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Nonton The Truth Behind The Anti-Abortion Laws & How They Came Into Place | Black Coffee Sub Indo

The Truth Behind The Anti-Abortion Laws & How They Came Into Place | Black Coffee

Tarana Burke, Marc Lamont Hill, Gia Peppers and Jameer dive deep into the anti-abortion laws discussion.


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  1. There is no God. Abortion is wrong in the scientific philosophical sense

  2. People, women in particular that are out here willingly having relations with a man/men better wise up…they’re making it where your mistake will be costly in more ways than one!

  3. Fact: Adolf Hilter wrote fan mail to Margret Sanger. He admired her work..

  4. Great video. Very on point.

  5. ABORTION IS MURDER and murder is not a right. The baby in her mom's womb has also right to life just like any other people have.

  6. They are trying to fill the prison pipeline by criminalizing this

  7. I wish men would be as pro MARRIAGE as they are pro life.

  8. This abortion law has absolutely nothing to do with brown women 60% more than 60% of abortions are white this is a white problem this is about population control them in they are trying to control their women 2040 is what they say where the pure white race will be like dinosaurs extinct and them and Caucasian. Are very afraid that they will be treated the way that they treat brown people it's about population control that is it has nothing to do with brown people this is really not our fight but once again we will jump in front and we will fight for white feminists when they don't fight for us at all love the conversation really am interested in the show hoping truly succeed good job BET📣📣📣📣📣📣🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  9. Lol, imagine their mothers being pro abortion and they knew they were going to die. Pretty sure their opinion would've been completely different. Also, women say my body but the baby also has its own body. Furthermore, women wants to determine whether someone should live based on size. Haven't seen more messed up shit since we were slaves. It's not about their body, or women's right, it's about human beings not wanting to be told what to do. If abortion is accepted, kids will be more ruthless when it comes to sexuality. I think we're doomed, tryna live my life peacefully, but this shit got me messed up

  10. I find it funny how BETNetworks didn't do a video on infanticide tho.

    Anyway, I also find it funny how BET uses us "blks" to push the "whyt" mans plans for society. You really need to research the history of Roe V Wade in case you think I'm knocking "women's rights".

    BETNetworks is owned by Viacom who is owned by NA. Do a quick bing or google search on who owns that company. Cause it ain't one of us. There's your answer to why abortions/Roe v Wade is being put on display in front of you as a "right" and as a benefit to you.

  11. Didn’t the lady who founded Planned Parenthood say that black people should be exterminated?

  12. Most people having abortions already have children, often with the requests coming from the husband or male partner. Birth control is not 100% effective. There are other countries you can live in if you like living under religious tyranny and moral hypocrisy with someone constantly making rules claiming they're in line with their version of God. In America, we prefer democracy and allowing people to make their own choices about what works best for their families and health.

  13. I’m a devout klansman and I fully support planned parenthood. It seems abortion and killing black babies is the only thing the klan and black people can agree on. I’m so glad to see most of you black people support “women’s rights”… lol keep up the good fight✊🏻

  14. The abortion ban is disgusting, a woman wanting an abortion is none of your business and you don’t get to take that right away from her. So what, she gets pregnant and doesn’t want a baby, accidents happen. How do you think you got here?

  15. I gladly wear a condom and I pull out every time.

  16. If you risk trying to kill and murder your child inside of you anyway and die in the process it was meant for you to actually die murdering your child is not normal this is very sick and as far as birth control close stop f**** put down the dick control your urges stop being f**** nasty sex is about procreation out about feeling a penis whenever you want to have fun f**** nasty people

  17. I wonder what these anti abortion people are gonna think when they realise billions of children are sprayed onto tissues everyday and then chucked in the toilet not giving them a chance to live. They will be freaking

  18. There getting for a mass war in 20 years from now and we are going to have to reproduce or birth the young for the future draft think about it no abortions
    Means more people more people mean more future soldiers

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