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Nonton Tinsley Mortimer & Sonja Morgan Join The Circus | RHONY Highlights (S11 Ep9) Sub Indo

Tinsley Mortimer & Sonja Morgan Join The Circus | RHONY Highlights (S11 Ep9)

Tinsley joins the Big Apple Circus as a ringleader, but becomes depressed thinking about her breakup with Scott. Luann de Lesseps is candid with Jill Zarin about her battle with alcoholism. Bethenny Frankel needs to take some time off.

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This season, after the tragic death of her boyfriend Dennis, Bethenny struggles with conflicting emotions while unexpectedly meeting someone new. Fresh off her second stint in rehab after last year’s relapse, Luann is committed to her new love: cabaret! But will she ever get back on track with Dorinda after being heckled at her debut? Meanwhile, Sonja is embracing her future by finally moving out of her beloved townhouse for a fresh perspective on the city she calls home. Looking for a fresh start, Dorinda moves into an apartment in midtown. But not all change is good, as she is forced to evaluate her friendship with Luann. Always the hopeless romantic, Tinsley is ready for the next step with Scott, but he may not be on the same page. Also on the love train, Ramona continues her search for Mr. Right, even when old flames threaten to throw her off course. And Barbara Kavovit, a good friend of Luann’s who stood by the former countess after her relapse, should fit right in as she is not afraid to speak her mind. Barbara is a successful businesswoman running her own construction company.

Bethenny Frankel
Dorinda Medley
Luann de Lesseps
Ramona Singer
Sonja Morgan
Tinsley Mortimer

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Tinsley Mortimer & Sonja Morgan Join The Circus | RHONY Highlights (S11 Ep9)

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  1. Tinsleys mom is causing some of her stress,why bring up the jerk Scott when she was having a good time, Very cruel.

  2. I love how Dale got a confessional! Yes come thru DALE!!

  3. This episode is the second mugshot for Tinsley. A real circus. It was so bizarre to see a middle age woman crying like a 5-year-old in doll/clown outfit.
    I personally like Tinsley and her mom. Dale loves her daughter, but she is so frustrated for all her bad decisions, and she is right!! Tinsley was married with a rich, elegant, handsome man (not like Scott); she dumped him for another one. I don't what she was thinking, and now she wants to recover all the lifestyle she used to have and make a family.
    For me, this whole situation is only Tinsley's karma. The lesson is to be grateful for what you have, it's a reminder that the grass in front is not always greener. Tinsley has to mature; as Sonja said, from inside, a husband or baby is not going to make her happy. Right now the only mature thing on Tinsley life are her freeze eggs. I really like Tinsley, I hope she growth, I can't wait to see it!!!

  4. Dale is definitely cruel to Tinsley but Tinsley needs to mature-emotionally. She’s in her goddamn fucking 40’s

  5. I CANT stand tinsley she needs to grow up!!! I want her off the show.

  6. Tinsley is very spoiled she doesn't realize how good she has it she is very insecure if she doesn't get her way she acts like a child its exhausting

  7. Tinsley needs to stop crying it's so much.

  8. They really are all emotional wrecks !! These shows seem to have lost the point of what they were intended. Now they all over made up all most drag queen looking characters and think they are A list celebrities rather than the Rich Housewives that they were employed as. The attention has gone to their heads and they will all end up with must bigger issues than when they started. Just my thoughts

  9. I had no idea I was going to be called OUT, with an Oscar dress on

  10. I STILL cannot believe that Bethany and Jason are fighting.
    She's NOT and never will be susceptible to love, NOT AFTER not receiving it from her own parents.

  11. Tinsley in the baby dress is not lost on us.-she is regressing and Dale, lady sit down and stop touching your daughters ovaries.

  12. Omg tinsley is exactly Peter Pan she’s a grown woman acting like a brat and her mom couldn’t be a ruder b the way she puts Sonja down and acts like she put tinsley down she wasn’t as good as Sonja wasn’t at all a put down to her daughter but more of a attack on Sonja. Jill and Luann literally act it up as rich ladies for the camera but the best was when Sonja says I may be rusty in the bedroom but I always know how to preform I almost died. Out of all these women Sonya seems the most genuine she’s not putting on a show like Jill or Luann and she not acting like a brat like tinsley when there are people who sleep in the street don’t know where their next meal is coming from don’t have money for gas those r real problems and their making nasty remarks like a woman with a stick up het bum like tinsleys mom is doing sooo turned off right now.

  13. That was pre-planned to upstage Tinsley

  14. Sonya is so funny, Luanne is doing great about opening about her alcoholism, Tinsley need treatment for depression, by the way I like how protective is her mom, and finally I hope Bethany don't sell Skinny Girl and find peace.

  15. Christ Bethenny, she brings it on herself. There are lots of people juggling things in life just to survive. You get no pity here… No pittys left to give.

  16. These people are nuts, I mean totally. Lights camera action.

  17. OMG why does Sonia not have her own live show televised after SNL?

  18. bethenny I give you permission to ease up on the relief effort and not be so involved, you cannot save the world, be a great mom because your daughter will be the ultimate seed that flowers for you and makes you proud

  19. Sonja was awesome as always, Tinsley trying to make her storyline fit about her troubles with family alcoholism is ridiculous. She just does not fit in here, sorry girl.

  20. It will make it more interesting!

  21. Tinsley's biggest issues is that the Tin's wants a sugar daddy to take care of her. Its not about finding a man, its about finding a rich man. Women pushing 40 and wanting a sugar daddy got only two options, find a black guy or an old man with money, there are no other options. Just ask Lou

  22. These women are as deep as a puddle ridicoulous !

  23. Tinsley urgently needs to dump her mother – or else she'll never have the life she wants. That relationship is deeply toxic; Tinsley seeking love and validation that she will never receive.

  24. Money is king… not if your WELL. BEING IS AFFECTED… What good is the money then?… just saying!

  25. Folk with loads of money seem so much weaker than folk without money. Get a grip Tinsley.

  26. Luann, You are NOT a «different alcoholic», you are a TYPICAL alcoholic who gets «ignition» the second you have a little alcohol. When you get a little, you can’t stop! That is a typical alcoholic! Great you are on the water wagon, you should never drink again!

  27. OMG! If this wasent right out of Gray Gardens Tinsley and her mother Big Edie Little Edie.. isent she humiliated looking like baby Jane? Desperate for fame and her glory days? Not happening Tins, happy about a circus day you really need to move on sweetie, listen to mommy

  28. Tinsley.. my my my has taken quite a tumble from society

  29. anyone think that Dorinda was maybe a little jealous of Sonja?

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