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Nonton Remembering Harold Lederman (1940-2019) | HBO Sub Indo

Remembering Harold Lederman (1940-2019) | HBO

HBO looks back at the life and career of longtime unofficial ringside scorer and legendary boxing personality Harold Lederman.

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  1. What a great man, I grew up listening to his voice as me and my family watched fights over the years. So many fights, so many memories, and we always enjoyed Harold being there, may he be forever remembered

  2. R.I.P you will be missed..

  3. I disagreed with the man so many times but he made watching HBO fights great and memorable. I miss HBO boxing God bless you Harold.

  4. Harold Lederman you will be missed.R.I.P

  5. This makes me miss HBO boxing that much more. I’m sorry but DAZN sucks balls

  6. Okay Jim! I gotta tell you something I’m going to heaven with champions. RIP Harold Lederman.

  7. Didnt know he died, R.I.P. Harold Lederman. Still better than half the judges today. 12 rds to you my friend Unanimous.

  8. Wtf not the ‘ok jim’ guy, RIP🙏🏾

  9. Bless you Jim, I enjoyed your commentary. You will be missed. Gone but never forgotten 🙏

  10. bob arum is next🤣🤣

  11. I miss HBO boxing.. I’m guna miss Ledermans voice, I miss Jim Lapley commentating. I miss the whole thing 😔😔😔

  12. I’m going to truly miss this man.
    He’s a Voice I’ve heard since youth.

  13. Including the 12th and Final Round ! JIM !

    R.I.P. Harold Lederman
    You will be missed
    ❤️ 🥊

  15. RIP Harold Lederman

    Respect from the UK

  16. He died days after Bert Cooper…..

  17. A great man great to listen to and he will be greatly missed.

  18. r.i.p Harold Lederman. boxig won't sound the same without you. thanks for your work

  19. RIP Harold Lederman. "OK Jim" was one of the most imitated phrases among boxing fans. The happiest I have ever been was watching HBO Boxing with my dad on Saturday nights. Harold and the rest of the HBO boxing telecast was the best production in all of sports and I am truly heartbroken that it is gone. I believe that the real die hard fans of the sport will tell you they feel the same way.

  20. The team that I grew up with is leaving me.

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