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Nonton Red Band Society – Opening Scene Sub Indo

Red Band Society – Opening Scene

Missing Red Band Society? You’re not alone. All episodes streaming anytime on the new ABC app.


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  1. I'm not American so I don't know what hospitals really look like apart from tv but that hospital looks like a palace. It looks cooler than my university did.

  2. where can I download this series??

  3. Nurse Jackson = Miranda Bailey

  4. I miss this show. It reminded me of my years in and out of the hospital as a teen and the friends I still have from that time.

  5. lol ja Name is also Charlie xD

  6. Where can I watch this online?

  7. well…..it sounds cool and very similar to the german one.

  8. Maybe I missed something but I'm pretty confused in Germany there is a show with the name "Club der roten bänder"(what you can translate as "red band society" ) and it's almost the same, even the names of the characters are similar. So please fill me in if I missed something.

  9. This tv show was so stupid. It does NOT show what its like to be sick. Being sick isn't a luxury. Being in the hospital isn't like a hotel where you could sneak out and smoke all day. This show wasn't a good idea and I'm glad it's gone. Being sick is nothing like this and obviously whoever wrote this show doesn't know what it's like to be constantly stuck in a hospital every other month. It's easy to "like this show" when you have no idea what it's like to live with such horrible diseases. And they make it seem like it's nothing. That's what I hate. This is why sometimes people don't take medical issues very seriously because we have stupid shows like this that don't show what it's like to have a chronic disease.

  10. anyone know where i can watch the full episodes of the show cuz i really wanna watch it

  11. I almost cried when Charlie spoke at S1E13

  12. 'Please hold it, I'm late«
    »Doesn't mean I should be too«

  13. please ABC, give us season 2 . im a fans from Indonesia

  14. fantastic opening scene it just transcends what the original series was about- great work !

  15. The original show is called "pulseras rojas" and is a spanish show. This is the same story but in english and with a few changes. The original one is spanish and means red bands. You should watch it. Maybe you like it.

  16. Can u guys please make a season 2 this is a good tv show

  17. The comment about homeschooling was disgusting.

  18. Abc the app isn't available in Canada 😭

  19. Is there any other legal ligit app or website I can stream the whole show on in Canada ?

  20. I kinda live in a hospital too

  21. "deal with it."
    honestly what the fuck charlie

  22. Bring back the show with season 2

  23. I love this show so much.


  25. Oh i Miss this show dearly 😭😭

  26. i miss this show, it was awesome

  27. Omg I loved this show❤️

  28. My family would all sit and watch this show together each week. It was good! We were upset when it was taken off of the air.

  29. What is this show and how come I've never heard of it ??? It seems really good

  30. God this show was so awful I loved it!

  31. Kara:This water sucks it tastes like pee
    Me: okay unless you’ve drank pee, how would u know what pee tastes like

  32. This show should have never been canceled.

  33. One of the best series ever made.  At 15, I was seriously, permanently injured, and we had our group.

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