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Nonton Stewie's Soda | Season 7 | FAMILY GUY Sub Indo

Stewie's Soda | Season 7 | FAMILY GUY

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Family Guy follows the adventures of the endearingly ignorant PETER GRIFFIN (Seth MacFarlane), and his hilariously odd family of middle-class New Englanders in Quahog, RI. LOIS (Alex Borstein) is Peter’s wife, a stay at home mom with no patience for her family’s antics. Then there are their kids: 17-year-old MEG (Mila Kunis), a social outcast and Griffin family punching bag; 13-year-old CHRIS (Seth Green), a socially awkward teen who doesn’t have a clue about girls; and 1-year-old STEWIE (MacFarlane), a diabolically clever baby whose burgeoning sexuality is very much a work in progress. Rounding out the Griffin household is BRIAN (MacFarlane), the family dog, a member of Mensa with a penchant for dry martinis and dumb blondes.

Stewie’s Soda | Season 7 | FAMILY GUY

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  1. Oh Stewie what would Family Guy be without him

  2. Family guy stewie.=TBBT sheldon

  3. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 30secs Ohhh now I'm sad :(! LOL

  4. 0:00 he sounds like a bug crawling around lol

  5. what does the fox say lol:)


  7. Stewie got hyper…

    …And his poop went green.

  8. I was like that when I first start drinking soft drinks when I was a kid

  9. Why are laughing babies on the Internet always hilarious?

  10. Ahahhahahahahahhaahhaha now I'm sad

  11. Lol his moments like this that reminds me his a baby

  12. lmao this show is jokes 

  13. LOL "Just waiting for my breakfast… LOIS!"

  14. I miss the old stewie. I just don't see him as anything interesting on family guy anymore. I loved evil stewie, the stage between evil stewie and nice stewie was interesting to see but the really nice stewie….he has so much potential

  15. im pretty sure it wasnt soda… cough alochol

  16. Stewie leaving the fridge door open annoyed me more than it should have.

  17. The sound designer must've had a lot of fun when Stewie was running around the rooms.

  18. NO😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  19. Stewie must be bipolar. "Hahaha haha haha haha haha, now I'm sad".

  20. Sugar and caffeine eventually wears off, Stewie!

  21. Is that clip a parody of Family Guy Home Alone.

  22. Me when I listen to Summertime Record (or most of the other Kagepro songs).

  23. Why did he become sad? 😛

  24. So family guy's favored soda is Sunkist. I like the cartoon but not really the soda. Wish they can do Pepsi so it makes sense with the simpsons. Simpsons did coca cola.

  25. Just.. Waitin for My brealfast, LOIS LOIS! I Know howta get her attention, LOIS, IM GONNA DRINK MY FIRST SODA Drinks THATS ACTUALLY QUITE NICE, I WANNA RUN NOW, CATCH MEEE!

  26. Season 7 episode 4 baby not on board.

  27. guys, he became sad because they are making an analogy with alcohol, you drink alcohol and get really happy in the begining, but then suddenly you become sad… for a baby soda is like this, rs

  28. Ha if you play the laughing part at 0.5 speed it sounds like he is crying.

  29. It's funnier when you set the speed x2 xD

  30. Who are the 728 people with absolutely no sense of humor? I also hate when people quote the clips word for word in their comment. Do you think it's funny? Are you proud of yourself for watching and a bunch of times and remembering

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