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Nonton Stassi Schroder and Lala Kent Reveal What They Really Think About New Tom Tom Restaurant | Bravo Sub Indo

Stassi Schroder and Lala Kent Reveal What They Really Think About New Tom Tom Restaurant | Bravo

Tom Tom’s doors are officially open!

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This season of Vanderpump Rules kicks off with the anticipated opening of TomTom. Lisa Vanderpump channels her energy into making sure her newest venture is the epitome of perfection, but when last-minute problems arise, she must assign more responsibility to her junior partners Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval – whether they’re ready or not. After a rollercoaster of a year, Jax finally proposes to his loving girlfriend, Brittany. Although they appear to be getting along better than ever, Brittany breaks down when the group questions Jax’s motives. After a painful breakup, Stassi bounces back with an exciting new business deal, an eccentric new boyfriend, and a surprising friendship with Ariana. Meanwhile, Tom Sandoval is on the brink of the greatest success of his professional life, but his personal life remains complicated when he shares an intimate secret about Ariana. After being the target of body-shaming comments, Katie takes a stand for the women of SUR and delivers an ultimatum to Lisa that sends reverberations throughout the entire restaurant. Normally fun and light-hearted, Lala struggles with the sudden death of her father leaving everyone wondering if she’ll ever be the same. Fresh on the heels of her breakup with Rob, Scheana declares this to be her “single summer” but when she starts a new obsession over a hot SUR barback, people whisper that Scheana hasn’t changed as much as she claims. Still the resident DJ, James stirs up trouble when an ill-conceived rap lands him in hot water with the group. Kristen retaliates by unleashing an explosive rumor about James setting off an irrevocable chain of events that will affect the entire SUR family.
Cast: Lisa Vanderpump
Jax Taylor
Brittany Cartwright
Stassi Schroeder
Scheana Shay
Tom Sandoval
Ariana Madix
James Kennedy
Katie Maloney-SchwartzTom Schwartz
Kristen Doute
Lala Kent
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Tom Tom Is Chic AF | Vanderpump Rules | Bravo

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  1. I love Vanderpump Rules and all but I need to know when Southern Charms coming back on

  2. Congratulations you guys u rocked it classy thumbs uo

  3. Lisa Vanderpump is the QUEEN of all things design and decor✨💎

  4. Brit and jax still trying so hard to sell their 🗑 relationship 🤣😂🤣🙈 i cant… can they be replaced already? Their ugly faces r rly bringing the entertainment value down 👍👍

  5. Does anybody know the prices here? West Hollywood + Lisa = cost a limb?

  6. Ariana's hair……❤👏

  7. Lol James by himself, away from the alcoholic beverages…lol

  8. I'm watching Vanderpump Rules I will say Lisa knows her business and does one hell of a job doing it, the only thing I would change is the opening of the show where it shows who's stars in it Sheana looks crazy in that opening pose she does it gets me every time lol, really photo shop that crap and redo have a do over please its driving me nuts she almost looks constipated sorry I like her and love the show

  9. Ariana is so pretty; I love how she seems to change her look without really trying.

  10. Still don’t get why Schwartz gets to be a part of that for doing nothing. Hope Lisa doesn’t screw Sandoval over.

  11. Congratulations Tom and tom on your restaurant

  12. They didn't give a good shot of the place… I didn't see anything other than gears on a wall.

  13. It should have been Tom Sandoval and Peter. Swartz hasn’t done shit for Lisa and couldn’t even sell the Rose wine.
    Peter has been a loyal manager to Lisa for a decade and would have been an excellent front of house.

  14. Funny How Katie took James' Night at Sur. But now he dj's at her husbands bar.

  15. why do they have the dj locked in a box not being able to interact with fans?

  16. I like how we aren’t seeing much of Kristen this season.

  17. James looked really sad alone in that booth.

  18. Let's face it. It was all Lisa hardwork

  19. This will be our Central Park? With? Yes, Katie, for the rest of the life you'll all have memories of taking your first borns iin strollers there and watching THEM (because you'll all let them decide their genders) grow up. They'll frolick and play behind the bar, run and laugh in the back of the house. Oh my gawd. Grow THF up.

  20. Sandoval gets on my nerves at times.. But now.. being a 5% owner.. he is really going to be bossy.

  21. Arianna is so phony she's only using Tom. Ok she asked him to pull over & join her & Lala when he said no & she continued it's called CHEATING right in your man's face. Tom can do better!!!

  22. I admire u Lisa for giving them sissy boys a chance. They, especially Sanduvol, is such a big nasty girl. He is not cute an he has no fashion sense at all. They will not be responsible people at all. They have no idea the work an commitment it takes to run a business. They all steal from you. Already Katie is planning that to b their hangout. Mistake!! She doesn’t even get it that each one only has 5% an they can just set back an let dollars roll in. They will be on call for much of their day. And what grown adult male calls his wife “bubba”? Pathetic! Idiots!!

  23. This show is very good, but the constant Lisa V worshiping gets on my nerves.
    Like that time Tom Sandoval said “Lisa is like Snow White”
    What the actual heck?

  24. Hahahaaaa..🤔 they stored James away like a caged animal..😂😂
    Away from the booze..
    No temptation..👋

  25. Lala that hat and dress why!?!?!??!?! Not chic nor flattering. Why did this happen?

  26. Can Scheana PLEASE WEAR A REAL SHIRT ALREADY?!?! Her crop top “thing” needs to GO THE EFF AWAY

  27. Lisa should open a pirate themed club with Peter.. or is it just me who thinks he looks like the pirate from RHONY the one who got Luanne and Sonja's booty😉🤣😱🤯

  28. Why do people comment on Katie's weight? What does she weigh…a whopping 5 lbs more than the other girls?

  29. I don’t understand why people don’t like Kristen she’s a sweet girl. I wish her all the best. I feel like she’s been mistreated.

  30. They opened TomTom in part to have another place to shoot VPR. Same street in WeHo. The cameras can just bounce from bar to bar.

  31. Buisness is all about keeping your costs down.

  32. James working out of a utility closet😂😂someone told him No free style'n if he want's to keep his job or jaw intact😂😂

  33. This looks so amazing!!! I have visit since I'm only 2 hours away!!!

  34. They are all so lucky lol that they have Lisa, without her they would be at a regular bar low wage, instead they are famous, rich, anddd Lisa helps them with there dreams ! 👌 she’s so generous

  35. And now Ne ne Leakes is slamming Lisa saying she stole her idea and was interested in buying Pump property before it was Pump saying it was her idea. Doubt she had money like that to open club in WeHo. Girl bye…..

  36. dont wanna hate but seriously why DID katie gain so much weight? was there like a health problem? i mean she did gain significant amount of weight from the first season of this show if i were her maybe i will do like a health checkup just to make sure

  37. Of course it's amazing!! But it seems so small?

  38. Love Lisa vanderpump and Ken and her family don't like kyle Richards anymore she is mean go Vanderpump rules great show Hobart Tasmania

  39. Tom and Katie’s relationship seems so forced and faked to me – all this Bubba shit – I see right through it – her face doesn’t lie

  40. Hilarious James fired from Sur.But DJ'ing at Katie's husband bar😂😂.


  42. Something is odd about this. Notice how Katie or Schwartz- has never mentioned anything about Katie being an owner? So odd… she's married to tom. Therefore, its half of hers, too.. I dunno.. Something is just weird

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