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Nonton Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: The Norwegian Way | HBO Sub Indo

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: The Norwegian Way | HBO

At a time when many believe that youth sports in the U.S. leave millions of American kids on the sidelines, one can look to Norway for answers on how to raise happy, healthy children and create champions. #HBO #RealSportsHBO

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Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: The Norwegian Way | HBO

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  1. WILL THERE BE ANOTHER GOT? Please tell me, or is it THE END?

  2. So everyone wins the game? wat is the point of playing then? have fun? life is not fun buddy snowflake.

  3. Bran is the king in the end!?
    It doesn't make seanse.
    This season is shit.
    Breaking bad is still the best!!!

  4. When a Norwegian baby is born they get a birth certificate and a pair of skies

  5. Has Bryant gumbel ever done any real sports . How come someone with a sports background or knowledge covering sports story .


  7. As an actual Nordic skier, the Norwegians are renowned as some of, if not the the best in their sport and are looked up at pretty highly for their methodology and the ways they promote and get kids into the sport and get them into the competitive scene. Glad HBO did a little piece on this.

  8. more of succession trailers HBO please

  9. I missed out on so much as a child growing up in the middle east holy fuck

  10. Norwegian parents believe their children should ski as soon as they can walk.

  11. The point is to keep the pool of potential talent as big as possible as long as possible. If you kick the "losers" out starting at age 7, you aren't going to have many left by 13 or 14. I find Americans don't get this at all.

  12. Again this country amazes me more and more❤️ Norway here I come

  13. Real Sports always amazes me in that they 1) are never objective and unbiased and 2) always manage to find some "expert" to try to justifiably validate their own ideology or position

  14. The entire show was outstanding, but this Norwegian sport portion stands out. It is essential that children learn basic physical skills before they become competitive. As a Physical Educator I emphasize that children need to learn how to run and jump, throw and catch before they learn other, more complex skills. My "ideal" physical education program is to teach these basic skills in grades 1-3; swimming in grade 4; track & field activities in grades 5-6. Kids need to play…with few rules, as in a playground. They need to learn how to socialize…outside of their video games. They need to play games like "tag" and not be confined to strict rules as in competition. NOT YET. That will come later. In Grades 7-8 more specialized skills such as volleyball, soccer, tennis, bowling and several others would be appropriate. In grade 9 the martial arts should start – especially wrestling and judo. American football should be focused entirely on flag football while tackle football (sorry folks) should be banned. The evidence is clear- tackle football is too dangerous to brain development because of concussions. But many people will ignore this evidence, just as smokers ignore the fact that tobacco products are killers. Finally – it is important for adults to understand that children are NOT mini-adults who need to learn "about life" through competition, that there are winners and losers, etc. Children are not physically, NOR mentally, able to develop at the speed many adults desire. They need time, some ned more time than others. But, basically, they need 14-24 years to mature. The Norwegians have a great philosophy that should be emulated.

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