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Nonton 'Someone Always Had To Win' Deleted Scene | Braxton Family Values | WE tv Sub Indo

'Someone Always Had To Win' Deleted Scene | Braxton Family Values | WE tv

Iyanla takes a deeper look at Evelyn and Michael’s marriage in order to show how their rocky relationship may have negatively impacted their family.


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The tight-knit Braxton sisters, Grammy-winning artist Toni Braxton, Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar, and their headstrong mother, Evelyn Braxton, share an inside look at their lives and the drama of family chaos.

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  1. Ms. E is hell on wheels!!!!! 🤣🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. This is why he left you

  3. Ms. Evelyn is truly delusional asf. I do NOT condone cheating but i see now more than ever why this man left this woman for ANOTHER woman.

    Ms. Evelyn is beautiful, but she is bitter as hell and as a dark spirit.

  4. Girl I don't know what we going to do with you . lol 😂

  5. The mother thinks shes perfect. omg!

  6. When did this episode air?

  7. Both parents are to blame… even if he moved on he should have been there for his children.. Ms. E is bitter its who she is, she cant help it . Shes cuddled her resentment for over 30 years. Now she won't acknowledge any wrong doing, because she still hurting

  8. Healing starts from the head down. What he did was wrong. He's apologized and tried to make amends. She's still bitter and wounded. So much pain. I understand. But if she wants to live a full life and wants her daughters and son to be happy, she's got to be accountable and transparent about the part she played in the demise her marriage and how it's affected her children. Every seed produces after it's own kind! If your root is bitter what else but bitterness can you produce. I really like this family besides the drama. Very talented. But also tainted. I hope they get the healing they all need! It's affecting every area of their lives.

  9. Ms Evelyn is a hard cookie lol

  10. As much as I like and respect Evelyn, as a minister and a spiritual life coach, I don't see how I would be able to come to her for guidance when clearly she comes across as someone who is never in the wrong. She comes across as someone who doesn't takes responsibility for her actions, which you clearly see in her kids, and she comes across as someone who seemingly won't rely on resilience. How can you preach to others and help others on their spiritual journey when clearly yours stopped the day you found out your husband was cheating? This is the time that she needs to listen, accept her faults, cry and pray about it and heal. It's clear her daughters will never heal until she and their father heal.

  11. You know I thought that she would make things worse but from the looks of it they're actually communicating they're feeling a bit more and it all seems so dead on. How you carry your relationship in front of your kids really affects your children and it can either be in a positive way or negative one

  12. Towanda had a motive for bringing Iyanla into the fold. Towanda wanted people to be called out on their shit and she wanted to open up some wounds they refuse to discuss so that they could get to the bottom of everything. Dr. Sherri is a therapist and uses psycho therapy. T.D. Jakes is a Bishop and uses the law of the Bible. Iyanla is a spiritual life coach and uses elements of all with a no nonsense no bullshit approach and many can’t take that’s why they try to discredit her but I see exactly what Towanda was doing and I’ll make my own video going into more detail.

  13. Can’t with this self absorbed lying family.
    I wished Iyanla wouldn’t had agreed to this mess.
    Iysnla is the truth!
    These people weren’t ready and never will be.
    It’s always everyone else’s fault.
    Not theirs 🙄.

  14. Why does the dad look like Aretha Franklin?

  15. That man was like…WTH!!! A geniune reaction!!! We CLEARLY See who had to WIN!!! Ms. Eeeeeeee…Stop nigh!!!

  16. Holding in all that negative energy shows up all in your face…..ages you and makes everything about you sharp and rigid

  17. Ladies & Gentlemen I will be doing a interview with Trina Braxton in a few weeks. If you have any questions for her please let me know and stay tuned!

  18. Miss E no disrespect but you act like this happened yesterday. It's been 30 years and you still bound. You really need to let Iyanla give you the tools to heal. If not for you but for the sake of your grown children.

  19. Momma Evelyn just does want to receive anything ..Shameful

  20. Sr. Braxton is getting up there in age and he's looking real tired of the mess. 🙏🏾

  21. Ms.Evelyn I am so shocked at you for acting the way you are y'all might as well get up and go home because if you don't own what you did then Iylana cannot help any of y'all you also sat there and let that damn Tamar disrespect Iylana like that when you are the reason for a bad situation that doesn't mean that you are a bad person if you love your children then you need to be humble and take the blame for your part!

  22. That's why they don't have successful marriages.

  23. This woman NEVER owns up to ANYTHING when it comes to her and Mr. Braxton.

  24. Ms. Evelyn is an old bitter woman and it has reflected on her daughters. Tamar is just as nasty as her

  25. Ms. Evelyn wants to be treated like she is a god with those ways of hers. All those girls had bad marriages….the apple don’t fall far from the tree. All that church talking and she still holds on to his infidelity that was done back in slavery times. That man is not thinking about her, he has done hard time…have you seen Ms. Towanda.

  26. Evelyn was looking like “girl you better know there is only one zen queen bee 🐝”.

  27. Tracy a real one,she should have beat Tamar down on that show a few times.her attitude would be a lot different right now

  28. That knife cuts deep. When he cheated on Ms. E, in one foul swoop, he took Family, companionship, and God from her. Left her surly broken and being a black women with 6 kids I’m sure she only pushed it down in that dark place that no one talks about and kept moving….it’s manifested in her children tho ESPECIALLY Tamar. Acts just like her momma and she’ll tell you that!! These two parents have done a number on this family

  29. Iyanla need to fix her own Dick eating fake asshole life that witch stinks like shit.

  30. Iyanla is hella messy boots tho. Lol

  31. Ms E is just mean and bitter

  32. The momma is a hot ass mess…sitting there "all put together" like she didnt contribute to ANY of their up bringing

  33. I love that sheepish laugh.

  34. Tamar so lucky I'm not one of the sister's I would knock that bitch out an her nasty ass ugly look an neck

  35. Why is she still so bitter??

    Is the lady he cheated with & married really her ex best friend?..

    I never knew this family had all of this going on..

    She has to forgive & let it go.

  36. Ms Evelyn like to play the victim to make Me Braxton look like the enemy

  37. All you whores need to read "The Mis-Education of the Negro"_Carter G. Woodson….Fucking clown ass lost soul bitches

  38. Miss Evelyn didn't want to be there from the get go because she knew she was going to be held accountable too. And I think she doesn't see herself as wrong. They said there was a "covered wagon" type of family secrecy. What went on in their home stayed in their home..that came from their Mom, but yet, it was Miss E that told TMZ about Tamar and Vince. There is something about her that seems to make all of her daughters hide who they really are from her, and that's a shame.

  39. Tamarrrrrr &&&&&& OG Traciiiiiiiiii

  40. Kudos too Iyanla for telling her cup joke. Trying to make the room lighter!!!

  41. This makes me appreciate my first because he hated me enough not to take me to the altar . And I had to learn heart break after 5 yrs. I can only imagine how painful it must be after 35 years. Because even if the relationship wasn't perfect, man are heartless when they have found a new woman. And when they found that woman when you are still in the picture God knows that they become inhuman. I understand what she means when she says her husband is dead to her. Because it's the only she can probably explain to herself how he could do whatever he did to her

  42. They still heard y'all arguing is why they didn't like Ms

  43. I love Iyanla’s laugh!! But she is so right tho!!

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