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Nonton Son of Whyachi vs. Ghost Raptor – BattleBots Sub Indo

Son of Whyachi vs. Ghost Raptor – BattleBots

Things were really spinning out of control in this fight! Watch this fight between Son of Whyachi and Ghost Raptor!

Watch this scene from BattleBots Season 2×3 (Season 2, Episode 3)

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  1. why does he has a minibot extra?

  2. where are the flamethrowers rocketlaunchers machineguns??

  3. Awww there was a baby robot

  4. 1:22 in season 3 a bot called vanquish gets ripped in half by icewave. Ghost Raptor, to chucks own admission, got his back chassis torn in half.

  5. Imagine robbing a house and one of these things comes after you

  6. I remember back in the day when Son of Whyachi took advantage of the higher weight allowance for walker bots and absolutely destroyed the competition. Back in the Comedy Central days lol.

  7. Mini bots are stupid thing, such a hack, it should be single bot vs single bot, no multi bot bullshit, it’s Unfair cause then you have to take out all of them

  8. 3v1? unfair fight imo

  9. That's Beyblade alright !!

  10. These american narators …. so fucking stupid

  11. What’s the point of even having referees

  12. Son of Whyachi gave him mercy. Just like Jesus. Coincidence?

  13. Did Ghost Raptor Deserve This?

  14. that ghost raptor seemed to be such a bad design

  15. Countless hours of work destroyed in 3 minutes…

  16. 0:48 Top ten failed transformations from dbz potrayed by battle bots

  17. What is that small moving thing

  18. I love how Ghost Raptor was all like "okay spin up" and it was super dramatic and exciting and then the bot just fucking fell apart

  19. Helicopter vs fidget spinner

  20. Looks like Ghost Raptor committed sewer pipe.

  21. Mini bots shouldn't be a thing unless they are going up against another bot with mini's.

  22. I've got Doctor Feelgood by Motley Crue playing in the background as I watch this… seems to fit nicely!

    "He's the one they call Doctor Feelgood…." <WHAP! Robot goes cartwheeling away!>

  23. One of my bros is a ghost raptor fan and I’m a SOW fan,so when dis happened,he was speechless

  24. why all the hype with battlebots? show some love to robotwars in chat bigger flippers and bigger spinners by far

  25. If you ever asked what a fight would look like between a lawnmower and a helicopter

  26. I thought that mini bot was just some debris lmaooo

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