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Nonton Spartacus: Blood and Sand | Episode 13 Clip: Final Confrontation | STARZ Sub Indo

Spartacus: Blood and Sand | Episode 13 Clip: Final Confrontation | STARZ

Ep 113 ‘Kill Them All’ – Crixus gets an opportunity to regain his title of “Champion of Capua” from Spartacus.

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A Thracian warrior forced into slavery, Spartacus became the gladiator known as the Bringer of Rain. After losing his wife Sura and thirsty for vengeance, he led the gladiators in an uprising to escape the ludus and would eventually defeat the legions of Gaius Claudius Glaber and slayed the Roman praetor. Now, Spartacus has amassed an army in the thousands. He knows he is not only responsible for the lives of every man, woman, and child in his rebellion but also for continuing to inspire them to fight for freedom from oppression and stand up against the mighty Roman Republic.

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Spartacus | Blood and Sand – Final Confrontation | STARZ

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  1. He was like a walking tank in Blood and Sand. In Season 2 he is much more skinnier… and yeah, he became a pussy. Still my favorite character 😀

  2. yeah, i feel sorry for the family of andy. but liam mcintyre is really good. and the best: we in germany have the same synchronous speaker for liam's spartacus. that makes things much easer for us.

  3. "Delicate Things" – Episode 6/13.

  4. Man this episode was intense, I loved crixus finally decides to help spartacus then all the gladiators were massacring just everyone. Just brilliant!!

  5. It's entertainment, it has to be stylized, you cannot expect exact realism on TV

  6. End of season one Crixus & Spartacus damn near invincible. How things change….

  7. üşüyoruz andy reyizz..:((((((

  8. why doesnt germany just have the english version like every other country though?
    afaik germans learn english at school just like others, dont they?
    atleast in my country, spartacus was shown in english, although i live in norway

  9. i believe you`re referring to liam yea?
    in that case, i think its because liam doesnt eat any meat, and he is known for his doritos commercial, since well..he loves doritos 😀

  10. why? because germany is not a retarded country and is able to make professionals synchros for all media.

    and no, we didn't have english in school… at least the older ones. my parents and grandparents didn't learn english. does everybody in YOUR country speak english? i highly doubt that.

    oh, and for some tv-shows they are the german AND english version, you can switch fluently. and on DVD there's of course every version.

  11. not everybody speaks english in my country no, but due to how influential and international english is today, why wouldnt we learn it?
    i mean, at my school we`re taught english and a second language; French, Spanish or German. i find it weird if germans are only taught their native language? like, what do you germans do at school for those extra hours where we would usually have language courses?

  12. we HAVE english +another language. did i say something other? i just said, the OLDER ones didn't have english in school, 30+ years ago.
    why they shouldn't learn it? because it requires TIME? do you think my granny has time to learn english? WTF?!

    i myself watch some tv-shows and film in english on the internet, but on TV? that's like losing my identity as citizen of austria. if your country isn't able to make a proper version of films etc. for their people, then i'm grateful not to live there.

  13. guess we have different opinions then..
    im fine with watching movies created by my own country in my language etc, but i also have nothing against watching an english movie.
    i mean sure, its well and all watching my own country`s movies, but to be fair, i find them to be boring as hell, and pretty much every movie ive found to be "good" and exciting, is american movies. and while dubbing is fine, well yea, i enjoyed it when i didnt know how to speak english, now i prefer the english version

  14. the thing is: you live in norway, where norwegian is the official language, i live in austria, where german is the official language.

    i find it logical, that outlander movies etc. get german/norwegian/… dubs, whether if this version is better or not.
    your question was: "why doesnt germany just have the english version like every other country though?" – and that's my answer: the language is a part of a country's identity.

    oh, and the english version is NOT in every other country.

  15. alright, well that explains my question very well, i was just kind of surprised by your country`s and your own view on the theme 🙂

  16. never tired of watching blood and sand!

    miss you much andy

  17. true, but liam is also a good guy ( a good, solid spartacus). but we all miss and love you andy.

  18. Liam is a good guy no doubt but he was all wrong as Spartacus especially since he had HUGE shoes to fill. If Liam was the 1st Spartacus then maybe we would have loved him but that's coz we would not have been exposed to the MAGIC that Andy Whitfield was and gave to the role as Spartacus. I hated season 2 coz Andy was missing and can't be bothered watching S3 because I know I will want to see Andy. His voice, body language, facial expressions could not be matched by Liam or anyone as Spartacus.

  19. Andy wanted Spartacus to continue though.

  20. crixus plays as deathstroke in the show Arrow on CW At 8:00 on wednesdays,best show ever!

  21. The rest of the scene that they dont know may be the most glorious moment in Spartacus, they truely defeat theyre enemies and are released momentarilly from slavery

  22. So Starz go on a rampage campaign to delete fan videos and scene videos from youtube, then provides us with this cliffhanger garbage….. In a world without torrents and streaming, Starz might be boss. Right now though, starz is that weird uncle who doesn't let you look through his movie collection unless he is there. Does Starz have any understanding at all of how easy it is to watch anything they have ever produced online for free? Youtube is a great advertiser. We get mad when we are teased though.

  23. Fuck this fuckin Chanel fuckin short cut shit

  24. I want the full fright u guys can't put it up pls

  25. I think tu Crixus wins in finally

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