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Nonton The Chernobyl Podcast | Part Four | HBO Sub Indo

The Chernobyl Podcast | Part Four | HBO

Peter Sagal and Craig Mazin discuss the penultimate episode of Chernobyl. Valery Legasov (Jared Harris) and Soviet Deputy Prime Minister Boris Shcherbina (Stellan Skarsgård) consider using lunar rovers to remove radioactive debris, while Ulana Khomyuk (Emily Watson) faces government hurdles in determining the truth about the cause of the explosion. Sagal and Mazin go deep into the exclusion zone; from where they filmed it, to the first person accounts the rooftop cleanup is based on. And yes, they talk about the puppy scene.

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The Chernobyl Podcast is produced by HBO in conjunction with Pineapple Street Media. Original music by Kaan Erbay.

Jared Harris, Stellan Skarsgård and Emily Watson star in Chernobyl – the story about the 1986 nuclear catastrophe, and the sacrifices made to save Europe from unimaginable disaster.

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The Chernobyl Podcast | Part Four | HBO

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    this is the documentary he references….. its on youtube
    if you want to learn more about masha…. Chernobyl 3828

  2. U.S. Soldiers ARENT allowed to buy or use our own body armor, unless we buy the type they issue. If found otherwise and we die, no matter how good the vest is, we lost our life insurance

  3. If the Soviets didn't lie. Did a nation actually have the capability to create a robot to withstand 12,000 roentgen? I don't think so but I haven't done the research

  4. I was aware of the Holodomor because in the 2015 movie “Child 44” starring Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace this genocide is briefly described,after watching that movie I read more about it,there is also a documentary called “Harvest of Despair” among other old movies and there is a new movie called “Mr. Jones” starring James Norton and Vanessa Kirby and directed by Agnieszka Holland,that movie premiered in February 2019 at the Berlin International Film Festival and I think that in November of this year it premieres in some European countries.

  5. V
    Very scary stories for kids. why collectivization was needed why was a holodomor you do not know this or keep back. why kulak's were expelled from their places – because he kept the village in his fist. fist (kulak) he could calmly command the village, although the new government was for the fact that all power belonged to the workers and peasants and not to someone

  6. Chernobyl is a show about librals. About leftists in government, it always lead to disaster

  7. This is how you promote and value a show.

  8. I was so exited when you had shown us a scene with a lot of vodka but still you hadn't explaine why so much… but it is important. As a granddaughter of the liquiator I can tell that there were so much vodka because people had been told it can protect them from the radiation, we still don't know if it really helps, but that was the reason for drinking so much and without eating any food. You were allowed to drink as much as you want till you can do your work properly. In addition, when you are drunk you have more bravery and don't think about your future health.

  9. good epispode!!!11 after episode 5 will there be another season?? i wanna know whta happened to powerplant :O

  10. Damn, what a series.

  11. я здесь жыву не далеко от чернобиля!!!!

  12. Give me a link to the screenwriter Karla Marie Sweet page, which is outraged ,that there are no "blacks" in the series. I will answer her, as we are able to Russian.

  13. no pretensions, just else version of words "babusі", that know in Ukrainian films and theatrical productions

    “No one here is a clerk. What the fuck go? I survived the Germans and scholars will wake up. Again you are with your radiation, well, where is this radiation, well, show it, well, not its. How am I going to go? I have a cow Raisa. And the pigs Joseph and Adolf? They also need to cut. And the fields? And the economy? Garden. Fuck you! ** Tatars raped us, expelled … Then the Poles came. They cut us too, cut them, and behind them: “Glorify, glorify the great king, glorify, be glorified, our sovereign!” They also slaughtered us, creped. And behind them: “our locomotive flies forward, in the commune, stop!” Here, in this place, 800 of our boys were chopped up. And then – the Holodomor. Not one executioner thought of such a thing that millions of people would kill with hunger. And Stalin, a parasite such, thought of. Nemchura came, we quickly figured out with her here, oh, how we gave them here! And then: “my own country is wide …” In short, everything is not like normal people. ” (Given on the staging of 2016 with Irma Vitovskaya.)
    monologue women

    "Stalkers" (Pavel Arie) and the film "Brama":

    ніяких претензій, просто інша версія слів бабусі, що зняті в українських фільмах і театральних постановках

    «Никто мне тут не приказчик. Та какого х*ра ехать-то? Я немцев пережила и ученых перебуду. Опять вы со своей радиацией, ну где эта радиация, ну покажите ее, ну нет же ее. Как это я поеду? У меня вон корова Раиса. А поросята Иосиф и Адольф? Их же резать надо. А поля? А хозяйство? Огород. Да пошли вы в с**ку!» […] «С давних времен чего здесь только не было: мавки, нявки, духи полевые, всякая зараза… А кровь людская лилась как вода. Татары нас насиловали, выгоняли… Потом поляки пришли. Тоже нас резали, рубили, а за ними: “славься, славься великий царь, славься, славься, наш государь!” Тоже нас резали, крепачили. А за ними: “наш паровоз вперед летит, в коммуне остановка!” Тут, на этом месте 800 наших мальчиков порубили. А дальше – Голодомор. Ни один палач до такого не додумался, чтобы миллионы людей голодом убивать. А Сталин, паразит такой, додумался. Немчура пришла, мы тут с ней быстро разобрались, ох как мы им тут дали! А потом: “широка страна моя родная…” Словом, все не как у нормальных людей». (Приводится по постановке 2016 года с Ирмой Витовской.)
    монолог бабы
    «Сталкеры» (Павел Арье) и фильма «Брама»

  14. Best TV series ever. It was really epic

  15. Great show. And I can relate to the way it is depicted, to some extent. I'm from Croatia and I was 11 at the time. On the sunday, two days after the explosion, I went on a hiking trip with my family and one of the thing us kids did playing was rolling in the leaves on the ground. As a consequence of that I developed a rash to the extent I had to be taken to the hospital that evening. And that was some 1500 km away.
    I was treated and that went away few days later. The doctors didn't know the cause of it, at the time. We all found out few days later. I don't have any medical repercussions from it but the memory stayed with me very vividly, even though I was only 11 at the time.
    Kudos to the show makers.

  16. This episode forces one to contemplate what is the half-life of guilt and moral choices…

  17. "You don't want to cross a line where you feel like you're excited about upsetting people, because we're not." – DID YA HEAR THAT D&D?

  18. Funny how Legasov tells the helo pilot he would prefer the bullet over the radiation & then he chooses the opposite, at first.

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