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Nonton Teresa Giudice & Joe's Most Memorable Sibling Moments | Real Housewives Of New Jersey | Bravo Sub Indo

Teresa Giudice & Joe's Most Memorable Sibling Moments | Real Housewives Of New Jersey | Bravo

Teresa Giudice & Joe Gorga’s love-hate sibling relationship is so relatable.

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This season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, shocking revelations lead to shifting alliances, causing old school rules of friendship and family to be pushed to the limit. Teresa continues her journey as an independent woman during the final year of Joe Giudice’s prison sentence and decides to enter a bodybuilding competition against her husband’s wishes.

Meanwhile, Melissa discovers some scandalous secrets about her father sparking her to search for answers. Dolores has been questioning her life choices and struggling with empty nest syndrome more than ever, which is partly due to her distracted workaholic boyfriend David. After becoming fast friends last season, Margaret discovers she’s signed up for more than she expected as a bridesmaid in Danielle’s upcoming nuptials. When new housewife Jennifer enters the scene, she calls out Margaret for the scandalous affair that ended Marge’s first marriage, creating a rift between the two ladies that spirals out of control. But the entire group is forced to pick sides after Teresa rips open old family wounds. And newcomer Jackie quickly proves that she’s not afraid to go up against Teresa. However, Jackie finds herself in a position where she has to prove herself after Teresa accuses her of coming between family – the one thing that you NEVER do in Jersey. After years of rebuilding old friendships and forming new ones, these ladies are left wondering if their once close-knit group has been fractured beyond repair.

Teresa Giudice
Joe Gorga
Melissa Gorga
Dolores Catania
Margaret Josephs
Jennifer Aydin

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Teresa & Joe Gorga’s Most Memorable Sibling Moments | Real Housewives Of New Jersey | Bravo

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  1. terrible family realationship all of this in front of the kids terrible

  2. Teresa running away I watched it 6x

  3. Their dad is so cute he's so heartbroken though.. x

  4. Am I the only one lost it crying seeing them walk into that restaurant

  5. I love Teresa and Joe's Dad!!! When he said, "Oh, my baby!"😪

  6. Thank goodness Joe Gorga lost that first ugly haircut…

  7. It’s good to see that they got close again .

  8. Teresa has always been jealous of Melissa. I don't understand how Melissa put's up with her. Joe I know you love your sister, but she is poison to your family!

  9. Teresa is a much better sister then joe is a brother

  10. I love how intensely Italian they are.

  11. Theresa has been on the show too long now she’s just fake and tries to stay relevant by being on and off mean to Melissa and new girls

  12. Teresa left them fighting😱

  13. You know what . All you people are pretty low and judge mental. All you can do is judge appearance and judge Teresa’s family. This is the only real housewives franchise that showed real family drama and real emotions they put their entire family business out there yeah they asked for it but the least you can all do is have som respect and stop being so nit picky have compassion as Jesus taught really tired of everyone going on Teresa just because it’s cool to pick sides .

  14. When jo had hair and mellisa looked like a man! oh the good old days hahahah

  15. I love Teresa and Joe they remind me of n my brother lol

  16. While I prefer Joe over Teresa any day, I get a gypsy vibe from him and ALL his get rich quick "businesses"…contractor, trash trashman, restaurant now some kind of flipping seminars. How bout live within your means, stop spoiling your wife and both get real jobs.

  17. Melissa’s old nose and chin 👽

  18. Teresa @ 2:11 lmao😩🤣😩🤣

  19. Melissa dressed like a ho at the christening

  20. This is my first episode I've watched and this got my heart how he and his sister made their dad happy and brought tears to his eyes.. GOD bless them.

  21. I can’t wait till they Deport Joe

  22. It’s so hot when a man Defends his wife.

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