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Nonton The Pillars of the Earth – Preview Sub Indo

The Pillars of the Earth – Preview

The Pillars of the Earth – Premiering on Starz this July.

The Pillars of the Earth,Starz

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  1. @ailasin Yes they will make a series of World Without End. They just bought the rights. Great film!!

  2. Fantastic series, great actors, solid story line, and expertly directed by Croatian director Sergio Mimica-Gezzan.

  3. @sunshineex246 just finished part 5 and yeah it is most definitely worth watching!!!

  4. first good thing what that crappy starz made.

  5. "I don't take kindly to priest who steal."
    "God doesn't take kindly to Bishops who lie."

    Ha! Pro Philipp! 😀

  6. Damn Jack. You could build my cathedral any day.

  7. @sevilayaydogan

    Well… read a book. In the series William was waaaaaaay to kind..

  8. @Gutex77
    Spartacus Blood and Sand is good, well, was. The actor has cancer and can't continue the second season 🙁

  9. @funnybananapeel The music for both shows was done by the same guy

  10. @coolschoolygirl260 Naah… I'd say PHILIP! <3

  11. This is an amazing series! I loved it!!

  12. @DanielVonPalota It's Sailsbury Cathedral =]

  13. What's the music in the trailer, or the composer so I can find more?

  14. I just discovered this show randomly on Starz On Dmnd. This has become my favorite show, by far. With this and Spartacus, I don't know what Starz is doing (I HATE television) but keep it up, we need more!

  15. It is nothing short of AMAZING…..

  16. @kRypt1Kz World without End is somewhat of a sequel. Id look into it. Its based on Jacks descendants

  17. @kRypt1Kz that is exactly how I felt when I finished the book. I was in a sort of depressed state and I felt as if one of my closest friends had just passed away. I have yet to re-read it because I know it just won't be the same as the first time I read it. The stories won't be fresh and there won't be that sense of anticipation from not knowing what is going to happen next. The Pillars of the Earth is a true literary masterpiece and even though I finished it some months ago I still miss it.

  18. Never fails, the ratio of idiocy has been established it is: 2.62008733%
    446 likes, 12 dislikes…………Halleluiah brother

  19. I read this book of 12 years ago. I like the story from beginning to end. Finally I can see this on screen.

  20. i watched one of the episodes last night and it was pretty good. im gona catch the next one tonight. but i cant help but feel the director was trying to make it too much like Rome.

  21. WE WANT PART 2 NOW !!!!!!!!!!!! bttw prior philip is a heroe above all

  22. william hamleigh is a fuck.

  23. I don't feel bad for William. In the book he's a heartless idiot. And he likes being like that.

  24. I loved the series, but I watched it with my parents. That made for a very awkward situation. The funny thing is, of all of the sex scenes, only two of them were between married people. One of which was between the villains (the Hanleys). And you could argue that by the end, Alfred was a bad guy.

  25. I only read a bit of the book, but William's not really evil – he feels only sadness when Aliena casts him off, not desire for revenge. But his mother encourages the bad side of him. So, you are absolutely right.

  26. This is an amazing series. If only it was better known. I've just bought both The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End. Can't wait to read them!

  27. Okay, thanks for sharing your opinion 🙂 I'll keep the thought "hate William" in my mind while I read the book (yes, I'm a slow reader) ;DD

  28. damn this looks really good, I have to watch it

  29. You're kidding me? William is a despicable bastard, and he, Waleran, maybe Stephen, and Regan are the true villains. Even Alfred redeems himself in the books! Whoever believes that William is not a child of pure evil surely knows absolutely nothing of the book. All the rage of Alien's rejection led him to a life full of want and greed. Definitely one of the characters I hate the most.

  30. Totally agreed. There is no part of William that i empathize with. I mean even from the beginning he almost ran over Tom's daughter. And then thinks it's ok to do whatever he wants as long as he confesses to the bishop!

  31. It is basically the same book with different characters

  32. the display pic looks like a guy pointing at a titty lol

  33. soo happy Ailena didn't marry him damn, must have taken some real nerve, still feel sorry for that Elizabeth though


  35. Production value seems pretty low, but everybody gushes over the books. I'll give it the old college try.


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