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Nonton Outlander | My Soul is Yours Trailer | STARZ Sub Indo

Outlander | My Soul is Yours Trailer | STARZ

Theirs is a romance spanning continents and centuries. Claire and Jamie’s love story continues when Outlander Season 4 premieres November 4 on STARZ.

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Outlander is internationally distributed by Sony Pictures Television.

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  1. OMG guys this is torture, I need season 4 ASAP

  2. The first law of thermodynamics! November can't get here fast enough!

  3. When Jamie said "and when my body dies, my soul will still be yours", it kinda brought me back to that scene in episode 1 of season 1 where he was standing in the rain looking up at Claire combing her hair. That scene is still a mystery to me 😆 I hope there will be answers soon. Love this show so much 😍😍😍

  4. Kann es kaum erwarten das es los geht 🤩

  5. My absolute favorite conversation in the Drums of Autumn. The Law of Thermodynamics.

  6. The First Law of Romantic Thermodynamics. Love can neither be created nor destroyed. It always exists and is merely changed.

  7. Gracias Starz por este maravilloso video! Outlander es la mejor serie se TV que se ha realizado en los últimos años. Vale la pena que en Latinoamerica la vean. No saldrán decepcionados! una serie hecha para un publico adulto exigente!

  8. awwwwwww I love them so much

  9. Oh god, how can they be so perfect! Great actors and friends, love them.

  10. AHHHHH! Looks so good! I hope the first half is better than last seasons first half!

  11. He can make Sassenach sound sexy.

  12. I'm counting the days till November 4 and Season 4 of Outlander is here. The connection between Jamie and Claire is rare – it wrings the heart to think of them.

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