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Nonton Season 3 Official Trailer | Mama June: From Not to Hot Sub Indo

Season 3 Official Trailer | Mama June: From Not to Hot

A brand-new season of Mama June only on WE tv! Catch Mama June Fridays at 9/8C!

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She’s baaaack! WE are inviting viewers to join June Shannon, aka “Mama June,” on her journey through a life-changing transformation – a physical and emotional metamorphosis that will leave one of America’s most recognizable personalities virtually unrecognizable. Over the course of the series, WE will follow Mama June as she embarks on a quest of self-discovery that will redefine who she is as a woman, mother, lover and celebrity. Throughout the transformative journey Mama June will find much needed support — and a little tough love — from daughters, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Shannon and Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon, as well as other close family and friends. WE are documenting Mama June’s entire journey, from the moment she learns that her Ex (Sugar Bear) is getting hitched, right up to her shocking reveal in front of the universe. During this extraordinary process, she will undergo not only a series of extensive plastic surgeries, but also intensive workouts with an unlikely trainer, Kenya Crooks, who forces her to change her entire way of thinking. June will battle self-doubt, ongoing temptation to cheat, and a string of hilariously disastrous dates to become the woman she has always wanted to be.

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  1. If they don't take jenniferout this show people are gonna lose interest. Literally can't stand that woman she's rude to June and backhanded and spiteful towards Alana

  2. JESSICA makes me sooooo mad too I hate her ughhhhhhh

  3. I hope she’s not pregnant 😐

  4. Wow please get the garbage off the air. I don't wanna here about a fat fuck family lose weight no wonder everybody hates us Americans. I bet this show is for obese people only.

  5. I feel bad for alana seriously dude . Get her on the right track

  6. Am I the only one that is worried about her dropping tristen 😂

  7. I love trash tv, but this is too much lol

  8. this is just plain pathetic. these are more important things in life then this woman. wow, the value we put on some things. I give this 110% thumbs down, waste of time, $money. try feeding starving children around the world

  9. June's boyfriend, Gino needs to see Dr. Pimple Popper for his disgusting lumps and bumps…..big one on his neck and head…yuk. I'm 65 years old and wouldn't give him the time of day….he looks like a child molester and a murderer all in one.

  10. I’d fuck that damn thing all night long

  11. Wait. Geno’s getting arrested???

  12. I hope the acting is better this season. Starting to loose interest. Too scripted.

  13. Going to be great can't weight!

  14. Busted up laughing when Josh and his Garbage Pail Kid looking self kicked down that door in his bathrobe. 😂

  15. June ain't pregnant. We saw her get arrested with the crack pipe.

  16. It's ALL too much for me this season. At least the producer's are being upfront.

  17. I hate all you retards.

  18. Her and Geno were just recently arrested for possession of crack cocaine.

  19. How come I can’t find the new season when it’s April 1 2019 and it says new season Friday March 15 9/8

  20. I lost it when that uncuthed June was in the drs office,she is just gross that Dr was like um no your not pregnant I mean these new episodes are showing you how truly ignorant she is and geno is not as dumb as they are showing him to be June is lying and manipulating to get married and he takes care of Alana more than her so yea he's probably just disgusted

  21. I thought they stopped the show

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