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Nonton The Cutest Yacht Bromances Of Season 6 | Below Deck After Show (S6 Ep17) Part 1 Sub Indo

The Cutest Yacht Bromances Of Season 6 | Below Deck After Show (S6 Ep17) Part 1

Is Josiah Carter Kate Chastain’s new BFF, or is he just her little puppet? Captain Lee warns that yachting is not a democracy, and Ross Inia introduces you to his son, Kai!

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This season on Below Deck, Captain Lee Rosbach brings M/Y Seanna to the crystal clear waters and black sand beaches of Tahiti. To ensure smooth sailing this year, he hired his most trusted stew, Kate, along with a new crew who are all full of experience on the water. Kate Chastain is excited for a new adventure out of the Caribbean and a new team to manage. Her interior team consists of formally trained butler Josiah Carter and former solo stew Caroline. Kate immediately bonds with Josiah, her first male stew, but when their friendship turns into an exclusive clique, Caroline is left out. Chef Adrien turns up the heat in the kitchen with his complex and creative four-course meals that immediately impress Kate, but when his diva reputation surfaces, he clashes with the interior and feels Kate’s wrath. On deck, bosun Chandler has all the hard skills he needs from growing up in his yachting-captain father’s footsteps. But despite his confidence, Chandler begins to crack under the pressure, and his deckhands Ross Inia and Ashton Pienaar poke holes in his managerial technique. Ross, a bosun on his last charter, steps up when the stress of the excruciating season gets to Chandler, while Rhylee Gerber, a green female deckhand but experienced Alaskan fishing boat captain, requires more guidance from Chandler than he anticipated. When there is a near-fatal accident involving a man-overboard call, the crew is shaken to the core and must band together to finish out their intense charter season stronger than ever.

Captain Lee Rosbach
Kate Chastain
Josiah Carter
Adrian Martin
Ross Inia
Ashton Pienaar
Lauren Betancourt
Tyler Rowland

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The Cutest Yacht Bromances Of Season 6 | Below Deck After Show (S6 Ep17) Part 1

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  1. Josiah is no puppet..he is a great team player and coworker.He has a great work ethic.

  2. I love Aston and Ross bromance..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂..I love their dynamic.

  3. The Captain comes across as being so tough and uncaring but he caves to Kate all the time. Maybe he's infatuated or something.

  4. Love Ashton & Ross and their accents 😍

  5. O hes so handsome hes a handful God-bless him Ross

  6. Ashton and Ross seem like best friends. I think they should have their own show. I hope they will be back on the show together.

  7. It was an entertaining season

  8. Kate Found a friend that was great I love their relationship they were great together they work good together S far as Laura She's a jerk and a joke

  9. captain lee refuses to fk n kate responsible for the comment to caroline the slanderous things and duck lips even called caroline the bully as for what she said about her last charter guess that was kate's sister separated at birth

  10. Captain Lee is so wise!

  11. Adrian hasn’t received any emails because that female guest is now at the bottom of the ocean.

  12. That milf wanted some d 4 sure

  13. Kate and Josiah are bullys kick Kate off the show

  14. Josiah knows how to do his job and didn’t need to be babysat. Kate was thrilled she didn’t have to hold his hand . Laura should have been fired on the spot for talking to Kate that way

  15. I truly think that is very,very unfair to say.
    I have watched every episode and my opinion they are a good team.who work well together.they have respect and love between them.
    Why do people have to be so condescending.i think its really rude.
    And Ross's son Kai is so incredibly cute .looks like his dad.
    I really wonder if Ross and Alison are together or not

  16. "he doesn't understand the intellect" ohhhh I love these guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. This was by far the best crew of all season's. ..they were all amazing and fun to watch…I will say though that although Kate is an amazing chief stew she has been no angel and there have been numerous instances throughout the seasons where captain Lee has turned a blind eye to how she has treated certain people. Laura was annoying at first and I can see Kates point, but the sarcasm and underhanded remarks from Kate should be taken into account , because as an amazing chief stew she SHOULD BE held to a higher standard, and Captain Lee has let her get away with a few major things. Laura should never have talked to her like that ,but kate and Josiah acted like bullies and it was COMPLETELY unacceptable. Especially with Caroline and the herpes comments and music….they should have been fired. In my eyes there is favoritism on Captain Lee's part.

  18. Love Josiah.. Amazing person

  19. are they no longer doing after shows with Andy??

  20. Well done Ross for teaching Kai Te Reo! Kapai!

  21. i think kate and josiah got along so well was because they both knew their jobs and were professionals. kate didnt have to teach josiah yo iron pillow cases nor take any backtalk from less experienced stews. they worked together as a great team as was demonstrated when the 3rd stew stubbed her toe,cried at the drop of a hat or whatever strange thing happened.
    i was happy to see laura finally become part of the team. never go to a job sis and critisize things on your first day. no bueno

  22. I LOVED this season!!! Please bring back the crew! : )

  23. The only reason Kate and Josiah clicked was because Kate is the type of girl that can't be friends with other girls. She is a mean girl and her personality is SO unattractive.

  24. Jealous much.. Kate and Josiah are a great team.

  25. Haha haha spam folder 😂😂😂😂😂

  26. Did Ashton say there is normally a women behind that tongue?

  27. Josiah is a very sexy Mr. Belvedere!

  28. Perfect bro mates – a couple of macho skirt chasers.

  29. the buck stops at us captains!

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