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Nonton Project Greenlight: Promo (HBO) Sub Indo

Project Greenlight: Promo (HBO)

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Matt Damon and Ben Affleck present “Project Greenlight.” Find out more at ProjectGreenlight.com.

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  1. Damn both of them aged so much.

  2. Must be located in the US…So that pretty much rules out international participation? Or what does the term refer to ? Physical presence regardless of nationality or US citizens only ? 

  3. For a second it sounded like, "Hi, I'm Batman." 😀

  4. Love both of them. I still remember Will Hunting, that was an amazing film

  5. I wonder how Valve feels about this.

  6. I've kinda grown on to the idea that Ben Affleck is going to be Batman just on the looks.

  7. Film idea: Superman stops Ben Affleck from becoming Batman.

  8. Should have started the video saying:
    "Hi, I'm Batman."
    "And I'm Robin."

  9. A lot of youtubers should be up for a shot at this.

  10. Damn it, why the three minute limit? What kind of story can you tell in three minutes?

  11. Too bad this isn't open to Canada 🙁

  12. FAIL— At least with American Idol/ The Voice, and others (more or less) one could s say A VOICE/TALENT was being paid attention to, overall. GREENLIGHT— Loves, SANTA has more street fred—lov ya MD and BA–but unless you are with pt 1 to the end ya are sh***.

  13. affleck looks ripped as fuck! must be that gym work for batman

  14. I have the perfect video. Standing firm on no Canadian submissions eh?

  15. I wish Ben Affleck says: Hi, I'm Batman.

  16. Only people from US? That's not fair!

  17. Sucks that you have to be 18

  18. the link dose not work? why

  19. your gonna be the best batman ben. fuk da haters!!!!

  20. Batman and Jason Bourne.

  21. Danmit! i wish this was global…

  22. CHECK OUT 

    it can be a new independent horror franchise . think of texas chainsaw massacre VS friday the 13th

  23. Only in U.S. States or the District of Columbia. Sigh

  24. this must be worldwide , lets hope someday it'll be 🙂

  25. Only in America you say. Pity.

  26. Perfect! I must do this!!! XD

  27. these are 2 very talented men, but these promos are all snooze city and it's hard to believe they have been onscreen so often. Maybe the fault lies in the director of these things

  28. The link embedded in the video goes to projETgreenlight, instead of projECTgreenlight. Might want to fix that, HBO!

  29. No greenlight specific youtube channel?

  30. Matt Damon used to look younger than Ben Affleck. Now it looks like Ben Affleck was frozen in time for a few years.

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