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Nonton Nancy Drew | First Look Trailer | The CW Sub Indo

Nancy Drew | First Look Trailer | The CW

Nancy Drew is coming Wednesdays this fall to The CW! Stream free next day only on The CW App.


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Nancy Drew | First Look Trailer | The CW

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  1. A horror. Dam son. Not cool

  2. This gives me Riverdale vibes same town Nancy being Betty crazy probably going to watch

  3. This looks extremely meh.

  4. Am I the only one that doesn't mind that this was made from the same people as Riverdale..? Riverdale started out amazing, but lost it's way halfway through. Maybe a new start is what they need, to see if they can get it right this time! If you don't want to "ruin" your childhood, then don't watch it. Lol seems simple enough to me.

  5. Wow this is so cw RUINED a child dream again

  6. What’s up with red heads being the main character in the CW

  7. Sorry it’s hard for me coz i still picture emma roberts as nancy drew..

  8. Can y’all chill out . This looks good . If it’ll ruin your childhood don’t watch , simple . I see nothing wrong w them making dark spins of the children serious bc a lot of us like those genres and we grew up and are no longer children

  9. I thought Nancy Drew was a kid movie

  10. My childhood fantasy…. I always loved her

  11. Actually think this could be way better than riverdale

  12. i think netflix movie of Nancy Drew is way better 😅

  13. I feels it’s so unnecessary to call her Nancy drew. This would be a fine series and show to watch without having to call it Nancy drew.

  14. ive been a huge fan of nancy drew since i was literally a child. she was the reason y i got into reading. i hope CW would be able to do justice to her and not just leech onto her name just to make their tv shows popular. i hope they stick to the true essence of nancy drew

  15. im sorry but is anyone else slightly offended that the "ex-con" is black? xD or black mixed…*sigh* i reaaaally wished theyed put more thought into casting and the tropes they portray. its just cringe and sad at this point.

  16. atleast they didn't make her black

  17. I grew up on the Nancy Drew books, and it saddens me to see her turned into a Riverdale-type character. I know change is sometimes good but not when it comes to the overly-sexualized, poorly-written scripts you see common in shows on the CW.

  18. i got excited for this when i heard about it but i think they are going to ruin my favorite books from my childhood

  19. Goddamit… why u gotta ruin everything for me CW?

  20. I remember reading the comic books for Nancy drew 😂 lol, I remember I tried reading the hardy boys and it was like ew what is this

  21. Me before clicking on video: This is gonna be like Riverdale?
    Me after: lol yep

  22. I mean maybe it won’t be over the top insanity but still

  23. I adore Nancy Drew. I grew up on the games and books. Even the old movie was fun. Have a feeling that this isn't going to do Nancy Drew's legacy justice and I'm pissed about it.

  24. Is this a movie or a show??

  25. Did they just take Riverdale outtake footage and cgi their faces onto it??? Like you’ve got to be kidding me


    Lol nancy is the new betty

  27. Maddison Jaizani from Versailles! 😍

  28. I don't know anymore. By this time I give up on television.

  29. Why does the cw want to make everything twin peaks

  30. Don't wreck Nancy drew like you wrecked Archie comics

  31. Who else wishes that Lili Reinhart played Nancy?

  32. Looks like they recycled the whole Secret Circle set smdh

  33. Dear god no! Not another Riverdale.

  34. Here's a better schedule
    8p: Supergirl
    9p: Batwoman

    8p: Arrow
    9p: The Flash

    8p: Black Lightning
    9p: All American

    8p: Riverdale
    9p: Nancy Drew

    8p: Supernatural
    9p: Legacies

    8p: Dynasty
    9p: Charmed

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