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Nonton 'Ric Flair Remembers Andre' Bonus Clip | Andre The Giant | HBO Sub Indo

'Ric Flair Remembers Andre' Bonus Clip | Andre The Giant | HBO

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair shares the time Andre taught Dick Murdoch and Blackjack Mulligan not to mess with him. Stream now.

The film, presented by HBO Sports and WWE, is produced by JMH Films in association with Ringer Films.

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André René Roussimoff was born in 1946 in Grenoble, France. In his early teens, he exhibited signs of gigantism though he was not diagnosed with acromegaly until his twenties. He began his training in Paris at 17 and eventually became known in wrestling circuits around the world. In 1973, Andre joined the organization now known as World Wrestling Entertainment, where he became a superstar and rival of WWE legend Hulk Hogan.

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  1. Who tries to start a fight with literally one of the biggest people to ever live

  2. Conclusion: never try to bully a giant.

  3. Ric Looks 100. Always Lying As Well, WTF Flair. Stop Lying.

  4. He Quit Drinking, Now He Needs To Quit Lying About Shit Like This. Always Lying.

  5. Andre is probably one of the toughest sob to ever live

  6. I’m ric flar the said profilingLimousine riding jet flying kiss still Wheeling dealing son of a gun wooooooooooooo

  7. Why the fcuk would anyone ever try that with the Giant?

  8. Blackjack Mulligan was no small man. He looked like his grandson Bray Wyatt, only twice the size. Mulligan was known to get into trouble while drinking.

  9. 90% of the words that came out flair's mouth is exaggerated but truth.

  10. Who'd be so stupid to try and sneak attack a giant? Andre wasn't the passive friendly giant either.


  12. How many of Ric Flair’s stories start with “we were drinking at a bar” do you think??

  13. Nature boy is epic man woooooooo greatest of all time

  14. I've always hated Ric Flair's wrestling persona but in interviews etc he seems like a pretty cool guy

  15. If andre the giant was still alive he would of been at least the wwe champion 10 times .

  16. Who in the hell would be crazy enough to take on a freaking giant? He could just squash you like a bug?

  17. "Im tired of this bullshit"

    There is always that one guy wanting to start trouble at a bar.

  18. Blackjack Milligan and Dich Murdoch were pieces of shit.

  19. Alcohol: A celebration of bad decisions.

  20. Only a drunk person would think it wise to sucker punch a 7'4 500lbs beast.

  21. Dude, no one..I mean no one has stories better than Flair..!!!

  22. 0:30 whenever I tell my dad I don’t want to do my homework

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