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Nonton Toni Weighs in on Tamar's Divorce | Braxton Family Values | WE tv Sub Indo

Toni Weighs in on Tamar's Divorce | Braxton Family Values | WE tv

Towanda calls Toni to tell her that she and the sisters can’t join the party because of the issues with Vince… but Tamar’s the one who invited them! Is the divorce really going to happen?


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The tight-knit Braxton sisters, Grammy-winning artist Toni Braxton, Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar, and their headstrong mother, Evelyn Braxton, share an inside look at their lives and the drama of family chaos.

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  1. Toni please you fired Vince without no cares.

  2. I don't understand these women. This show seems to be heavily scripted.

  3. I like how toni is calm about the situation like chile thas puppy love they going through lol

  4. I don't blame the other sister's nd their Mom for not going to the party.It's not just bcuse of Vince abusing their sis,they're sueing Vince as well.Come on Toni why are you blind nd can not see what everyone else see's.Toni shuldve known better I mean what was she thinking.And Tay is a good one,to keep dealing with that no good man she's got.I don't believe things will ever be the same again between the family nd Vince.And I don't see how Tay can be so weak nd dum to want to stay married to that idiot.Shoot knowing me,child Vince can eat my dust.Bcuse that's how fast I would've gotten away from his tail nd not look back.Tamar is one weak woman,how can you be with nd around a man that physically harms you.It's not gonna get better but wayyy worst than ever.At this point things between them is at its worst.But if she go back nd knowing nothing has changed,It makes me wonder how things gonna escalate into more tention,stress,anger.Tay don't ever put mouth on your sisters again,u weak.Rwmember all the things she told Trina nd how she should leave Gabe nd divorce him nd so on.And how she praised God bcuse they're marriage was ending.Even when Trina went bck to Gabe y'all seen Tay 2nd heard her big moufh,now look at her.She's eating all her words now,nvr say nvr Tay

  5. Why would Toni have the party at Vince house she’s so annoyin this season 🙄

  6. Toni really be getting me mad sometimes! How oblivious can you be knowing everyone's issues with one another!🤔 and acting all surprised to why they may seem uncomfortable but if it were the other way around with her…its the complete opposite!

  7. Ur sisters r suing him and hes allegedly beating Tamar!!! Come on🤦

  8. I’m sorry, but why would you name your child Denim? I was hoping it wasn’t actually Denim but then I saw the words 🤦🏾‍♀️

  9. I'm sorry but it getting to the point I don't understand what's really going just like Toni cause clearly she do no what going on .

  10. Why would you put them in that predicament Tony? Too much drama, you should of had the party in a neutral location. C'mon!

  11. I think this is a PR stunt cause Toni KNEW her sister's weren't going to go to Tamar's house AFTER all she said AND did/doing to their mother! I know Toni had a diff party!!😆

  12. Something is not right with this whole situation. I just wish we could fast forward to the end of the season so we'll know how this unfolds.Since this was filmed last year I think the sisters have moved pass all this ( going by their Twitter& Instagram posts)and I think Tamar&Vince are already divorced and hes in another relationship but still trying to control Tamar. This whole situation is a mess.

  13. All for drama and ratings… SMH! 🤦‍♀️

  14. I think they should have the party somewhere else! But it’s a shame,shame how Tamar is acting with her sisters, at least you have sisters that care enough to be there for you when I’m also going through heavy stuff and I have NO ONE!!! Sad 😞 but she always been kinda nasty!!! With everyone!!!

  15. This season is sooo forced! I'm trying to enjoy it but it's just…terrible.

  16. Tamar is petty AF she knew the sisters wouldn’t show if it was at her and Vincent’s house

  17. i swear these people will find a way to make every topic somehow about tamar lol. I know they must get tired of it but this is now the tamar and vince show if everything is going to be mostly about them

  18. I love me some Toni but sometimes she seems to be out of touch with the world, how about instead of traveling together take some that time and get to know each other

  19. As strong and I don't take no mess Tamar seems to be I couldn't imagine her allowing Vince to beat on her and she is still with him? Something ain't right maybe a storyline for the show🤔

  20. I somewhat understand where Toni is coming from, because even though they say they're getting a divorce sometime as a sister you kind of know your sister Toni may feel like they really not going to divorce they've been through this several times and I'm not going to fall out with Vince..because Tamar are probably still going to end up being with him!! so I kind of get it and I also understand Tamar being the baby's godmother you can be an Aunt & godmother there's nothing wrong with that!! And I also find it quite strange that they want to act like Vincent is so abusive why now so y'all sit around and let your sister / daughter be abused for years is what you're saying… I'm not buying the abuse part.. maybe he's controlling he does come off like that but actually physically hitting her I'm not believing it!! and now with the sisters trying to sue him I think that is also some bullcrap this show been on too many seasons for you just now to realize you're not getting no royalties from the song!!

  21. Wait if he physically hurting your sister, why have a party at his house? Maybe this stuff is not true about Vince.

  22. Its selfish not to show up with your best manners in the name of family to celebrate …they're selfish

  23. Umbas makeup is looking good this season in the confessional!

  24. Let me say this, tamar has her ways but Towanda is very messy and evil. I've noticed that she constantly brings up tamar and vince for a story line. Like towanda what are you doing in your life? I would sue Towanda for continuing to share personal business on national tv despite me asking them not.

  25. Why Toni think they gonna go to Tamar's. So dumb. This season is so phony

  26. Toni knows better, This has to be for the cameras she can't possibly be that ridiculous!

  27. Does she keep saying her son's name is "Denim??" Tf his sibling's name?? Fleece???? I can't 🙄🤚🏼

  28. This shows Toni is shady. She knows better. She knows what's going on yet acting dumb. She's been shady people are just realizing it. Neutral territory is what she should of done. She knew they weren't going to show up. Tamar works my nerves. I'm over her & Vince bull. I think it's all for attention. Whether she knows it or not it's not good attention.

  29. Toni just change the location. It's that simple!# nobody has time for Tamar the loud mouth drama when she is the first person to judge her sisters however the tables have turned now she wants sympathy and a good but kissing!!! I don't understand why she wants to host the party at her house with all the drama. I know Tamar wants everything about her so just choose a neutral location to avoid the drama.

  30. Watching my show video my face

  31. The party should NOT be going on @ Tamar's house, but did Toni say Tamar is on tour and would have to TRY to sneak away? Girl, Tamar ain't even gone be there WTF!?!

  32. I can't… it saddens me to see how close these sisters were when the show first came out. Toni should have went with her initial instincts and declined. Money and fame should not supersede that bond… Sigh

  33. They’re a very strange family. Just…odd. So much is odd. Does anyone else think that? Like after all these years and seeing their dynamic? Just weird!

  34. Why the heck would Toni even have it at Tamar’s?!?!!!!?!? You got the money and clout to do it ANYWHERE

  35. Tamar is his godmother I thought aunt

  36. I like how Towanda casually says me mommy, traci and trina won't make it? Isn't that the whole family?

  37. Now see that's messy. Tamar knew there was friction between the girls and Vincent and asks to have it at his house. Toni should have respectfully declined and had it at a nice ballroom or facility. That's messy to me.

  38. Toni how in the hell can you say that T&V is just going through a thing when this negro has been going upside her head?????? WTF???????

  39. Toni seems numb and somewhat unbothered to this situation.

  40. Disappointed in Toni, putting her sisters in the middle of mess. Towanda is the only one brave enough to tell Toni that is wrong. Tamar has not been herself lately, and those kids don't need to go to Tamar house or Vincent's house until things get better.

  41. Toni looks young and beautiful

  42. I Iove Toni. She is super sweet and beautiful

  43. Toni never knows what the hell is going on and the party should have never been at tamar house

  44. I think Toni fucking Vince!!! That's what I think!!!!!!

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