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Nonton Outlander | Speak Outlander Lesson 11: Slàinte Mhath! | STARZ Sub Indo

Outlander | Speak Outlander Lesson 11: Slàinte Mhath! | STARZ

Learn how to “Speak Outlander” with the Gaelic Expert from the set of the STARZ Original Series Outlander. Outlander comes to STARZ Saturday, August 9 at 9pm in the US and will be internationally distributed by Sony Pictures Television.

DISCLAIMER: The Speak Outlander series features fictional placenames from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander novels as well as some Lowland Scots terms and therefore not all videos contain traditional Scottish Gaelic words and phrases.

FIOS: ‘S e cuid de na th’ anns an t-sreath Speak Outlander ainmean-àite à na h-ùr-sgeultan Outlander le Diana Gabaldon ‘s gnàthasan-cainnte Bheurla-Ghallda ‘s mar sin, chan eil na faclan ‘s na h-abairtean uile a’ buntainn do Ghàidhlig na h-Alba air fad.


Outlander stars Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Tobias Menzies, Gary Lewis, Graham McTavish, Duncan Lacroix, Lotte Verbeek, Nell Hudson, and is executive produced by Ronald D. Moore. Based on the international bestselling novels by Diana Gabaldon.

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  1. Without having someone to converse with, you're the next best thing.
    Tapadh leat Àdhamh
    Slàinte Mhath

  2. how in the world do you sound the letters out?  is it just memorization?


  4. according to my experience, he doesn't pronounce properly… Even his own first name, Àdhamh, is not "ah-guv" but "ah-uv". And slàinte is not slahn-jeh but slahn-tcheh…
    As Irish, it looks like Gaelic is often taught by people who don't master the language… sigh

  5. Àdhamh is not only the Gàidhlig consultant of the show but has appeared on wiki tongues in the preservation of the language (Gàidhlig) and has also spear headed a project to bring back the old Gàidhlig Diariadic dialect..he is a leader in the community (Gàidhlig) and has done so much for the culture and the language on top of the fact he is a native speaker..!

    So Lughaidh, your way off base me friend..what you hear is his dialect, his specific dialect..simialr on how I would say agaibh..some say "Ak-iv" but I say "Ak-oo" (sorry my phoenetics are not good).

    So, before you "sigh" you should empower yourself and maybe talk to native  Gàidhlig speakers more often, which sounds like your not at the moment as your comments are completly wrong, a tad bit disrespectful and un-imformed 🙂

    Thoir sùil air a' seo a charaid 🙂

  6. I am clearly going to need a lot of help learning this language.

  7. "And you listen with a tear in your eye
    To their hopes and betrayals and your only reply
    Is Slainte Mhath…"

  8. jeje impronunciable 😭

  9. Sólo hay que repetirlo.

  10. Oh wow. That's the most atmospheric lesson in Irish I've seen so far.

  11. There's just no way I can pronounce that, lol

  12. Thank you! I felt so bad when after saying "kampai" with Japanese friends and when they asked my ancestry (heavy heavy Scot, like 80% to 23 and Me, even though we've lived in American South since the post Jacobite cleansing) and all I could say was cheers.

    Even my friends were like "You're not English lol"

    What is the American cheers? We said "clank" in college though that was poking fun. Or we said our school slogan (War Eagle in my university town).

  13. Sasannach is the correct Gaelic spelling (for those who want to 'read and write Outlander' too).

  14. …and I thought properly pronouncing my late wife's Yupik Eskimo dialect was tough.  It dinnae improve much attempting to learn my now wife's bayou accent.  Lordy, lordy, I would have been phonetically lost had I married highland lassies.

  15. You guys rock. Don't let the invaders take your sovereignty like they did in England.

  16. Yep. Fish brought me here. I've been listening to that fucking masterpiece Clutching At Straws for years and years and finally TODAY I know how to pronounce Slainte Mhath.
    Thank you for this.
    SLANtchih va from France.

  17. I actually toasted with you ! LOL, I happened to be drinking Egg Nog at the same time ! hahaha

  18. toasting with paper cup? is this for real? 🙂 you put good amount of work to the ambient for to look gaelic but, that paper cup ruined it totally. however. thanks anyway 🙂

  19. Every time I hear this phrase it is spoken differently but that's the first time I have heard it with G sounds in it.

  20. Okay, so exactly how it's spelled.

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