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Nonton OUTMATCHED | Official Trailer | FOX Sub Indo

OUTMATCHED | Official Trailer | FOX

Watch the official trailer for FOX’s new show, Outmatched.

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From writer/executive producer Lon Zimmet (“LA to Vegas”), and starring Jason Biggs (“Orange Is the New Black,” the “American Pie” franchise) and Maggie Lawson (“Lethal Weapon,” “Psych”), OUTMATCHED is a multi-camera family comedy about a blue-collar couple in Atlantic City trying to raise four kids – three of whom just happen to be certified geniuses. The series also stars Tisha Campbell-Martin (“Dr. Ken,” “My Wife and Kids”), Jack Stanton (“The Mick”), Connor Kalopsis (“The Grinder”), Ashley Boettcher (“Lost in Oz”) and Oakley Bull (“Beautiful Boy”).

OUTMATCHED | Official Trailer | FOX

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  1. I like Jason Biggs & Tisha Campbell Martin.

  2. What night will it come on

  3. Ok i like this one and im gonna watch it…but this is why u cancel good shows to replace them with shows that could or probably won’t be good like u just released 6 trailers for 6 new shows WTF

  4. Why this one have to wait midseason?

  5. The song at beginning of 1:29 what is the name???

  6. I give this show credit for making both parents kind of dumb and not just the dad.

  7. Anyone who still watches scripted shows with laugh tracks or live audiences need to be put down for diminishing the intellect of humanities gene pool. Seriously. What is wrong with you simpletons?

  8. At least it’s not just the dad who’s dumb this time.

  9. This show is gonna get canned after one season

  10. this show makes no sense and i would never watch it

  11. Atlantic City is 44% black and 25% white but sure dumb white people and their smart kids living by the beach, that's what happens there.

  12. Really? Because having smart kids is so bad. Can't wait to hear about this show being cancelled after never watching it.

  13. This legitimately looks horrible.

  14. Young Sheldon ripoff, and just as terrible

  15. “Hes got a friend just like the kids in the movies” 😂😂😂☺️🤣

  16. I always wonder how an actor can look at themselves in a mirror after joining a run of the mill sitcom

  17. Had to dislike cuz of the dab

  18. This show is going to get cancelled faster than an Obama interview on Fox News.

  19. Eh it won't last long tbh. Fox is the only channel that loves to cancel shows. Like you guys screwed up on The O.C. prison break, Brooklyn nine nine. Lethal Weapon and 9-1-1 will probably get canceled next year too. This show has a better chance on nbc or cbs. A channel that will actually take care of there shows. This show won't even last a season because it's on fox. Like fox has canceled so many shows that I think should've lasted a lot longer. Like 24 standards long.

  20. so they got this sitcom instead of keeping THE MICK!!!???

  21. Cancled after 1 season or 6eps into it 😂😂😂😂

  22. Is that the set for last man standing?

  23. Honestly sitcom like this should be on Netflix for those mind numbing nights when you just want to watch for watching sake …. networks book them just to cancel them half way through the first season … no ones going every what ever night this is on to watch

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