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Nonton Outlander | 4 Droughtlander: Trailer Sneak Peek | STARZ Sub Indo

Outlander | 4 Droughtlander: Trailer Sneak Peek | STARZ

Here’s another exclusive video to cure Droughtlander: a sneak peek of the upcoming trailer. Look out for every 4th for more never-before-seen footage, it gets better each month.

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Season 2 begins as Claire and Jamie arrive in France, hell-bent on infiltrating the Jacobite rebellion and stopping the battle of Culloden. Thrown into the lavish world of French society, where intrigue and parties are abundant, Jamie and Claire struggle to advance their political agenda. They must race to prevent a doomed Highland uprising, and the extinction of Scottish life.

Outlander is internationally distributed by Sony Pictures Television.

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Outlander | 4 Droughtlander: Trailer Sneak Peek | STARZ

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  1. 0:36 one of my favorite chapter from the book! April needs to hurry

  2. Can't wait to see this.

  3. UGHHHH! It's fan abuse to make us wait 90 MORE DAYS!!!

  4. Wish Canadians could watch this too!!! 😭

  5. I'm personally counting the (unknown) days until we see grown Roger! (> JAMMF) *ducks and runs*

  6. Really the wait is way, way, way, to long!!! Its 88 more days people! 🙁

  7. As an avid reader of the Outlander series…I'm hopeful of a more mature, confident Jamie in the TV series.  I never doubted this trait in the books (even with "young" Jamie in Outlander) but so far I've not seen a glimpse of him….

  8. I've managed to get my mother, my best friend and two sisters addicted to the show and the book.  So far I'm loving this show, it's beautifully done and the performances are phenomenal.

  9. Seriously Starz, waiting until April 4th is kilting me…

  10. After searching and searching how I could watch Outlander, I have Just found a link and paid to watch this in the UK – I watched all 8 episodes in 2 days. Can't believe how well they have stayed to the books so well, the cast are brilliant – the characters sooo sooo strong – nothing has been lost in putting it on screen – it is amazing, fantastic, awesome he he . So I am with all you lucky Americans on count down to the next series wheeeeeey heeeeeeeeeyyyyy.

  11. no matter what I do, no sound.

  12. First off, the music just for this sneak peak is very pretty, by Bear McCreary too? And is it the end of the week yet!? 😬

  13. Sorry I feel like the song totally doesn't fit :-/ makes me sad still excited for it's return though.

  14. They should call this "Teaselander"!  The wait is just awful (8<)  Jamie, comeback?

  15. Nooooooooooo!April!I can't wait that long! !!But I will be watching when it finally gets here! !

  16. I'm totally hooked and can't wait until season 2.  The cinematography, plot and acting are awesome.   It is by far the best show for 2014.

  17. They start the trailer off with a LIE!!! "The Wait is Over" BS!!! We still have 2 months to go!!! No more Droughtlander!!!

  18. OMG!!!  Can April 4th get here alreadly…. I love and hate what STARZ is doing to us, making us wait so long for the story to contiune, but I know that we won't be disappoined when April 4th does get here…..  Jamie Fraser, I (heart) you!!!  

  19. Hot dam,, I rarely publicly lust after men but what can one do when you see that beautiful specimen of a man. Between Tom Hardy and Sam their lips are going to provide me dreams for nights on end lol!

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