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No Sister Left Behind | Braxton Family Values | WE tv

Traci finds validation when Trina apologizes for signing to a record label without her back in 90s.


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The tight-knit Braxton sisters, Grammy-winning artist Toni Braxton, Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar, and their headstrong mother, Evelyn Braxton, share an inside look at their lives and the drama of family chaos.

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  1. Aw, healing! That was beautiful!
    (Now, if MB, Sr. could/would follow suit…)

  2. I like Trina's (now) & Towanda's (Seaason 1) compassion toward Traci's deep disappointment . [Tamar (Episode 1) was horribly nasty to Traci, though.]

  3. Is Trina Canadian or something? The way she rolls her r's and o's makes me cringe

  4. Now i get it. This family is messed up. The music industry destroyed them. The ENTIRE family tried out. The industry didnt want mj, the brother. The family left him benhind. Then they tried and failed. Then the girls tried again with laface.laface didnt want them. The family is lying when they said it had something to do with their ages. There is only a ten yr age difference. Toni was 24. Soul for real was in the industry. I thought the braxtons with all five look like a talent show performers and not good enufg. Laface gave toni a nose job abd she dieted and stopped wearing weave. Miss e made toni feel bad and toni made the girls her backhround singers. She provided for her whole family. The braxtons got a deal.the family ditched tracy-not the record company.they didnt want to miss outthe braxtons had good songs with no certified hits. Only 2 good videos. Rest were cheap. And they had horrible costumes and stage presence was horrible. Tamar webt behind her sisters back and forged a business relationship with j.dupris father and got a solo record deal trying to be an edgy mya but lookin/acting thottie. It didnt work out. She had an album. The family is shadie. Po tracie

  5. If you don't like the way Trina talks either don't watch or mute her lmao

  6. Toni tracy and trina are my faves! Im so glad trina and anyone who can acknowledge what they've done, own it, and meaningfully apologize.

  7. Trina' s fake accent makes my butt hurt! GIRL SHUT UP!

  8. Makes me like Traci just that much more.

  9. That shit happened twenty years ago, let it go Tracey. What Tracey needs to do is go apologize to her husband because I know he caught hell.

  10. I always felt that it was strange that they wouldn’t allow Traci to sing with the group. She’s seems to have the strongest voice of them all! With a little work and maturity Traci could be just as successful as Toni and Tamar! Not to mention she’s likable and a people person.

  11. it's sad how decades go by n people STILL talking about 1995 GET OVER IT!!!! WOW.

  12. Trina speak so differently than the others, sometimes I can't understand what she's saying.

  13. Trina is the healer in that family. She tried to understands everybody's feelings. She apologizes when she needs a to. I really like her

  14. Is it just me who notice that Traci, Trinia and Towanda seems to be walking with a limp, fix it Jesus!#💯🇯🇲

  15. It's easy to say you're sorry now but at the same time people need to move on. Traci has been banging on this issue for decades and it 's not as if the Braxtons ended up being big, Toni was always the star and their debut album flopped.

  16. Why do they always leave Tracey out she is real, love Tracey

  17. It's Tamar throwin darts again

  18. I must say that I'm proud of Trina for apologizing to Traci and admitting that the way they treated Traci back then was foul. So, fake accent or not, I'm giving Trina major points for that.

    Toni, Towanda, and Tamar practically never seem to care or acknowledge stuff Traci thinks or feels. They had a sister-meeting with Traci the time Towanda blabbed to them about Traci's husband possibly having an outside child. But even then, they seemed to only want to hear Traci's business for the sake of gossip instead of out of genuine concern.

  19. Hold up so Traci got kicked up from the group cause she was pregnant but Trina was pregnant and they kept her, Wow now I understand why it would have been painful 😣

  20. I wanna see Traci win. That woman deserves it.

  21. Tracy I know you miss her and you feel like the Black Sheep in the family but you do need to get over it because at the end of the day you made a decision to have the baby you made a decision to have a baby so you can't really blame that decision at the time and in those days you couldn't really be pregnant companies were quite strip about then I'm really glad times of change today for new artists that you can have a family and be and artists at the same time but we'll always remember you as a brexit in the matter what

  22. Why does Trina talk so fucking weird.

  23. Trina is so sweet wish I had a sister like her

  24. I'ma Be Honest I Think They Didn't Want Traci To Go Bcuz She's The Better Singer #ButImaGoThatWay

  25. These comments talking about the way Trina talks but the ass clow.n cow Tamar can say stupid stuff and pop her lips and people find that cute and funny and entertaining?!!

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