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Nonton Official RHONY Season 11 Reunion Looks Revealed | Bravo Sub Indo

Official RHONY Season 11 Reunion Looks Revealed | Bravo

This year, the New York City Housewives picked sparkling numbers in moody hues.

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This season, after the tragic death of her boyfriend Dennis, Bethenny struggles with conflicting emotions while unexpectedly meeting someone new. Fresh off her second stint in rehab after last year’s relapse, Luann is committed to her new love: cabaret! But will she ever get back on track with Dorinda after being heckled at her debut? Meanwhile, Sonja is embracing her future by finally moving out of her beloved townhouse for a fresh perspective on the city she calls home. Looking for a fresh start, Dorinda moves into an apartment in midtown. But not all change is good, as she is forced to evaluate her friendship with Luann. Always the hopeless romantic, Tinsley is ready for the next step with Scott, but he may not be on the same page. Also on the love train, Ramona continues her search for Mr. Right, even when old flames threaten to throw her off course. And Barbara Kavovit, a good friend of Luann’s who stood by the former countess after her relapse, should fit right in as she is not afraid to speak her mind. Barbara is a successful businesswoman running her own construction company.

Bethenny Frankel
Dorinda Medley
Luann de Lesseps
Ramona Singer
Sonja Morgan
Tinsley Mortimer

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Official RHONY Season 11 Reunion Looks Revealed | Bravo

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  1. Dorinda is a bitter Betty

  2. Can't wait for the reunion

  3. I must say, for being big city girls these women have the worst taste in fashion

  4. Hate Luann, but I love her look!

  5. Lol Ramona. She just cracks me up.

  6. Sonya♥️♥️♥️♥️

  7. We're only on episode 11 or 12. Anyone know why the reunion is so soon? We should have about ten more episodes.

  8. Their makeup is horrible

  9. Wait when is the reunion??? Is the season over already?? Has anything excited even happened yet what do they have to talk about

  10. So impressed with Sonja's sexy look this season. I don't like her tagline, but really wasn't all that impressed with anyone's really. The photoshoot Sonja did early in the season was awesome and she has continued to look to look hot hot hot. Keep up the good work. Dorinda continues to be a trouble maker trying to stir the pot, especially for Sonja and Luann, well and Ramona, but it seems Ramona deserves it sometimes, but it really makes Dorinda unattractive.

  11. The reunion that quick

  12. I love Bethenny's, Sonja's and Dorinda's dresses the best!!

  13. i hope dorinda didnt mean Naeem Khan.. and not Neeam Khan or whatever she said lol.

    and Bethenny always looks the best!!!

  14. LuAnne & Dorinda are my favs

  15. Not digging Bethenny or Barbara's dress!

  16. Romona's dress is very pretty!

  17. Tinsley's dress is ok, but I was expecting something "prettier" instead of drama!

  18. Luann's dress is as usual "Cabaret"!


  20. Bethany looks the best.

  21. Bethenny and Ramona looks are the best !! Old women should never wear strapless there skin droops not nice

  22. Poor Jovani. Losing Dorinda.

  23. i was waiting to see luann drunk

  24. dorinda looks like a bowling pin in that dress lmao

  25. Did a double take on Bethany thought she was Heather Dubrow for a minute! Tinsley and Ramonas were by far the best looks of the evening

  26. I dunno, a few of these ladies looked like they got their fabrics and designs from a curtain, rug or carpet. Hmmm…but you can never go wrong with black.

  27. How many people in this franchise are actually housewives?? The women in these shows are pathetic, all trying to pass themselves off as younger than they are. They have very bad plastic surgeons, few skills, too much alcohol and undeservedly high opinions of themselves. Please buy them some mirrors!

  28. They had to film the reunion early due to Luann’s court date! 🙂

  29. They should have made RHONY longer this season and RHOBH shorter

  30. Sonja looks the best! Luann is second best.

  31. Love their looks but sad it means we are almost done

  32. Idk how I feel about Barbara's style of dress…she looks tardy and disconnected to me.

  33. Nope all the looks are a no

  34. Ramona thinks she's so hot.  Her look is my least favorite.  Bethany and Dorinda look the classiest and the best over all.  Sonja looks nice but seeing her belly button through her dress is really tacky.  Tinsley, kind of boring and Luann looks good.

  35. Ooops…Forgot about Barbara, enough said.

  36. Bethenny and Luann are best dressed – stunning !

  37. Another version of every other season! there heads are so blown up they actually think they are stars with some sort of talent, there not .. their lucky that’s all ,to be on some shit reality show

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