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Nonton Power | Season 3 First Look | STARZ Sub Indo

Power | Season 3 First Look | STARZ

Get a first look at the new season with Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Courtney A. Kemp and the Power cast.

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From Executive Producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and show creator Courtney Kemp Agboh (“The Good Wife”) comes Season 3 of “Power,” a drama straddling the glamorous lifestyles of Manhattan’s rich and infamous and the dark underworld of the international drug trade.
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Power | Season 3 First Look | STARZ

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  1. It was lit last night 🔥🔥🔥


  3. Stop comparing Power to Empire. It's like comparing X-Rated to G-Rated man. Nobody wants that watered down stepped on shit when you got that pure Bolivian.

  4. power over empire all day hope this shit goes for at least 10 years. Empire can go to much gay shit. fuck Lee daniels

  5. ain't nothing like a chocolate sister. Dam tasha fine

  6. Man yall need to stfu about empire already , if yall don't like Empire stop bring it up on every PowerVideo smh damn yall annoying

  7. Tasha is going to get in bed with Stern

  8. What was the song at the end

  9. downloaded this at 4am was wide awake ready n exited. 1 week is too long to wait can't they put it on everyday 😊

  10. All Angie want to do is fuck lol that's literally all her and Ghost do but it's cool Angie sexy asf. And another thing is I like how they didn't have Canan in the first episode back they don't overuse the bad guy that was good writing. Power is a really good and well written show

  11. I really hope I'll find a beautiful woman to possible girlfriend to watch Power with this season. Great television shows like this deserve great companionship. Drake voice

  12. angies very annoying she needs to go now

  13. This show is hot! and the sex scenes between Ghost and Angie are steamy. I love the danger and suspense of a big time drug dealer's life. It exemplifies the different sides of a man involved in such a dangerous life and despite their career choice they are men who love and are loved by many. There's definitely real perspectives about this lifestyle and the families involved…..Thanks Curtis!

  14. so glad this series is back im addicted <3

  15. Anyone know the song at 1:31 till about the ending???

  16. I didn't like Tasha in the beginning but ast season she was everything and I'm all about her

  17. Ghost is not going to die because he has to many connections to to many people on the show and he is the leading role in the HIT SHOW POWER and plus its to early in the show or the season for Tommy to actual kill GHOST and Courtney Kemp and 50 Cent CJ we NEED 16 eposides for real we really want and need this many gives us 4 months of power then we only half to wait 8 months to see it again it want feel like a whole yr please give us 16 new shows a year and at least 12 or 13 season the most a hit show goes on payper view channel is 8 season so GOOD JOB N the show and where is LA LA anthony?

  18. What did kantos do for him to get fired?

  19. Oh my god i haven't seen any of power yet kmt i really enjoyed the sex seens, wanted tasha and ghost to get back, is it me r these sex seens seems so real

  20. That slap though 😬

  21. who was talking care of kana

  22. Omg I love this show…I am missing it ,I need to get Stars Back again!!

  23. Ghost is the truth. I know a guy JUST like him in almost every way lol

  24. Guys anyone with power S3 episodes please hook the brother out

  25. I got question for him Why the fuck he keep dating Angela why he don't like Tasha? I hate when he date Angela

  26. Anyone know the song on 1:54 and 2:04

  27. Should throw in a random sex scene for good measure, this show has a bigger hard on than Game of thrones.

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