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Outlander | FYC Panel | STARZ

Caitriona Balfe (Claire), Sam Heughan (Jamie), Sophie Skelton (Brianna), Richard Rankin (Richard), Maril Davis (Executive Producer), Toni Graphia (Executive Producer/Writer), and Jon Gary Steele (Production Designer) sit down to talk all things Outlander Season 4 for #STARZFYC.

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Outlander is internationally distributed by Sony Pictures Television.

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  1. I wish more guys watched this show. It's one of my favorites, and I'm an 18 year old guy. I love Outlander, and I hope that Starz can do better in marketing this show to guys.

  2. I love that we’re starting to get more outlander bts clips on the Starz YouTube channel. It helps me get through the droughtlander

  3. Anyone else notice Rankin’s socks😂😂😂

  4. Thanks. Amazing Cast

  5. The Scene between Jamie and Brianna should get
    Sam Hueghan a Nomination if Not a Best leading man award!
    To bad David Berry was not up for consideration
    As lord John Grey in the Bone of my Bone Episode! His regrets to Claire of his
    love for Jamie was Nomination worthy!
    John Gary Steele and Terry dresbach for set and wardrobe on season 2 were seriously overlooked!
    Cait gets nominated Every Year, but she is overlooked! Each cast Member of Outlander are A plus performances and
    Need More Recognition than they have been receiving!
    Game of thrones was a good show, but Outlanders
    Cast has been snubed
    Repeatedly, in almost all
    We hope Outlander is not overlooked again 2019 in the Emmys!

  6. Thank you for giving us a little something to get us through Droughtlander! Emmy for Sam Heughan!

  7. Starz is there a chance that you could closed caption this so it can be enjoyed by the deaf fans? It's sad that we are excluded from enjoying this..

  8. Merrill said it best…outlander is a great product, every element works and tells a beautiful story of love and people survival.

  9. Thanks for uploading! There were some great performances from everyone this season but for me Richard Rankin is most deserving of an award. His portrayal of the challenges Roger goes through was outstanding, I can't wait for season five (more challenges for Roger!)

  10. How many noticed Caitriona is wearing a wedding band & seems to be hiding a baby bump.

  11. Love Outlander!! Can't wait

  12. How many of you hit the like button before you watched it?!

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