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Nonton Towanda is Suing Vince | Braxton Family Values | WE tv Sub Indo

Towanda is Suing Vince | Braxton Family Values | WE tv

Towanda announces that she’s suing Vince Herbert.


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The tight-knit Braxton sisters, Grammy-winning artist Toni Braxton, Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar, and their headstrong mother, Evelyn Braxton, share an inside look at their lives and the drama of family chaos.

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  1. I keep commenting but Toman da you need to sit yo grace jones ass down and sue your hair stylist them bone STRAIGHT wigs and those deep bone structure you got is a match made in hell just like your messy behaviour

  2. This is clearly not just about the song…

  3. Omg I just started singing the theme song … wait …… how the hell I got here 😳

  4. I think that whole Braxton family is petty and driven by greed, fame, money, money, and money 🤨

  5. I find that kind of strange that this is just now an issue. I just think they’re doing this for more plots

  6. So why wait til now to speak up about not being compensated for the song tho, why not say something from the gate

  7. Idk why the timing is such an issue. It's NEVER too late to call foul. Nothing shady about taking your time if it's a legitimate claim. And being "late" does not equate to illegitimacy.

  8. I feel like this is shady. I also feel that Vince as the bad guy has been apart of the storyline too long. Also, I can hear Toni on the theme song

  9. the older they get the MORE the Man/Tranny comes out. They can fool folks "better" when they were young, but NOW its a NO BRAINER!!!

  10. Ok if no one else can be heard.. You most definitely can hear Toni’s voice out of all of them. If you look at Toni’s face she got paid for it.. Lol

  11. HOW DA fuuk YOU just NOW having knowledge of THIS!? How long has the show been ON!?

  12. Toni and Trina looks so much more alike than everyone

  13. This here makes me feel like Vince is partially the reason Tamar was fired from the real and also makes me feel he didn’t give her a heads up as well or a reason why she was fired.

  14. so why sued Vince talk to Tamar

  15. If Vince AND Tamar own the song and they are suing Vince, wouldn't they also be suing Tamar?

  16. You are doing the right thing. Go after Vincent Towanda !And Traci go on after your career ! I think you can sing very good!

  17. Most rich ppl are snakes and gain their wealth by being sneaky and benefiting off others. Tht man has no particular talent but got lucky and made riches off his clients. Thank God they realised what a snake he is.

  18. People on here faking or smoking something. You mean to tell me someone has been receiving money that is supposed to go to you and you not gonna go after them and get your money?!?!? LIES! Hell some of y'all would tear up your place of business if they late with y'all check. Come on now

  19. Toni is not fair either because she co-sign Tamar behavior because she is celebrity status like her. Traci was not on their level. She should be happy because she is still married to child’s father. Says something.

  20. At this stage in the game, the girls should know to have lawyers involved in what they are doing along the way.

  21. So strange ….why didn't they have a business manager whose job it would be to stay on top of things like that….once again that's why people say family and business don't mix…now Tamar is the only one collecting besides her hubby….sad! Family screwed by family!

  22. Thats so shady i would of gotten pissed too

  23. This is the difference between them and the Kardashians. The K-clan would never sue each other (as an episode clearly stated) Never pin family against family in the court of law! First talk it out and if it’s TRUE family, you’ll work something out.

  24. Real drama he have rights to the theme song an tamar an did not say anythin

  25. Kind of like Quincy Jones taking full credit for albums he didn't sing on but just "laid hands" on the arrangements and recordings.

  26. Hey, have you all read this: "Meanwhile, an insider whispers that Braxton has agreed not to spill the tea about Vince being physically violent towards her if he promises to not discuss her rumored drug addiction. “She wants a new job and fears it will be tough if it is documented and reported on by the media.”

  27. 🙄 Toni ass is way too close with Vince

  28. Wow!
    So Vince is Shady!🤔

  29. 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲👀🐁

  30. towanda is lying! towanda has always been a hater and trying her best to break Tamar and Vince up. towanda is so jealous of Tamar.

  31. I swear this is the most pathetic family on Television..smh 😕


  33. Toni is probably the one that tries to stay out of all the shenanigans that goes on. Tamar is totally the naughty girl with an attitude. Am I right??

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