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Nonton The Buzz: The Queen of England Visits the Set of Game of Thrones (HBO) Sub Indo

The Buzz: The Queen of England Visits the Set of Game of Thrones (HBO)

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The Buzz was on the set of Game of Thrones in Belfast on Tuesday, June 24th.

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  1. I bet she has no idea what the show is about 😛

  2. There is no queen of england! She is queen of the United kingdom (as well as 15 other commonwealth realms) there has not been a queen/king of England since the act of union in 1707.
    FFS i thought game of thrones of all things would be able to grasp the idea of a singular title to rule several countrys.

  3. Where was george rr martin? and why was he not knighted there and then beneath the throne? 

  4. That was awesome.
    Whole 'nother level awesome!!

  5. But, Did she sit on the throne?

  6. She's not the Queen of England, she's the Queen of the United Kingdom.

  7. For some strange reason I find it funny that despite Ygritte's hard northern accent in the show, Rose Leslie actually sounds more posh than the Queen.

  8. All the kingdoms of the world ever, are not the culture of the people. They belong only to a certain family. And the kingdoms blood, cruelty, injustice contains. The people's culture are democracy, art, language or clothes. Not kingdoms grandchilds.

  9. They should have dressed more formally, at least ties, for goodness sake- just an opinion.

  10. Another usurper to the throne!!!!!

  11. lol @ still having a queen

  12. but wouldn't it have been great if she did sit on the throne?

  13. Cool moment! She relates to all the ruthless brutality necessary to keep a kingdom under control.  When she watches the show she already knows what's going to happen next, just from experience, lol! I bet she didn't even flinch during the red wedding, and and she was thinking while sipping her tea: "Oh Diana, you should've known what was going to happen when you chose to betray the royal bloodline…".

  14. Does the Queen even watch Game of Thrones?

  15. Apparently they asked Her Majesty if she wanted try out the Iron Throne but she couldn't 'cause the monarch of the UK is by some tradition or another forbidden from sitting on a foreign throne, fictional or otherwise.

  16. You know the entire world wouldve went bonkers if her majesty the queen sat herself down on that throne~~! wow, wow I wanted to see that!!

  17. hahaha loved kit nervously smoking

  18. ooooo please…
    such wonderfull and smart actors getting nervous to meet someone who means nothing to DEMOCRACY.
    Omg!!! They still paying taxes to support the Crown. Free yourselves from this ilusion. Come on send this money to Africa, there are millions of people who really need it. As Petyr Balish says: chaos is (really) a ledder.

  19. Not many people know that this "rich old lady" served in World War 2 as a truck driver and a mechanic. And when the King of Saudi Arabia visited UK, the king was drove around London by no other than the Queen herself because, you know? In Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to drive. What did you do to make your country great?

  20. So she came to claim the Iron Throne for herself?

  21. then she turned into a giant lizard…

  22. 0:33 Philip, why can't I have a throne like this?

  23. hipócritas. saludan a una asesina nefasta con una sonrisa.
    decí que la serie me tienee enganchado pero no banco más a ninguno de los que están ahí. aunque no les importa, claro.

  24. Who's higher? Cersei or Sansa?

    The queen of England died in 1603 – so how the fuck did visit at film studio in 2014.?
    UNLIKE for lying.

  26. I really with she took a seat lol

  27. Where is Dany!!!😍😍😍

  28. "Bend the knee."
    "We do not kneel."

  29. Wonder who her favorite character is? Don't see the hound there..lmao…She seems to like Cersai…

  30. Hey Kit tell your girlfriend to do her hair. The queen is coming! Haha

  31. " You stand in the presence of Elizabeth Alexandra Mary of house Windsor, the secod of her name, Queen of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, head of the Commonwealth of 54 nations and the head of state in 16 countries, defender of the faith" and mother of Corgis.

  32. Queen Cersie respects Queen Elizabeth..lol

  33. The Queen of England Elizabeth
    The Mad Queen Cersie
    The Queen of Thorns Olenna
    Then Queen of Dragons Danerys
    The Queen in the North Sansa
    The Desert Queen Ellyria
    The Pirate Queen Yara
    The Red Queen Kinvara

    Am I missing anyone??

  34. If the royalty in England is symbolic as i read here on the comments ppl saying. Then why England act like and empire having several conclaves of military and political power all over the world far beyond their territorial rights? For anyone reading this, dont get me wrong, i made this question purely becouse i want to understand it.

  35. 0:07, Cersei Lannister and Arya Stark. 👏😁

  36. Why didn't they have "The Queen " sit on the "Iron throne "? 😊

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