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Nonton Season 2 Super Trailer | Being Mary Jane Sub Indo

Season 2 Super Trailer | Being Mary Jane

Less than a week to go until the return of Being Mary Jane.

TUNE IN Feb. 3rd at 10P/9c!

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  1. I don't understand how black women can talk poorly about this show but flock to Scandal. As a black woman, Being Mary Jane is the ONLY show I can relate to on television. The issue of the "ugly black woman" stereotype, the disgusting opinion that black women are undesirable and thus unlikely to wed–so they should settle for scraps and be someone's baby mama is all too close to home. Scandal for me only glorifies the disgusting reality that many black women are seen as sexual commodities for men, and its magnified through Olivia's helpless bond to being the White man's whore. Good enough to sleep with but not good enough to marry. Why any black female would want to support a show like that, and not one that at least shows a black woman trying to love herself, despite what unfair standards they holed up against her as a black woman is beyond me. 

  2. Does anyone know the name of this song?

  3. omg i have goosebumps… can't wait!

  4. I think that Mary Jane is realistic -ish , compared to Scandal , but they are both so different . The storyline are completely different , and saying basically that olivia pope is not a great model ? of course she is flawed , BUT . Many women have been the side chick , black women are side chick as well . But the only thing I relate the most is what her father always told her : you always have to work twice harder to have half of what they have .

  5. I am madly in love with david.

  6. Love her, and i love the show.

  7. What song is this? So good😳😍

  8. This show is jumping off. Wish I had time to watch an entire episode.

  9. It's one thing to compare the two lead roles, as Gabrielle auditioned for Olivia Pope, but to compare the shows is bizarre. They are two significantly different types of shows. I've deals with the freaking Whitehouse and the other is just a successful news anchor. We should be glad the shows aren't similar thus representing black women in multiple ways. I started Mary Jane about a week ago and I prefer it over scandal, mostly bc Scandal has to have some unnecessary speech about morality every 5 minutes

  10. Never heard of this show before, and I don't get it…. when did Spider-mans girlfriend get so tanned?

  11. I love the new direction this shoe is going in! It's focusing more on her personal life, her family, her career, and most importantly her happiness. I love that Jane is realizing that having a man doesn't equate being happy!

  12. i love this movie being mary jane she play her part in this movie.

  13. I love this show and just started

  14. This chick is fucking crazy and not that smart at all…

  15. this is so relatable and this show was so deep cried every episode

  16. lmaoo this show is 🚮🚮🚮🚮

  17. Some people say women is bad💏 in other terms slot cause they been with different mens, the fact is it's not true, they are just simply searching for a real good love, some one will treat them right no lies no disrespect, no cheating and certainly no fakeness, so every time you see a womens with different mens do not be paranoid people or think negative yes it have STD's just have in it mind that one day things will be better, every one just need the happiness they deserve and Settle for less 💏👫👥

  18. Finally a tv series where I would love to watch and realistic also.

  19. all I see is mary jane in bed this man or that man, oh dear

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