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Nonton The Shop: Uninterrupted | LeBron is Ready for Zion | HBO Sub Indo

The Shop: Uninterrupted | LeBron is Ready for Zion | HBO

The Shop: Uninterrupted is back in business tomorrow at 10PM.

Grab a seat with LeBron James, Maverick Carter and guests Seth Rogen, DeAndre Hopkins, Travis Scott, Pharrell Williams, Lonzo Ball, Don Cheadle, Jimmy Lovine, and Paul Rivera.
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  1. dude next to lebron too old to be rocking that haircut

  2. lonzo is trash…how does a god damn nba player shoot 45 percent from the free throw….amazing they are giving money away…life is unfair..its all luck

  3. Why he put color into it? Just curious to an explanation from another's perspective

  4. He str8 forced Magic to resign, Ty Lue turned down the Laker job and now they are left with Jason Kidd and Juwaan Howard. 🙄 then dude that coached the Grizz in 2013 😂

    What a train wreck😅

    And Lakers didn’t want Lur because they knew he would default power to LaBron. My guess … he forces a trade wherever KD goes 🙄

  5. Can’t stand LeBron , his selfish , arrogant, and only went to LA to pursue his tv and film career and ruined the lakers after only one season !

  6. Hold up, was that Don Cheadle sitting on the far right of the couch?

  7. fuck you LBJ..your a cancerous P.O.S…. overrated primma donna

  8. Seth Rogen must be thinking "What the hell am I doing here?!" (*insert his laughter*)

  9. Zion will be an NBA bust. He lacks the length and while he's coming into the league at Lebron's height he's also coming in at Fat Lebron's weight. The only domination I foresee will be knee problems.
    Btw, since it is okay to say 'little white kids' I am assuming we can also say 'big black kids' or is that considered racist?

  10. The Shop is just Lebrons platform to be as racist as he wants and get away with it because its HBO

  11. Zion's the most talked about guy huh

    Wait till LeBron Jr gets old enough

  12. LeBron really thinking like 🤔…” the last time they hyped up a nigga this much i traded him for a white boy and ppl called me crazy but hey look how that turned out lol “

  13. Everybody talking shit like Lebrons a bum. Mofuckas now adays totally forget the past! First Time out the playoffs in what ? 9 years? Lebron been in the League for almost 20 years! All time Great!

  14. Lebron I use to like you. Now I hate you after this show. I won't go into details but I'm disappointed

  15. I would like to hear lebrons opinion on why black people are more athletic than white people.

  16. What does a room full of dick riders look like???? Well here u have it

  17. Is anybody gettin a cut?!

  18. Zion is a hustle player but when he get a jumper he'll be scary.

  19. Damn Lonzo was quite as fuck lmao

  20. And white people are the only ones who say racist stuff?

  21. "These short ass white kids" man that's kinda racist ain't it?

  22. Shoutout to Lebron for embracing Zion, unlike Jordan with him.

  23. “Small ass whites dudes.” There were a lot of small ass black dudes too.

  24. He is the most talked about guy since you Bron

  25. How is that not a racist comment? He said "short ass WHITE KIDS"…. in a derogatory way meaning white guys are not as good as black?…imagine if the roles were reversed… WTF

  26. I remember crossing over this small ass black dude ..him falling…then tried 2 say he trip on his laces…

  27. “Short ass white kids” double standards at its finest 😂😂 I swear black people are so sensitive but quick too say whatever the fuck they want.

  28. Everyone: Laughs uncontrollably

  29. zion is only 6'6 and an undersized forward. dont know his future in the nba

  30. Oh wow Pharelle finally looking his damn age 💯

  31. The racism is real tho 😢

  32. LeBitch is already jealous of Zion.

  33. So short ass white kids is ok to say for LeBron. Imagine a white athlete saying, ah you know it was easy to swim against short ass black kids…. LeBron lost my respect and i seriously think he is racist

  34. 3 picks away of getting his ass 😂

  35. I love have people keep adding inches to his height it's so stupid hes 6'6"

  36. lmao what is Don Cheadle doin there lol

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