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Nonton Running with Beto (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO Sub Indo

Running with Beto (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO

David Modigliani’s behind-the-scenes documentary follows Democratic Congressman Beto O’Rourke’s rise from virtual unknown to national political sensation.


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  1. Beto's climate plan would be the first time the government privatized infrastructure. He doesn't want to use CalTrans. He wants to spend $5 trillion If he's not taking anymore corporate funds, why would be make us pay for a middle man? The government can't hire illegal immigrants. Beto would take something well-needed & economically sound…. and break it for illegals. He's disgusting

  2. Its Robert. He's not Mexican. He's Irish. He's an Irish douche. I really hope HBO looses money on this cringy crap.

  3. Beto is the only one who has taken real action on immigration reform. Plus he has the most realistic healthcare plan, the most ambitious climate change and infrastructure plans, and he is doing the most to meet the people ON THE GROUND and get their feedback and really listen to people. We have some very good candidates, but he is definitely my top choice #Beto2020 !

  4. Great documentary. This campaign changed the landscape of Texas. 2020 and Texas will be a battleground and if Beto is the Democratic nominee, he'll carry Texas and block Trump's path. Trump cannot win without Texas' EC votes.

  5. Netflix doing AOC, HBO doing this turd. The democrats are so fuckin desperate it's laughable. And btw HBO – this is NOT what I'm paying for every month for the last 8 years here in Europe ! To watch trying these buddies of your executives cringe their way into the White House ! American politics are seriously the biggest shitshow on this planet. 👎

  6. So after watching this I still have no idea what this guy is about except to bring balls and brains to the table WTH ?! Give some factual information that we can debate this is empty af.


  8. Hbo cancel this, this clown has been replaced by the socialist gay buttegieg and cnn disowned him.

  9. Excuse me while I pick up my eyes because I rolled them out of my head.

  10. A documentary showing how liberals won’t get over their favorite loser losing.

  11. What up guys,crusty old white guy politician is totally hip and cools y’all we should like totally vote for him he’s different from all the other crusty old white guys in his party because this says he is.

  12. saw him in an interview,his hand keep going up and down.it was weird.dont like him he says nothing

  13. HBO does realize that not one person is gonna vote for him right? Even Creepy Uncle Joe would get more votes than him

  14. I'm here for all the salty republicans in the comments. You guys are so threatened by this man.

  15. I love how Republican snowflakes meltdown whenever an honest, handsome, genuine and decent man get's any attention or press – Beto is the UPS man delivering Amazon packages to all the wives of South Park.

  16. Good intention people don't have a chances in this system.

  17. He stands on counters, eats dirt and talks but doesn't say anything.

  18. He didn't show up to duval county

  19. Spoiler alert: he lost😂😂😂😂

  20. Lol @ all the Trump snowflakes and Bernie Bros.

  21. Betophiles think this guy makes since. I've yet to hear him fully articulate any sort of policy.

  22. What a fraud I don't get how they're making a movie out of this? Specially a man who's the well-known Criminal. Beto how about you give your money to the poor instead of just saying you want open borders. The people of El Paso Texas are pretty pissed off at the fact that these immigrants are crossing over and committing Crimes by robbery so far the northeastern ELPaso is being pillaged by immigrants from South America and Central America. I guess it's okay for these politicians to have open borders because it doesn't affect them in their own neighborhoods and because they live in rich neighborhoods where there is void of immigrants where we the people have to suffer because of their stupidity on the left.

  23. Beto is as authentic as Taco Bell.

  24. Where's the part where he's running from the scene of a highway car crash that he caused?

  25. "What if we ran for senate?"
    – brave humble man married to Billionaire heiress to one of America's wealthiest family estates

  26. As stupid as this shit is, remember that this is focus-tested with the kind of mindless zombies that watch blogger families on YouTube and reality TV unironically. This WILL affect braindead NPCs in exactly the way it's intended.

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