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The Chernobyl Podcast | Part Two | HBO

Peter Sagal and Craig Mazin discuss the second episode of Chernobyl. With untold millions at risk after the explosion, nuclear physicist Ulana Khomyuk (Emily Watson) makes a desperate attempt to reach Valery Legasov (Jared Harris) and warn him about the threat of a second explosion that could devastate the continent. Mazin sheds light on the real-life scientists who inspired the composite character Khomyuk and demystifies how nuclear radiation works. He also gives context about seemingly small details, like the poem being read on the radio, and we get more surprising answers from Sagal’s “really?” questions.

The Chernobyl Podcast is produced by HBO in conjunction with Pineapple Street Media. Original music by Kaan Erbay.

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  1. I’ve got a problem with seemingly conflicting timelines. At http://www.chernobylgallery.com/chernobyl-disaster/timeline/ the timeline says that April 27 the evacuation it Pripyat has begun, but in this episode and your talk here you say that the evacuation didn’t begin until after the German (Wiesbaden) move to keep children inside which according to the timeline sort above was May 1. So your saying the Pripyat evacuation happens after Sweden and Germany react to the radiation but the timeline site says that Pripyat evacuation happened before the Sweden and Germany actions. What’s going on here? Seems like someone got it backwards.

  2. My favorite episode so far.

  3. I love this podcast while I take study breaks between xD

  4. Big thank you to those citizens of USSR that did so much to mitigate harm to the rest of us all. True Hero's!!!!?

  5. HBO on pro-gas (a.k.a "renewables"), anti-nuclear crusade 😀

  6. How is the city that people were evacuated to pronounced?

  7. Somehow they forgot to add subtitles to the Russian poem in spanish

  8. How many episodes in Chernobyl?

  9. Called out Emily Watson's character as fake as soon as she started getting everything right. Very minor feminist narratives aside, absolutely fantastic show.

  10. I was on that May 1st parade in Kyiv as a 9-year old. I have problems with thyroid gland, and who doesn't over the age of 35 in Kyiv, anyone? All the result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  11. Remember those names – the first firefighters who arrived at the scene of the explosion and started combating the fire:

    Vladimir Pravik – died May 11, 1986

    Victor Kibenok – died May 11, 1986

    Leonid Telyatnikov – lived longest among these firemen, which is a miracle in itself. Died in 2005 of Chernobyl-related cancer.

    Vasiliy Ignatenko – died May 13, 1986. In 2006 posthumously awarded the title Hero of Ukraine.

    Nikolay Vaschuk – was instrumental in preventing fire from reaching reactor number 3. Died with the rest of his crew on the same day. Hero of Ukraine.

    Nikolay Titenok – died May 16, 1986. Hero of Ukraine

    Leonid Shavrey – miraculous recovery in the facility in Kyiv. Had bone marrow partially replaced which help the organism and DNA to fight off radiation exposure and sickness.

    Ivan Shavrey – the younger brother of Leonid. Also survived by miraculous treatment in Kyiv. Again, partial replacement of bone marrow.

    Petro Shavrey – the oldest brother. Also survived. There should be a book about this family of heroes or maybe a separate HBO movie.

    Alexander Lelichenko – electrician technician of Chernobyl NPP. Was responsible for preventing an additional hydrogen explosion. Received lethal dose of radiation and died on May 7, 1986. Hero of Ukraine.

    The first wave of firefighters consisted of 28 men in total.

  12. А когда на руссклм будет?

  13. RBMK has the ability to change fuel without shutting down the reactor up to 5 fuel assemblies per day. There is 192 tons of fuel for a total of 576,000 lbs of uranium in 32 foot tall assemblies of 36 fuel rods split in the middle for a total of 72 fuel rods that are 11 feet 3 inches long for a total fuel length of 22 feet 6 inches. Each assembly contains 253 lbs of uranium, and Chernobyl #4 had 1,661 fuel assemblies with 211 control rods for a total uranium fuel full load of 420,233 lbs. The 1,661 fuel rod channels built into the graphite stack, (stack of graphite bricks) are round holes where the fuel assemblies slide down into the reactor as these are loaded/unloaded via pressure chamber crane loader.

    Those round holes in the stack are lined with a zirconium alloy tube running the length of the graphite stack.The fuel assemblies are also made from zirconium alloy with zirconium steel alloy supporting structure. Water is pumped into the bottom which flows to the top quickly in these channels. Heat is transferred from the fission of atoms splitting apart which changes the atoms mass E=MC² the mass changed which causes the energy E to change then the first law of thermodynamics states that energy is always conserved thus transferring from one type of energy to another.

    That remaining energy from the mass changing thus changing the MC² side must then also change the E side (energy) which is released from the atom in raw energy that transfers into a few types of energy which transfers into heat which gets transferred to the water which is heated to 284 °C or 543 °F in 836 to 902 pressure tubes that travel through the core to cool it before sending the boiling hot water to generate steam to be used to turn two 500MW hydrogen cooled turbogenerators before the water is cooled by a heat exchanger condenser that transfers the heat to nearby river water.

  14. This show is as good as Breaking Bad. One of the best shows I have ever seen in my life.

    But why on earth wouldn’t you discuss the chopper in this commentary?

  15. Amazing score, amazing show. Truly great, now I dont have anything to look forward to on mondays now that the show has ended.😢

  16. this series is made to look like the govt moved people out in a timely manner. this of course is bullshit

  17. Yo HBO, tell Mazin to do Fukushima next

  18. I legit screamed at the end of this episode "FUCK YOU" because of how it ended… I lost my shit

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