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Nonton My Last Days | Teaser | The CW Sub Indo

My Last Days | Teaser | The CW

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My Last Days | Teaser | The CW

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  1. I watched the stories on 8/17/2016. I was so inspired by people on that show, I watched with tears filling up my eyes, I was so amazed and proud of the extraordinary people on the show. I'm not disabled, I'm just old, but they made me so ashamed of myself! The way they lived their lives was so fully every day. It made me want to be a better person. I have felt like I was just existing, not living. they showed me how to embrace everyday as if it were my last!
    That saying of "DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING," Gives me a whole new meaning !

  2. Claire brought me here 💖

  3. Reminds me a little of 'my last summer' (a documentary which aired on channel 4 here in the UK a year or two ago). It was incredibly sad but also incredibly uplifting. I look forward to seeing this (and I adoooore claire!) <3

  4. Where can I watch this online?

  5. Claire Wineland….Amazing…she is simply amazing…..let's cure CF….now!!!

  6. I know Darth (he legally changed his name to Darth Vader) I met him on the Tough Mudder course!

  7. He is from Jane the virgin I love this show

  8. I have seen all of these on youtube channel soul pancake already and each one of them touches your heart. Sad and beautiful at the same time. These people are inspirational, especially the one lady with red hair.

  9. All chronic terminal illnesses can be prevented or reversed by supplementing all 90 essential nutrients

  10. Did not know Rafael could be great in JTV and IRL 😭❤️

  11. Why did you take advantage of Claire Wineland with the Clarity project??? I would love to know it from your perspective.

  12. this is when commercialism can help realism. thanks for doing this! use your influence to make a difference to those less fortunate or those that don't normally have a voice.

  13. He looks so much like rafeal from Jane the Virgin

  14. If anyone has watched Claire lately, they would have seen that all of this is completely stolen. People making money off the sick and dying. Which is absolutely disgusting. There is a special kind of place in hell for this guy. RIP Claire. I hope that your family receives some of the profits from all your amazingly beautiful and hard work. you did make a difference in this world. And I enjoyed watching you. You’re a true inspiration. The people who have told Claire that she has no rights to her own videos and or content. I am truly sickened.

  15. That guy is so handsome! <3

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