a cocktail of narcissism and codependent personalities. No bueno.

  7. Both Tamar and Traci are the two sisters that has the most in common. They're both strong willed, that's why they always clashing with one another.

  8. Traci must have some deeper issues with Tamar than we know about for her to be so easily manipulated by her manager. For once, Tamar actually did absolutely nothing.

  9. That green on Traci look good. I got to find that color.


  11. I cant with Evelyn lmao. Yes Im gon call her by her first name.
    And I cant with this wig.

    "Thats yo sister, that's yo blood. How bout that?"……..ma'am bye. All this toxicity you done passed onto these women.

    She right tho.

  12. I think both camps need to have a sit down and address their issues. I think that Tracy likes playing the victim at times, she never speaks up until things get way out of order; all she does is sits around and pout. Pull your sister to the side and let her know what the deal is…use your voice. And secondly, I hope she checked her manager for calling a gay man a "fag***", he was wrong and out of order. Their are alot of gay men who follow the Braxton; his bigotry and unprofessionalism could potentially hurt Tracy's career.

  13. What happened to the mom's skin why is it so bright did she bleach it?

  14. Thing is the tense relationship between Tamar and Traci has nothing to do with the falling out of the managers. It's a long-standing issue and believe Traci is drawing the line. Enough is enough, you have to teach people how to treat you.

  15. Tamar acts like it's all about her,and they treat Traci like an outcast

  16. Tamar is really Mommy Jr…

  17. Does the mom have any friends? Why is she in her childrens personal lives?

  18. I love Ms E but Tamar be treatin her sisters like dirt… I think she treat Toni the best because Toni is more famous. And I’ve been treated the worst from my blood. I’ve been homeless due to blood.. then had strangers treat me more genuine so blood means nothing! And if we’re being honest their fighting over fake managers and people who are only behind them to get further ahead.. of those people get a call to work for another bigger Star like Cardi B or to jump ship to Beyoncé team or something their gonna take that at a heartbeat so you’re fighting over fake industry people who mean nothing lol

  19. Towanda😍is Beautiful😘 Towanda😍look way better than her sisters #TeamTowanda❤️

  20. I fill they will always TREAT Tracy a different way, I don't care how much family oriented they think they are.

  21. So this where the creation of toxic family began in the home, from their parents, just cause you raised by family don't mean they family hell they be the worst one's.. the mother needs to stop forcing them to deal with toxic people an toxic environment that's why she still broken an bitter.

  22. Sounds like Evelyn is on Tamar’s side as usual.

  23. I’m sorry, but their mom needs some good D….

  24. Blood don’t make it acceptable to deal with toxic folks. When someone takes you there to that person you don’t like being…why not remove yourself from it. How many times didn’t Ms E not show up somewhere like a bday party for her children because her baby daddy and his wife were there?

  25. I love when mama e says how bout that with that attitude I say it now,i love it lolhaha

  26. That’s your sister, that’s your blood. How about that👌

  27. I noticed that Traci seems to be treated differently lately, but then it hit me that is because she didn't walk out with the rest of the family and kept working. They probably haven't forgiven her.

  28. Traci is Mad at Tamar Because of 2 Grown Men’s Beef? 😂🤣🤣😂

  29. I think Traci is right to do what’s best for her. Knowing your boundaries is important. I love that Traci can now make a stand on what she will and will not tolerate.

  30. Lawd mama E need to lay off the Botox injections and plastic surgery she looking damn crazy as HELL

  31. Oh i see where tamar gets it from lmao

  32. There are some underlying issues within the sisters relationships. Tamar and Mrs E seem to just sweep stuff under the rug. Tamar has been doing Tracy wrong for the last 5 seasons and no one is addressing it.
    Just the point Ms. Vansant was trying to make i therapy 2 seasons ago??? and they kept on shutting her down.
    In DMX's voice, I sing…
    Here we go again! 😕

  33. All of them are so messed up because of how Ms. Evelyn raised them. Now she wants to point her nails and give words of wisdom. 🤣🤣🤣

  34. Mama E hunnii is looking amazing 👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️❤️

  35. Blood don't mean nothing; because at times your blood will screw you over more than a stranger will.

  36. There's something about Mrs E that doesn't sit well with me. 🤔

  37. I understand what Mrs E was saying. But sometimes you do have to guard your heart.
    Traci didn't want things to go left.
    I love the Braxton's 💜💜

  38. Evelyn you are not their mother you are there friend . You cannot be honest You are disgrace for a mother.Evelyn what’s up with continue plastic surgery?

  39. They mom is ignorant too the apples don't fall far from the tree

  40. Tamar acts like her mother …..it was said on iyanaly n I think it’s true 🤷🏽‍♀️

  41. Ms. Iyanla, was on it. The Mother is the root to the problems.

  42. Mama Evelyn stfu cuz you're the main reason who you're daughters are so fucked up like Iyanla said. Blood is not always thicker than water. The sisters have treated Traci attrocuasly and you haven't done shit. You spoiled Tamar and created a monster. You pressured Toni to carry her sisters when she should have been enjoying her family and you ran your damn husband off that's why he cheated for ten years and married his mistress. Shit is just a mess.

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