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Nonton Tandy & Mike Sing Together | Season 4 Ep. 15 | THE LAST MAN ON EARTH Sub Indo

Tandy & Mike Sing Together | Season 4 Ep. 15 | THE LAST MAN ON EARTH

Tandy & Mike are reunited.

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From writer/producer Will Forte (“Nebraska,” “Saturday Night Live”) and directors/producers Chris Miller and Phil Lord (“The Lego Movie,” “21 Jump Street”), THE LAST MAN ON EARTH is a comedy about the life and adventures of Phil Miller, an average guy who inadvertently became humanity’s last hope. The series recently was nominated for four 2015 Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series (Forte), Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series (Forte) and Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series (Lord, Miller). After a deadly virus swept the planet in 2020, only one man was left on earth: Tandy Miller. Tandy searched the country in his RV for other survivors, only to return to his hometown of Tucson, realizing that he was almost certainly the last living being on the face of the earth. Slowly, a handful of other survivors found their way to Phil, including his now-wife, CAROL PILBASIAN (Kristen Schaal), a gratingly optimistic, grammar-loving woman with a goal of repopulating the earth. After Carol, came MELISSA CHARTRES (January Jones), who suffers no fools; the lovable and cheerful TODD (Mel Rodriguez); charming southerner and wino GAIL (Mary Steenburgen); Aussie ERICA (Cleopatra Coleman); and, finally, a strapping, second PHIL MILLER (Boris Kodjoe), who tragically died of a botched appendectomy in Season Two.

The group relocated to Malibu, where MIKE MILLER (Jason Sudeikis), Tandy’s astronaut brother, finally found them, after spending years alone in outer space. In the season finale, Mike was sequestered from the group when he showed signs of having the virus, and Malibu appeared to be under siege as unknown, seemingly hostile survivors approached the beach. Season Three will pick up where the finale left off, with the group’s safety in jeopardy as armed intruders in hazmat suits approach the house.

Tandy & Mike Sing Together | Season 4 Ep. 15 | THE LAST MAN ON EARTH


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  1. miss that previously on last man on earth

  2. Best f*ing moment in the show so far XD

  3. That made me cry 😭😍😭

  4. is it bad i like their version better than the original lol. i hate that this show was cancelled. gonna miss it.

  5. On fox (мой уровень знания англиского)

  6. This made me cry a bit when I heard Mike start singing! I'm so glad he didn't get the virus, he's too good to get rid of!

  7. Pleeeeeeease come back 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭😭😭

  8. Never make a show with Fox they just cancel anything good

  9. Guys go to the internet to vote for TLMOE season five

  10. Neden bitirdiniz LAN?

  11. Shame that the series got cancelled. It will always be in my heart

  12. Last Man on Earth season 5 pleaseeee

  13. did you really need to cancel it?

  14. I cryed like a baby when mike came back again. I was shur he was dead 😭

  15. I can’t wait for season 5… oh wait instead they’ll cancel this and the mick and keep Family Guy going for the rest of eternity.

  16. ótima série, pena que cancelaram ! alguem sabe o nome dessa música ?

  17. I like altering scenes. I would’ve loved if Phil would have cried a bit when mike started singing and he was still turned around. So much that his singing at first would have been a little choked out. Not balling just crying cause he missed mike. I love their bond.

  18. This face expression, where you can literally see his flashbacks of the good old times he had with his brother.

  19. Minha série de comédia favorita, avaliada em 95% de aprovação por usuários Google

  20. Truly one of the best brother pairs ever. The chemistry is so strong you can really see how much they care about each other

  21. The Last man on Earth 5 season!!! Press f to pay respect.

  22. cual es el titulo de la cancion

  23. I wish they hadn't brought Mike back. His death, and Tandy visiting the house and leaving a note instead of facing the reality, were beautiful, but tragic. I didn't like that they undid that.

    But the reveal with the half-shaven face/head was pretty great.

  24. I need one last season please!!!

  25. I’m re watching the whole show. This part made me cry.
    WHY FOX WHY?! FIRST B99 (which NBC brought back) THEN LAST MAN ON EARTH?! WHY?!

  26. Honestly i like chracters like are Tandy with silly funny and an effort to helping hes friend, Carol with kind and forgiving, Todd with kind. BUT….

    Honestly i dont like chracters like are melissa, erica, gail, & phil stacy.
    1. melissa : weird, arrogant, unforgiving, & egoist
    2. phil f*cking stacy : arrogant, rough, thankless, & unforgiving
    3. erica : unforgiving & arrogant
    4. gail : unforgiving & arrogant

    THE MOST Worst Chracter my opinion is MELISSA , I think the she is weird and annoying!!

  27. Congratulations Fox. You cancel your best shows, and post YouTube videos with spoilers written in the title. Purely genius.

  28. essa série é tão boa ❤️
    pena q cancelaram 🙁

  29. Why did it get canceled 😥😩😩😩

  30. Easily the very best moment of a show filled with stand out moments. As always if it's not the Simpsons fox gives it the ax mid-story. They should have gone to NBC like Brooklyn nine then they would have gotten 12 more seasons lol.


  32. Hallo weiß jemand zufällig wie das lied heißt?

  33. Nome da música ? Name the music?

  34. oh come-on ! can't you see this is so special. bring it back..


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