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Nonton Teen Mom Is Goin' Down! | Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition | WE tv Sub Indo

Teen Mom Is Goin' Down! | Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition | WE tv

Amber is scaring the entire house, but if she’s not careful Mama Jones is going to put her in her place! Don’t miss Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition Fridays at 9/8C!

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This season, four celebrity families with relationships on the verge of collapse enter Boot Camp and must decide whether to mend or end their toxic ties forever. For the stars from Mob Wives (Renee Graziano), Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Brandi Glanville), Love and Hip Hop (Jim Jones) and Teen Mom (Amber Portwood) their strength will be tested when they all reside under one roof in an all-new season of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition!

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  1. Chrissy will mop the floor with Amber. She better chill.

    Lol everybody made the same comment. I should have scrolled first.

  2. Omg mama sit down…😂 amber will break that little lady

  3. Amber is literally the description of "white trash". Like Girl, Chill. LOL Too bad there's no injection or cream she can take to fix that attitude of hers. I'm all for people standing their ground and not being afraid saying their opinion but Gosh she's just being rude and disgusting alot of times for no reason.

  4. I wish amber would stop with that hairdo!!! It’s horrible

  5. Chrissy could of dragged Amber back to Gary big ass before momma jones came in for the finisher glad they walked off for sure 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  6. Ugh all I can do is look at that tiny ass bun on top of her huge head.

  7. Not only is Amber’s voice annoying but her hair is annoying, and her one facial expression is annoying. Like why is she so upset? Are her prison buddies watching the show in the rec room so she has to try to prove to them that she’s bout it 🙄😂

  8. I really want to see amber get her ass kicked maybe it might smarten her up a little

  9. She needs a spanking 😂😂

  10. Omg yall kill me with this she dont knox about the joneses, okay we seen one fight with chrissy SNEAKING KIMBELLA, not squared up or anything so no one knows who is really about what smh

  11. She need's a Spanking ""Gotta luv Mama Jones

  12. Amber needs to stop her tough guy act

  13. Amber is so damn messy and foolish. She must have not checked Chrissy's street cred because she was about to get dragged all throughout that damn house.

  14. her true color..o longer amber fn.. you r worse thn her bf,,nd im sure che will make her Action his fault somehow…… mistake going on this show…no cuts to mke her look better…i wz very disappointed…i felt let down …

  15. Would someone just beat that fat ugly trash bag Amber down and knock her fucking teeth out. She is all talk. Trying to act all bad ass. Someone is going to pop that bitch right in the face soon!!!

  16. 0:53 Chrissy got that "I shoulda snuffed her" face

  17. Did y'all check his body language when all 3 of the was on the confessional couch 🤔 speak volumes

  18. “She needs a spanking” 😂😂

  19. That smirk on Chrissy's face says it all. She ain't sweating nothing Amber was pointing her way.

  20. Amber knew it would be broken up

    Chrissy ain’t her lil punk baby daddy
    She woulda been a victim of circumstance had Chrissy got her hands on her 😑

  21. Mama Jones: im too old to go to jail 😂😂😂☠️☠️☠️

  22. I cannot believe no one has made a gif of Mama Jones saying "I love to fight"

  23. I can't believe this skank bitch actually has a man , no pussy is worth that🤮🤮🤮

  24. Anybody can kick ass wen they have some backup let Amber get her back up make tha shiT even!! 👊🏾✴️

  25. She needs a spankin 😂💀

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