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Nonton RHOA: First Look At The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 11 Premiere Full | Bravo Sub Indo

RHOA: First Look At The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 11 Premiere Full | Bravo

Get ready for new ‘Wives, new relationships, and new drama. This is The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 11 Trailer. Watch NeNe Leakes, Cynthia Bailey, Eva Marcille, Kandi Burruss, Porsha Williams and Shamari DeVoe in the season premiere, November 4, 8/7c.
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Fresh off her stand-up comedy tour, NeNe is busier than ever with the opening of a new location for Swagg Boutique. Business as usual comes to a halt however as Gregg faces a cancer diagnosis. Cynthia struggles with the idea of becoming an empty nester, but is excited about the new man in her life. Kandi decides to launch a risqué burlesque show while she and Todd explore the idea of expanding their family yet again. Porsha is over-the-moon excited to welcome her first bundle of joy and finally have the family of her dreams. Meanwhile, Eva and her fiancé Michael welcome a beautiful baby boy and are busy planning a fairytale wedding. Shamari DeVoe, known from the multi-platinum R&B group Blaque, is new to the mix and is planning to launch of new music with her husband Ronnie DeVoe, formerly of New Edition. Fashion and media entrepreneur Marlo Hampton is back on the scene, joined by newcomer Tanya Sam, a tech savvy business woman who enjoys the finer things in life.

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RHOA: Your First Look At The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 11 (Season 10, Episode 11) | Bravo

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  1. WOW definitely not watching without kenya!!

  2. Bravo needs to give Kenya her own show…that's OK Kenya doesn't need Bravo or Andy Cohen…Bravo nothing but a slave driver…smh

  3. Thumbs down…there's no Kenya Moore

  4. Kandi! Please go ahead and sleep with Cynthia! 🙄

  5. I don't get y Kandi is talking about people's man… is missing something with TODD…. I mean wasn't Todd called the opportunist and still is

  6. I thought the trailer was supposed to make you want to watch the entire season😏

  7. I really don't understand how anyone misses Kenya and her attention seeking antics. The show will be just fine. Buh bye😁 lol

  8. Dr Jackie makes an apperence lol XD

  9. 1. Reilly looks fabulous. 2. Not missing Sheree one second. 3. Greg needs prayers. 4. Did Nene shrink in height a little?

  10. The people thats saying "this season is gonna be boring" , are the same ones still watching. Don't @ me!

  11. upset at how bland this seas looks….. the new girl seems annoying too.. evas whatever… give marlo a peach already at least shes messy enough for some good content

  12. Um where is Kenya ??? She wasn't my favorite but she did made the show point blank period

  13. Kenya was a shady Queen 😎 bring sis back! 😩💔

  14. Kandi don't try and have a baby now… People going to think you doing this because of Porcha and Kenya…..

  15. So boring won’t be watching

  16. Porsha always looks so glamours but sister always looks like the poor cousin

  17. Bring back Phaedra (Nene always) Keep Porsha and substitute Kandi, Eva and get rid of Marlo altogether. I liked the other crew!

  18. Can someone anybody please load the first episode

  19. Where is the diversity? Oh yeah, diversity only implies when u want to get rid of White folk.

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  25. Lucky ladies getting paid for arguing ..

  26. Part 7 of the entertainment industry
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  28. Goodbye Kenya! Please don’t ever bring that negative fraud back to the show. The pity money she got was too much to give to that miserable demon.

  29. Good riddance to whoever is not watching just cause Kenya is not a member. Me and other millions of people plus hypocrites who are Kenya fans will be watching. Go watch other reality shows. Sheree won't be missed at all

  30. This message is for Theresa all the Housewives of New Jersey I challenge your brother he always say he does his challenge in this is what it is he has to visit his father three times a week if he fails to do this he has to help affordable family with any situation that needs to be done it doesn't matter if it's in New Jersey Virginia what ever found me who comes on Bravo and ask for his assistance and help he has to fulfill it so I'm passing this on to you Theresa so you can tell your brother he has to choose thank you

  31. This message is for Theresa to all the Housewives of New Jersey I challenge your brother he always say he does his challenge in this is what it is he has to visit his father three times a week if he fails to do this he has to help affordable family with any situation that needs to be done it doesn't matter if it's in New Jersey Virginia what ever found me who comes on Bravo and ask for his assistance and help he has to fulfill it so I'm passing this on to you Theresa so you can tell your brother he has to choose thank you
    😎😘😘 one more thing Joe if he's too busy you can have your father spend the weekend with you that's also part of the agreement and Teresa will keep note how are you doing ,on her site to everyone

  32. That girl said she was A-List? When?

  33. I am protesting Orban Vogue magazine yes I am asking my brothers and sisters the movie stars and the team and business from music to movies radio to protest with me do not go to the gala ball because of that special cover that she may and the reason why she did that is because I said she should have been fired from her job and I still stand by it.
    So I come to you all as a True Believer in this and ask you all to stand by this thank you very much

  34. um… where the flying fck is Queen KENYA? ugh… imma try ot to complain since they found 2 women that seem up to par & fakedra is gone amen!

  35. thank you very much have a great holiday and happy New Year

  36. Yes we need to congratulate greatest actors in their performance and wish him all the best and many success especially around the Oscars thank you for your comment happy holidays and New Year's

  37. Really not a fan of the new addition Shamari or whatever her name is, what happened to Kenya and Sheree even Phaedra?? Kind of putting me off watching it and my eyeballs are hurting from rolling them so much when this Shamari woman and her husband comes on screen they are just not humble at all and think way too much of themselves. I've never heard of either of them and they act like these huge stars or something it's really off putting.

  38. Yes thank you very much have a blessed day

  39. I'm happy has hell that Kenya, Sheree and Kim are gone. Y'all need to start phasing Kandi out. She's so damn boring and messy! Just like her mama! I've really been empathizing with her all this time after everything with Phaedra and now Porsha but that shit that she pulled at her husband's birthday party shows her true character. Chile, she is messy boots and I see it now! She uses her employees to do her bidding and it's very childish and unacceptable.

  40. I have yet to see Lauren and porsha fight

  41. Did the scene with Lauren and porsha ever come on?? Bravo yall not slick


  43. Are yall Team vets: Kenya, Pheadra, Sheree, and Kim


    Newbies: Eva, Shamari, Tanya, and Yovanna?

    Like for Vets and Comment for newbies!!!!!

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